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Summer Reading June 18-24 > Do you ever feel overloaded with information to the point that it makes you numb? Would you prefer having less chaos to process and more quiet? Or would you rather be open to everything everyone thinks and feels so you could more fully be a part of them?

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Chris (chriskoppenhaver) | 30 comments Mod
“In this world of numbness and information overload, the ability to feel, my boy, is a rare gift indeed."


“This planet is information,” the Mayor says. “All the time, never-ceasing. Information it wants to give you, information it wants to take from you to share with everyone else. And I think you can respond to that in two ways. You can control how much you give it, as you and I have done in shutting off our Noise—“

“Or you can open yourself up to it completely,” I say.

District2tribute | 25 comments if we didn't have a world full of information and accsess to it then we would feel a little bit odd about having so much information,but it iss just custumary to pull up yahoo or goolge on you computer and see news from all over the world

message 3: by Clara (new)

Clara | 16 comments I want to be open to ideas and opinions, but I love when it's quiet and you can just relax and think to yourself.

Chris (chriskoppenhaver) | 30 comments Mod
I know my problem with too much information is I like to be comprehensive and organized.

For instance, if I'm at the video store I don't just grab the first title that catches my eye and rent it as a good enough choice, because I have to look at all the options available to me so I can be sure that's the best possible choice. I may end up getting that one, but not until I've browsed the rest of the store first.

I'd rather shop for clothes at a store the size of the Gap than one as big as Dillard's, because I get overwhelmed by too many things to look at if the store is too big.

And if things aren't well organized--whether by alphabet or size or style or whatever is appropriate--I just shut down and can't deal at all.

It's the same with researching and learning and information. I want access to all of it, but too much in too random a fashion just makes me feel lost. I'm too much of a librarian, feeling the need to tame it so I have some confidence that I'm getting good information and not just happenstance.

message 5: by Jaime (new)

Jaime Hay (jaimehay) | 17 comments We already have a lot of access to what people think and feel, no one really holds things back on twitter, facebook etc. Sometimes I'd rather just not know because I never feel more connected to them after reading whatever they say. More quiet would be nice.

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