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Derek Prior (dpprior) | 9 comments Mod
This is basically a tavern in which to discuss all things dwarven, such as "Where's my shogging axe?", and "Pour me another."

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Derek Prior (dpprior) | 9 comments Mod
What are your thoughts about Nameless' past as the Ravine Butcher? Are the atrocities he commits too bad for him to ever be redeemed? Is he culpable, given that the black axe possessed him?

message 3: by Derek (new)

Derek Prior (dpprior) | 9 comments Mod
Nameless goes after the black axe, knowing such an action is against the statutes of Arx Gravis. The axe possesses him and he a lost commits genocide. When freed from the influence of the axe he is horrified by what he has done. Is he to blame?

Answers on a postcard to @NamelessDwarf or here.

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Derek Prior (dpprior) | 9 comments Mod
I've written 12,000 words of Bane of the Liche Lord. It looks set to be about 40,000 words in length. I'm getting through this first draft fairly quickly now but will need a lot of time on the rewrites and edits.

Once this is finished I'll be re-editing the entire series and bringing it out as a single volume, The Nameless dwarf (The Complete Chronicles).

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