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Peter Clothier (peteratlarge) | 40 comments Mod
Hello All!

I'd like to invite you to present a topic of discussion. Something that has been on your mind of late revolving around the ideas we are discussing in this group? Thoughts, experiences, advice.

Would love to hear any of it!


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Susan Maldrie (evereveliveca) | 6 comments Hi
Well I keep coming back to grief and how it shades my life. Creativity, relationships, my sense of self are all deepened by what if-- what could have been.... the "If Only's". I feel as though there are messages everyday in the simple things to help guide me and I would like to believe I'm open and listen. What do you do when the messages conflict?

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Susan Maldrie (evereveliveca) | 6 comments Oh dear did I scare everyone off?

Peter Clothier (peteratlarge) | 40 comments Mod
No Susan, it didn't scare me off, I just haven't been checking my Goodreads site often enough.

Grief can be a wonderful teacher if you manage to acknowledge it without getting attached. Conflicting messages suggest to me that you're getting stuck. The best way I know to get unstuck is to observe the negative emotion in quiet meditation and simply allow the mind to move on. Hard to describe...

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Susan Maldrie (evereveliveca) | 6 comments Thank-you Peter, it has been a long time since I practiced meditation and I know that silence is needed in my life, my mind right now. That takes us back to discipline.I do feel that grief has taught me many important life lessons, guess I'm working on how to use those lessons to enrich my life and not get stuck.

Peter Clothier (peteratlarge) | 40 comments Mod
Yup, that's the hard one!

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