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Team Jace or Team Sebastian and Why!!!!!

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Simplyminali Jace and Sebastian both love Clary romantically at some point in the book. Who is Clary's more suitable match and why? Jace is the hot young teenager who is more or less obnoxious but romantic. On the other hand, Sebastian is the quiet teenager who is gentle with Clary but just enough to explain his feelings toward her. All comments are welcome! Please reply as your opinion is valuable. Please answer this question honestly.

Kate JACE JACE JACE!!!!!! You'll see why once you read city of fallen angels and city of lost souls

Flora (Ludacris) I believe. And I support Sebastian. No. I dont like Sebastian. I like Johnathan.
Hey. Demon blood. Can anything be cooler than that?
I especially like the part when Sebastian and Jace were fighting. Demon and angel blood!! :))

Dani Jace! I sort of liked Sebastian (not Jonathon) but it definitely has to be Jace. They're just perfect :')

Simplyminali absolutely JACE hands down!!!!!!
thanks for replying by the way

Lindsey Jace is not perfect and that why he's the one. He hides his faults in his cocky arragance and he is beautiful. Jace is open with Clary like no one else and he knows her really well too.

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I vote Sebastian/Jonathon as the better character, but not as a better match for Clary.

Honestly, I don't really like Clary and I don't really like Jace. So I think that they are very well-suited for each other.

I like Sebastian because he trololos into their lives and tries to cause as much havoc and be as creepy as possible. I LOVE IT.

Annie Jace! Sebastian is evil and part Demon and only causes problems. I dont think he really liked Clary, he was just trying to mess with her because, would he honestly even consider it, being her brother and all.

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Flora (Ludacris) Clary? You like Clary? Oh my gawd!
I find her whiny, annoying, dependent, do stuff without thinking about their results.

Johnathan is nice. He love fighting and Jace does too. :)

@Kyra: Why you dont like Jace? He's nice and okay. Well, at least better than Clary. :)

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@Flora: Honestly? I did love him in the first book. I adored him and fangirled every time he was mentioned. But over time, I find his character degenerated to a shadow of his former self. I haven't read the newest book, so maybe he's finally awesome again.

I just found in books 2-4 that he acted like he was on a bad soap opera "Oh Clary I love you, but I can't be with you!" got old very very fast for me. And finally in the fourth when everything was resolved and Clary and Jace got to start fresh... he pulled the "I LOVE YOU BUT I CAN'T BE WITH YOU" and I resisted the urge to throw the book at the wall.

PHEW. Okay, that was a long-winded explanation. Sorry:P

Christy Hall Jace all the way!

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Lindsey wrote: "Jace is not perfect and that why he's the one. He hides his faults in his cocky arragance and he is beautiful. Jace is open with Clary like no one else and he knows her really well too."


Flora (Ludacris) Kyra wrote: "@Flora: Honestly? I did love him in the first book. I adored him and fangirled every time he was mentioned. But over time, I find his character degenerated to a shadow of his former self. I haven't..."

See, it all started with Valentine. Blame him. :))

Abigail im on team Jace he's not perfect but he cares and is a way better person than sebastaian ever will be plus i love the name jace.

Reading Jace because he is not an evil psychopath

Abigail Reading wrote: "Jace because he is not an evil psychopath"

SO true

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@Flora: Haha:P Okay, deal. I'll blame Valentine. P.S. love your icon. Honey's one of my favourite characters!

@Reading: I love Seb BECAUSE he is an evil psychopaths. Evil psychopaths are so much more interesting to read about:P

Nikki Why would anyone pick Sebastian? He is her freaking brother LOL

Flora (Ludacris) @Nikki: That's why I like Sebastian too. See, he's a replica of Valentine. And I like Valentine.

@Kyra: I know. Honey's just so cute. And I like Sebastian too. :)

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JACE JACE JACE JACE JACE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! you will all see later in the series, but still I have always been on team jace

Elisabeth Um...this doesn't even make sense. Sebastian is evil! and more importantly...he is Clary's BROTHER! Why would anyone pick him? She is obviously meant to be with Jace, that is made very clear in the series. You can't do teams with this just doesn't work

Marisa Who would ever be team Sebastian! He's a freaking evil bastard! He ruins everything! There are no teams because there isn't a choice between the two. Jace is the classic White-Knight who gets mixed up in bad situations. No teams. This isn't TWILIGHT!

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@Marisa: I agree that there isn't any teams... at least not with Seb involved. Mainly because he's her brother and that's weird.

However, I still prefer Sebastian's character to Jace. Seb IS an evil bastard, and that's why he's so fantastic. He creates conflict other than "WE CAN'T BE 2GETHER 4 REASONS" and that's refreshing.

And it is completely possible to do teams in this series. Simon and Clary have been put together, Simon and Isabelle, Maia and Simon, Maia and Jordan etc. etc.

I mean, it is COMPLETELY obvious who is going to be endgame (ClaryxJace, MaiaxJordan, SimonxIsabelle, AlecxMagnus), but since characters have had varied interest in more than one character... it does technically make it possible to have teams.

Now, The Chaos Walking trilogy on the other hand. No teams. Never even an option.

Cassidy Jace all the way. Although Sebastian can be funny at times, it is creepy what he did to Clary...

Flora (Ludacris) @Cassidy: Why is he creepy?
@Kyra: You're having a dilemma with yourself. -.-

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Dani @Kyra - I LOVE CHAOS WALKING!!!!!

Cynthia Cebrero Jace helps and actually cares and him being jace

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@Flora: And what is my dilemma?

Cassidy @Flora: Have you read the fifth one?

Simplyminali i want to soo bad but i cant go to the library right now.

GinAndCats This is a real thing? The other day i was joking with my friend with the very prospect that "Team Sebastion" might exist....this is just too funny!

P.S. Totally Jace

GinAndCats @Flora oh, and am i allowed to comment on this OHSHC thread, I'd just like to say that Hikaru and Kaoru are the best. that is all.

Bianca Definitely Jace. I did like Sebastian but after City of Lost Souls (which evry1 should read)... No way. Just no way.

Weiting Seriously? Ofcourse it has to be Jace! After all Sebastian dosen't like Clary it was just a strategy, I mean he was a spy!!!

Mimi ❤ I perfer Sebastian, I like darker guys <3
Also, Jace is kind off worn out

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Anna McGonnell u wont like Sebastian in the fifth book ;)

Kylie Ok I'm at a tie because ya know there's Jace the cocky, funny, arrogant, bad-boy
But really he gets kind of annoying when all he can talk about is how him and Clary can't be together when we all know they can for christs sake be together! Then theres Sebastion who come on is kinda creepy but he's also funny and he reminds me of Jem but I also like his creepy-nis and how he seeks around everywhere but I still hate him in certain ways for all the evil he's done but some of it Valentine made him do so I understand but he didn't have to kill Max! Ok also with the who should be with who Sebastion is clary's brother that's just messed up but Jace seems to always be sulking over something or pushing Clary its kinda like come on really you finally figure out your not her brother and you still push her away!
Well sorry for ranting but it's what I do

Briana Grenert Well...Sebastian is her brother. And evil. And, you know, cruel. So I'm going with Jace.

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Abby Jace!

Mimi ❤ Anna wrote: "u wont like Sebastian in the fifth book ;)"

I probably won't read the fifth book so I'll never know what he'll do :)

Flora (Ludacris) @Kitty: Why not?
@TheReader: Haha. Sure. I like them too. The twins right? You watch the anime or the manga?
@Cassidy: Nope. :B
@Kyra: Oh, nothing actually. Just that you're... well... never mind. :/
(For the last two. Hmm, sorry for the late-late post! :P)

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Jess I loved Sebastian in the third book until I found out he was evil. So now I choose JACE JACE JACE!!!!!!!

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Nicole D. I'm on Team Kill Sebastian.What can I say he's one evil murdering psycho.In words of Hetty There is only one thing he should be and isn't.Dead.

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Jess I agree completely. Team kill Sebastian!

Flora (Ludacris) Why!!?
He's not that bad.
Valentine's dead already. So, Sebastian should NOT die!!

Mimi ❤ Sebastian's hot, you guys are just jealous Jace is weak compared to him >:(

Nicole D. Kitty wrote: "Sebastian's hot, you guys are just jealous Jace is weak compared to him >:("

He's a murdering psychopath you can have him.

Kasey JACE

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Kate JACE!!!!!!!!! i finished city of lost souls on the 2nd and jace definately wins out over sebastian (especially considering he is her brother!!!). Creepy in the extreme!

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