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Roleplay Rules


* Follow all the rules, including the general rules.
* Anything the mods say also counts as a rule that you have to follow.
* Do not start roleplaying until the mods approve your character.
* Every member may have up to three characters, but only the active ones may have more, with the approval of the mods.
* Please follow the format set up for your characters' profiles.
* Do not make invincible characters; they have to reasonably like those in the books.
* Right now we are only doing Camp Half-Blood roleplay, but this can change.
* These rules may be added to or changed, so please check them every now and then.
* Be active. If you are inactive, your character will either be deleted or given to somebody else. If you are going on vacation or have another valid reason for absence, please let the mods know beforehand.
* Do NOT say what other characters are doing, even if you say it indirectly. Example:
You can NOT say something like this:
"Leah looked around and Jason staring at her.", unless the person who roleplays Jason said that Jason was staring at Leah.
* Please use proper grammar to the best of your ability. This is actually very important, because otherwise in the roleplay it can be hard to differentiate between what the character is saying and doing. Do not forget to use quotation marks when the character is talking.
* When you say something other than in the RP, say it in parentheses, like this:
((Can Leah have a crush on Jason?))
* Ask the person's permission before you kill their character.
* Do not write extremely long paragraphs without giving another person a chance to participate in between, especially in battles.
* No cursing, even if it is starred out or in ancient Greek. You can say: Leah cursed in ancient Greek, but you can't say: Leah said, "@#%^%$!"
* You do not have to ask the person for your character to have a crush on that person's character, but it's better if you do.
* No children of the maiden goddesses.
* If you have questions, post in the questions topic. The mods will try to answer as soon as possible.
* Do not make all girls, because we will end up with too many girls. If you make three characters, try to make at least one boy.
* Repeated breaking of rules even after being warned will result in being deleted from the group.

~Isabelle & Asmaa

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Savannah | 2093 comments Ahem. I find from the rules that I need to tell you whether or jot I will be active. Well I'm going on a trip for about 2 weeks so i might not be on much

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Okay, thanks for letting me know!

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Nikki | 244 comments Could we please have roman roplaying?

message 5: by Mya (new)

Mya | 238 comments Yeah please, that will be cool.

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I'm thinking about it. You see, I was inactive in this group for quite a while and it's gotten a bit cluttered, so I might get to work on neatening up. The thing is, I don't know where Isabelle is. When was the last time she came on here, do you know?

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Mya | 238 comments Thank you very much, but please remember what you said. Also can you let Romans in to Camp Half-blood until the roman threads are up, and going???

I don't know, but you can look up on her profile. It will say when she was last active.

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The RP wouldn't coincide with the books if Romans were allowed into Camp Half Blood. CHB is for Greek demigods. Roman demigods go to Camp Jupiter. They don't even know about the Greeks, and the Greeks don't know about the Romans.

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Mya | 238 comments ??? What book are you on ???

message 10: by [deleted user] (new)

Jason is Roman and he got to CHB. Why not join the 2 groups?

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M.I.A wrote: "??? What book are you on ???"

I've read them all, thank you very much.

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Aaron wrote: "Jason is Roman and he got to CHB. Why not join the 2 groups?"

Jason doesn't exist in our RP. None of the book characters exist in our RP. This RP takes place before Percy.

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Nikki | 244 comments What if they are semi greek. You can't reject your own kind. Not until they do something nasty.

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Lets just stick to the way things are in the books, shall we? The Percy Jackson ones, that is.

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Nikki | 244 comments Then rp is not worth it. It helps to have both sides to make things more interesting. Just Greek or just roman isn't as good as both. If you can't even be a little roman then your just edging towards racism. Or I guess demigodsism.

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Let me ask you this question: Did you enjoy reading the Percy Jackson and the Olympians series, even when you had no idea that there were Roman demigods in RR's world?

message 17: by Nikki (new)

Nikki | 244 comments It was good but not nearly as good as when they brought in my all time favorite country. (Ps I've always loved Rome)

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I rest my case.

As of now, we do not have a CJ and we are not doing Roman demigods, though we may add it later. End of story.

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Are we allowed to use actual characters from the Percy Jackson series to Role-Play?

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Sorry, but no.

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Can you make an exeption about the virgin goddesses with Athena?

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