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Anywhere on the grounds of Hogwarts.

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Emma ran out to the grounds.

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Ginny was laying on the grass and staring at the clouds.

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((gotta go!))

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Emma smiled at Ginny, "Hi!"

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Ginny sat up and faced Emma, her hand was sheilding her eyes from the sun. "Hey!" She said, getting to her feet.

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"How're you doing?" Emma asked.

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Ginny shrugged. "Fine. Why?" Ginny asked.

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Emma shrugged, "Just wondering!" she smiled.

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Ginny smiled. "Okay, how are you?" Ginny asked.

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Emma laughed, "I'm wonderful!"

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Ginny laughed too. "That's good!"

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Emma nodded, "How are you liking your classes?"

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Ginny shrugged. "They've been great. I love Charms mosty. But I still need to study. I have so much to do!" Ginny sighed. "First of all, I'm the caprin of Gryffindor quidditch so I still need to find a keeper, three chasers, a seaker, and two beaters! Then I need to start studying for O.W.L's, attend all my classes, finish a book for my book club, and I need to go to my extra classes!" Ginny said. "I dunno if I can do it all." Ginny sighed again.

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"Wow," Emma's eyes widened, "You are very busy!"

((I have to go in a little while, on vacation, is it okay that I put you in charge of my Harry Potter group? You won't have to do much, just make sure that they're good (: The same stuff that you've been doing already))

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Ginny nodded. "I have."

((Um...mabey we should put Ally in charge I have to go at 10:00 and I wont be here for the rest of the day.))

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((Sure... In my group I don't think I need to put anyone in charge, I'll just tell them to be good and I think it'll be good :) ))

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((Okay! Sounds good!))

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((Okay! :) ))

Emma looked at the sky, "It's a beautiful day."

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Ginny nodded. "It is." Someone walked to Ginny's side. "Hey Ginny!" He said. Ginny turned to face Mark. "Hey Mark! What's up?" Ginny asked. "I was wondering if I could play chaser?" Mark asked. Ginny shrugged. "Sure. I've seen you play, your pretty good." Ginny said. Mark grinned. "Thanks!" Mark said then he ran off.
Ginny grinned. "Great! Make that one less person!" Ginny said with a laugh.

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Emma smiled, "Great! Someone for your team!"

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Ginny nodded. "Yep! I just need two chasers, one keeper, and two beaters!" Ginny said.

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Emma laughed, "That may take awhile!"

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Ginny shrugged. "That's fine! I just need to have everyone by next friday." Ginny said.

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"That may be hard..." Emma frowned. "Well, I guess there are lots of people who want to try out, correct?"

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Ginny shrugs. "I'll try." Ginny said. "I bet alot of people'll want to join." Ginny added.

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Emma smiled, "Yep! That's usually the case!"

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Ginny nods. "Who do you have a crush on?" Ginny asks out of nowhere.

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"No one," Emma said honestly.

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Ginny shrugs. "Okay then. I just know someone that just may like you." Ginny said slyly.

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Emma frowned and her eyebrows knit gently together, "Who?"

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Ginny shrugs. "Just a guy in Ravenclaw." Ginny said in a sly tone.

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"Who is it?" Emma was curious now.

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Ginny shrugs again. "Oh, he's just this really sweet guy named James." Ginny said, shrugging.

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Emma blushed slightly, "Oh." she said in a small voice.

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Leah | 617 comments maddi approached silently up behind Emma "I know he likes you " she said "I heard him tell his friends he does "

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Emma jumped, surprised. She shrugged, "Okay!"

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Leah | 617 comments "you're pretty " maddi said then quickly ran away in embaresment

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Emma sat still, shocked, then, "Thank you!" she called after her, smiling.

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Ginny nodded. "She's defenetly telling the truth!" Ginny said. "Expeashily your eyes! No wonder he likes you!" Ginny said, grinning.

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Emma blushed and sank to the ground, "I-I-I..."

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Ginny sat down by Emma. "Are you alright?" Ginny asked.

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"I'm f-fine!" Emma smiled.

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Ginny grinned and helped Emma up.

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Emma grinned, "Thanks."

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"No problem!" Ginny said.

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Emma looked around and didn't say anything else. A dreamy look came over her face...

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Ginny smiled at Emma's dreamy look. "You like him too, don't you?" Ginny asked as excitment appeared on her face.

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Emma blushed even deeper red and nodded.

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Ginny jumped up and down and clapped her hands. "He's asking you to the ball! You are the cutest couple!" Ginny chanted.

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