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message 1: by Lalala*Saredo*, Se Hun! (new)

Lalala*Saredo* (rainbowthunder) | 314 comments Don't you hate it when in girl groups or boygroups here is like one person who gets all the attention,while the ones who can sing get not as much?With the exception of Kai from Exo-K because he actually can dance and sing and he is always in the center.

Ex:Yoona from SNSD I read this article online abut Sm
Entertaminet and Yoona's contract and I was disgusted.Anways that is why i started not liking SNSD.

message 2: by Gabry (new)

Gabry (gabyhd) I don't really see the point of you hating them because of that. Yoona gets a lot of hate in general :/ I don't really see the point of hating her, really. It's not like she did anything bad and she didn't ask to be the highest paid member, it's just how SM works. Whoever does a lot of promoting work like dramas, modeling, being on tv shows, and whatever get money. They don't all share their salary. They get their money from doing individual stuff and Yoona just happens to do a lot.

message 3: by Lalala*Saredo*, Se Hun! (new)

Lalala*Saredo* (rainbowthunder) | 314 comments Yeah,true but sometimes there are people more talented then her and they don't get even as half the attention,that is what i don't like.And I don't hate ALL the member actually i don't hate any,I just don't like them.But I do like Tiffany and Sunny.I listen to them but they are not my favorite.

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