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The Hunger Games (The Hunger Games, #1)
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Random! > Who are your favourite characters from Divergent and The Hunger Games?

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Alex | 125 comments My favourite character from The Hunger Games would be Finnick Odair because I find that he is very humorous and unique. My favourite character from Divergent would be Uriah because he is AWESOME and cool! But, these two character are very different, so I wouldn't be able to decide which character is better. I love them both!

Emma Hunger Games-Katniss, Rue, Finnick
Divergent-Tris, Tobias, Will

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Jon (scottreadsit) | 5707 comments Mod
HG- Katniss, Peeta, Haymitch, Cinna
Divergent- Tobias, Tris

message 4: by Jay (new) - rated it 5 stars

Jay Hunger Games Katniss
Divergent Tris

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Michele C (mcgxo95) | 4897 comments Mod
From the Hunger Games I love Rue (Who doesn't?!?), Gale (<3),Cinna and Katniss. It's weird but I barely remember Finnick at all!

In Divergent I like the obvious characters Tris and Four. Will was also pretty amazing.

Tanvira (tanvira12) | 9 comments Hunger Games - Peeta, Katniss, Rue, Cinna, Gale and Finnick.
Divergent - still reading it but till now; Tris, Four, Will and Christina.

Bianca (biaperdigao) HG - Katniss, Rue, Peeta, Cinna, Finnick and Johanna
Divergent - Tris, Tobias, Natalie, Will and Uriah

Briana | 61 comments Hmm don't make fun of me, but...

Divergent - Caleb and Will
Hunger Games - Finnick, Cato, and Clove

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