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Should I Read It?
Jamie Jamie Jun 07, 2012 07:43PM
Basically, I would really like to read this series however I have some problems with it. I feel like it would take quite a bit of time to read this series and once I am done, the next book won't come out for years which would probably irritate me. I am wondering if I should read it now or perhaps wait a bit until more books in the series come out. Thoughts?

If you do read it there's a website you might find useful http://gameofthron.es/map-of-westeros/, especially the maps. Reading it on a Kindle, I couldn't read the map even with a magnifying glass. I hadn't heard of this series until my son's girlfriend recommended it. Once started I couldn't stop!

I'm sort of banking on the continuing HBO series keeping the books fresh enough in my mind so that when the next book comes out, I won't have to re-read the earlier ones. We will see if that works out. I enjoyed them enough, however, that though I'm not generally a re-reader, I might not mind reading this series again.

The next book is scheduled for later this year, THE WINDS OF WINTER. Fantastic Fiction is a great website to check for upcoming dates and for the next book in a series.

Yeah, I went through the same thing. I'm all caught up and waiting. I would go ahead and read it because if you're following the series you'll know more albeit sometimes saddened by the cuts they must make to the story.

I highly recommend it. Keep in mind though that this series of books deals with very mature topics and has a great deal of violence.

The wonderful thing about them though is that because of the complex story and multitude of characters it lends itself to rereads.

only book I had a hard time to get through was the 4th book...

Even though they are lengthy, the books are excellent and read pretty quickly. Perhaps too quickly, since book 6 isn't due to be out for a few years, and there have been some rumors about Martin's health and finishing the series.

It is a rather long book but if you have the time it's definitely worth it. Also the next couple books are already out so theres no need to wait.

Just in case anyone wants to know, you can go to livejournal.com and see George Martin's blog and keep up with events he is involved with, or read up on the series and the HBO shows. He is very involved with it. I really don't think he has health issues, he is just busy, you can see that he travels a lot, appearing at Comic Con's all over, including internationally. His blog name is GRRM, I enjoy reading it and reading his personal thoughts. :)

I thought the same thing before I read them. "Oh, its so much to read, ect". But I thought they were fantastic. Detailed and absorbing, like good fantasy, but with very real characters. And I am sad I have to wait so long for the next book, but its always nice to have something to look forward to. I vote yes!

Since the overwhelming opinion here seems to be to read, I thought I'd throw out my thoughts just to be a little devil's-advocate-ish.

I'm not going to say the books are terrible, but, in my opinion, they didn't live up to the hype. I've read the first three in the series and after roughly three thousand pages, there just wasn't enough payoff to make me want to read the fourth. Yes, there are some interesting twists and main characters do die, but what happens more frequently is that a really minor character is mentioned in a wall of text describing a feast or tournament, and then appears 1,000 or 1,500 pages later to suddenly die. A lot of people praise the writing, but I feel it's simple a lot of words to describe a lot of insignificant details to the absolute maximum. Whenever a feast or tournament rolls around, be prepared for every single knight's clothing and banner to get at least a paragraph. Have you read LOTR and hit the pages of food description that Tolkien would throw in? It's like that, but with clothing.

So there's my two cents.

Timothy I understand your point but if you consider the repetition as a way to catch readers up, due to the length of release dates between books, then you wi ...more
Jul 16, 2012 08:50PM
Mike I put a greater faith in the memory of the reader. Again, Martin isn't crafting a super intense, every minute detail matters type of book. There's a l ...more
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I started reading it just this last week and it is sooo worth it! I've watched the first season and i was half-way through the second when i decided to stop so that i could read up until the point where i knew nothing of the story and enjoy the books fully! Give it a try :)

I, personally will be waiting until I've seen all of the tv series and I'll read the books then, I don't want to be spoiled when it comes to the show.

It's definitely worth the read. Since the books are pretty long, you can read the full series slowly, then you have less time to wait before the next book comes out. The HBO series is good, but the books are much better, so it's worth reading the books and watching the series as a cherry on top.

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If you enjoy thrills, climax, twists and turns, this is not the appropriate stuff

You have to HAVE to read the books. I know alot of people are just watching the show... which is pretty good but nahhhhh, not the same experience at all :) All i did was read the books for 2 and half months. Huge fan, don't miss out

Yes you should read it. It's an amazing especially towards the beginning. Then it gets a little slower and more dragged out. I have actually yet to read the fifth book. I don't feel a complete and utter burning passion to read it like I have while waiting for other books to come out. Plus there's always the internet to help you catch up!

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You should read the books. Six books are already out I think. It will take you a while to read, but it is all worth it :)

I read the first volume some years ago and was thrilled. Only while reading 'A feast of crows' (vol4) did I realize that the next volume was still in the making.
When 'A dance with dragons' (vol5) finaly came out I had to reread the whole series as I had already forgotten most of the names, places and plots.
The series is great, probably one of the best in fantasy you can currently get, but the waiting between the volumes...

Nay, do not read. Watch it on HBO

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