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Dan (dan112) All of the questions you hit on above are great and deserve answers. My question is...do you find it difficult or easy to write in the third person.

Jack Urquhart (jackandrew) | 1 comments What is your revision process? Chapter at a time and then edit/rewrite? The entire draft first? Edit as you go? Other?

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Rob Kaufman | 3 comments Mod
Hey Guys! Thanks for entering this discussion.

As far as writing in third person goes, I've always found it much easier to write in third than in first person. When you think about it, first person means that the main character needs to be on every page. I'm not sure I'm talented enough (yet) to hold a reader's interest that way. I see my books in "scenes" like a movie and at this point in my writing career, the scenes are shot from different perspectives, not just one.

My revision process is my biggest downfall. I edit as I go. Line by line. Word by word. I know... I'm not supposed to do that. I'm supposed to write freely, let the creativity POUR out of me. That happens, but rarely. I want my thoughts to be described perfectly on paper and I want this perfection right away. Sure, I will come back the next day and revise what I don't like, but typically, before I shut the light and leave my writing, whatever is on the page is what shows as the final printed word. (I think Jonathan in "One Last Lie" writes the same way. It's our anal personality, I guess.)

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