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"Everyone choose and broom and say UP very clearly!" Shouted Professor Hooch.

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Emma smiled, This is easy work! she thought. "Up!" she said, and her broom shot into her hand.

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Ginny went by Emma. "Up!" Ginny said, clearly. It shot up into her hand perfectly. "Good job Miss Watson, Miss Garfeld!" Professor Hooch said. Ginny nodded. "Now mount your brooms and fly up when I blow my whistle!" Professor Hooch said, holding up her whistle.

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Emma mounted her broom and waiting patiently (kind of) for the whistle.

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Ginny mounted her broom, ready to kick off the ground. "You mustn't go over 50 feet!" Professor Hooch added. Then she blew her whistle.
Ginny kicked off the ground. Her red hair tied in a pony tail, whiping around in the wind. She flew up to 50 feet.

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Emma grinned and kicked off, flying at the same height as Ginny. Her long brown hair turned golden in the sunlight, and it waved softly in the breeze.

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Ginny grinned at Emma. She flew around in fast circles perfectly.

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Emma grinned mischievously and flew about thirty feet- upside down! She flipped back to the right side, "Nice flying!"

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Ginny grinned. "Thanks!" She called. She spun around in fast over and over and over again and she flew in circles.

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Emma held tightly to her broom with her hands as she stood up. Balancing carefully, she let go and let out a whoop of laughter. She leaned slightly to the left, and the broomstick turned. "Wow..." she whispered, "I'm balancing!"

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Ginny smiled and did the same. She went fast in circles, still balencing on her broom.

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Emma frowned, then grinned as an idea struck her. She gathered speed- still standing on her broom- and did a front flip, landing neatly on her broom's handle.

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Ginny smiled. She did loopdy loops, upside down flying, and a backflip! She flew off her broom then landed neatly on her handle! "Allright everyone! Land neatly on the ground!" Called Professor Hooch.

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Emma faced the ground, straight down. She gathered speed and, at the last moment, turned out of the dive, landing very neatly on the ground.

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Ginny grinned and flew fast down, she almost hit the ground when she turned it to a dive at the very last moment! She landed perfectly on the ground and everyone cheered for Emma and Ginny's awesome tricks! "Wow!" Professor Hooch gasped. "20 points to both Ravenclaw and Gryffindor!" Professor Hooch declared. Ginny grinned.

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Emma blushed and looked at her hands.

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Ginny grinned wider and wider. Then the bell rang. "Class dismissed!" Professor Hooch anounced.

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Emma hurried off.

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Ginny ran off too.

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I was walking in the hall when i notaced my best friend Emma running, "Whats up?" i asked

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((Could you put your character in the Hogwarts Student File please? And add his/her name at least once in every coment you make in the roleplay please!))

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Leah | 617 comments madi was excited for flying lessons! "I hope I'm good enough to be a chased on our team" she said to some fellow third years

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Hailey nods. "You will!" Hailey said.

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Leah | 617 comments "thanks hailey!" madi said

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Hailey grins. "Your welcome!"

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