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message 1: by Heidi (last edited Aug 25, 2016 11:23AM) (new) - rated it 5 stars

Heidi I thought this was an incredible book. I was initially disappointed with the lack of character development, but was quickly sucked in regardless. While I acknowledge that I am, and forever will be, a sucker for a good biblio-intrigue, I believe that my bias hasn't affected the great writing style of these two friends.

Just as a side note though: Can we quit comparing this - and every other quasi-conspiracy theory author - to the DaVinci Code? Yes, Dan Brown wrote a book and a decent one at that, but if he was really that remarkable an author, we would be discussing his OTHER books as well...and I don't see anyone shouting the praise of "Deception Point."

Let's start giving these books the credit they are due, in an of themselves.

Terrence I loved The Rule of Four and thought that it was brilliantly written. As for Deception Point by Dan Brown, I think that it is his best work; i've read it several times. I wouldn't compare the two and I certainly think that The Rule of Four far surpasses The Da Vinci Code in terms of reading entertainment. Comparing any novel to The Da Vinci Code cheapens the value of the compared novel and promotes the Code as a book to which other books should be measured. Although I enjoy some of his works, Dan Brown should not be considered as having created the standard for these types of novels.

Annemarie Donahue I'm going to agree that this was a fun book and I enjoyed reading it, but I'm not going as far as to say the writing style was brilliant... or even good. They told the story, which was their job to do as this was an adventure novel. This is not _The Sun Also Rises_ however, let's keep that in mind. It was a fun little enjoyable book, but Heidi you are correct there's no character development, there's no larger connection of the story's growth, there's no large question that can be asked. Because this book wasn't trying to do that. It was merely trying to suck you in for a fun read, and mission accomplished.
Think of it this way, you didn't watch Casino Royale becuase of the cinematography. Because that movie's job is to such you in and have you run with the character, not think about his developing role in a struggling society.
These are fun books, but that's just it, they are books, not novels.

Annemarie Donahue Heidi I was just thinking, if you like biblio-intrigue you may like Interred with Their Bones. It's about a man going around destroying the first folios and PHD candidate who must stop him. Pretty fun read.

Ah, finally a book that tells the truth about being a graduate student of English and all the adventure, fame and world acclaim we get.

Randall Christopher I agree with the idea of comparing every book to The Da Vinci Code. I loved that book, and rank it above my favorites, but don't think we should continue to compare other books to it. I think it sets the bar too high and that book can't necessarily overcome the hype. Even if it is a good book, I don't see the worldwide mystique of Code being in as many books that mentions it in the comparison.

In terms of Rule of Four, I really enjoyed this one as well. I enjoyed the plot, though the characters were poorly developed. The main character was the only one I seemed to connect with.

Annie Fantastic book. read it straight through in one day!

Jeremy Poole Is this the same book I read. A self serving, we are brilliant, everyone loves us, we went to good universities.
I mean, 'an erudite 'Divinci code''. Obviously I'm not intelligent enough to read this poor attempt at a novel.
Big words and good education don't make a good book.
Please don't tell me on the cover this book is for intelligenyt people, I'll make my own mind up.

message 8: by Rod (new) - rated it 3 stars

Rod Tyson I liked the end of Rule of Four especially - opening up a host of possibilities for a sequel set in Europe which I'd really like to read if it ever gets written(?) At times I thought the rest of the book varied in quality but enjoyed reading it all the same :)

Roger I can relate to the various comments. When I first picked up the Rule of Four, after about an hour I put it back down because the writing was too lame to bear. I later found out that the book had been a huge best-seller, which got me curious. The second attempt I did not notice the bad writing.
As to the Da Vinci Code, it is not the standard but more people are familiar with it. The Rule of Four is closer though to the movie National Treasure.

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