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is it me or is lisa kinnda of annoying?
Alaa Alaa Jun 07, 2012 04:17AM
i dont know, i just feel like Rose is like throwing herself for Lisa.....
i don't mean to hurt anybody who likes Lisa characteristic , i just want to know how you guyz feel about her?
btw i'm a newbie to this series :)

I don't really like Lisa, I mean most of the time she acts like it's all about her, she don't like to think of Rose first. She does have her good moments though. That's just my opinion though.

She is annoying at first, but she'll grow on you. I'm almost sure of that.

I don't really care about Lissa. I mean, I don't hate her. It's just that she dosen't really do much. I'm totally in lurrve with Chritian though.

I have heard a lot of people say that-but i don't actually think that...

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I liked her for the most part. I think her power kind of made her a little psycho (seriously, who CUTS THEIR OWN ARMS UP under stress?!), but she was otherwise okay. I'm just glad she has Rose and Christan to hold her up.

**lissa :)

I kind of like her, I mean at first she was completely helpless but then as she began to grow as a character I began to like her. Keep reading and you'll like her more I think

to be honest i agree with Alaa. rose just wants something such a strong friendship that lisa just wont give. like i read the 2cd book in the series too and lisa puts herself first. when rose needed someone lisa was away with her bf 24/7. then when rose was upset lisa always said her problems first instead of being a good friend lisa just went on about her issues sorry but i really dont like lisa.

She was a little annoying in the beginning but she grew up and got pretty cool by the end.

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Shes got a good heart but shes been brought up kinda stockholm-syndrome crazy, im not talking about the spirit related crazy. its all the other stuff like her bratyness, naivity beyond the point where its funny, being terrified of everything, shes so hypocritical (oh i love animals, too bad they taste so yummy) .sheesh get over yourself lisa and grow up

Yeah, she can get pretty annoying at times!

She grows but I'm not crazy about her. She seems marysue-ish, too perfect yet semi-vulnerable with all exceptions being made for her. Her speech for queen was amazing though.

She grows a lot more throughout the series. I really like her.

yEA,i kinda hate her.

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