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At the Corner of Wall and Sesame
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Wendy Levitt | 2 comments Hi All:

So glad to find a group of kindred spirits. I'm a career woman turned SAHM of two, but the transition was more painful than labor.

When I was giving birth to my first child, my doctor sent me home to wait for my contractions to speed up. It was a Thursday afternoon. I knew immediately what I wanted to do with my "free" time... I got onto a conference call.

When my daughter arrived, I was truly shocked that her schedule didn't fit into my BlackBerry. Worse, I thought I was the only one who felt it was hard to juggle. I started writing as a way to sort out my own feelings. What I ended up with was AT THE CORNER OF WALL AND SESAME. I published it with the hopes of reaching just one more mom who feels as shocked as I did on learning just how inescapable work/life tensions can be.

From "If you are a working mother this is a must-read. The book presents what is now a reality for a lot of mum's who are trying to make their way up the career ladder. Not only is it extremely well written, with V's stress levels practically jumping off the page, it also cleverly showcases the number of relationships women have to juggle, such as children, colleagues, family, and the pressure this can evoke.

The story is essentially the bumpy road to enlightenment: nobody's perfect and something always has to give. It is filled with funny one-liners that contrast beautifully with V's guilt-ridden and self doubting moments, which just makes it all the more appealing. This definitely one of our favourite reads this year, and At the Corner of Wall and Sesame should definitely be a feature on your 'To Read' list. For when you have time, of course!"

I hope you enjoy reading it as much as I enjoyed writing it!


At the Corner of Wall and Sesame

Wendy Levitt | 2 comments Hope you like the book as much as the title :-). I get a lot of questions about what characters are real vs fully fictional. Lmk if you want the scoop!

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