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Grace (fictionaladventures) | 896 comments Mod
This contest will not have a finish date, but instead I will just keep it running until we have at least 5 entries to vote for. When competing for this contest is over, I will let you know in a comment in this thread.

Our first writing contest is fiction. All you have to do is write a story including the words listed below. (and please highlight the words in bold so they're easy to find and identify) Other than that, feel free to think outside the box and give us something we weren't expecting.

Words to be included in your piece:














1. It must be at least 300 words (anything less will be deleted and disqualified from the contest) but please don't give us a whole novel.

2. No commenting on others' stories. Only writing entries will be accepted in this thread. If you want comments on your stories, post them in the Critique folder.

3. No sex scenes.

4. Keep cussing to a minimum (it's ok if a word slips out here or there, but please keep it PG-13)

5. Have fun and DO YOUR BEST! And vote for the winner!

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Grace (fictionaladventures) | 896 comments Mod
Come on people, join the fun and post your writing for the contest!

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Emily Bullet Bound

The sound of a gunshot booms through the air and pain strikes through my shoulder.

A blue bandana covers the nose and mouth of the man who holds the gun, and at that moment all I want to do is rip the gun from his grungy hands and fire at him myself.

The breath is knocked out of me and sticky red blood streams down my arm from where the bullet made contact with my skin. A faint scream escapes my lips and my knees collapse beneath me, sending me down to the dirt covered ground.

A black mist coats my vision and I am left seeing the blur of heavy brown boots, scuffing the dirt as they move farther away from me. With each suffocating breath that I huff, my heavy eyelids beg to fall and close over my deep brown eyes.

A steady stream of clear water trickles from polished rocks, forming a cascade filled with peace and beauty.

A flash of silky chestnut brown hair sways and catches in the sunlight. A girl sits on a rock, just beside the little waterfall, in this amazing scene of tranquility, which could only be a dream.

That girl is me.

No one is in sight.

No one will disturb me ever again.

Birds chirp lovely songs overhead, flying freely without a care, and a breeze swoops by that makes me lightheaded with serenity. Could this heavenly place only be a dream?

Beep, beep, beep… My eyes flutter open to a white ceiling and bright fluorescent lights. Beep, beep, beep… What is that? I turn to look around and a spearing pain shoots through my head, leaving my temples throbbing. The smell of disinfectant seeps into my nose and mouth.

The hospital.

I am lying in a bed, surrounded by a blue curtain, and accompanied with a heart monitor which beeps each time I feel a thud in my chest, which is my heart beating.


That is what I am.

I’m alive.

A sudden coldness overcomes my body, and I feel as though I was dipped into a tub of ice cold water. I start to shiver uncontrollably and the beeping noise that I hear starts to slow.

Is my heart slowing down?

No. Please, no.

Why am I so cold?

Somebody help! I want to shout, but I can’t even open my dried mouth.

Suddenly, a soft layer of heat replaces the freezing that I felt. My skin turns warm, and my heart warms also. I can feel the cotton fabric of a blanket pressed under my chin, covering all the way to my toes.

I am not dipped into a tub of water.

I am dry.

I am alive.

I am thankful for whoever is taking care of me.

But now I remember why I am here, and why I need to be taken care of.

I was shot.

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Here's my entry. I've been working on it all afternoon, and I've decided to swear off writing for the rest of the day so I can take a break.

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538 words

I shiver, fingers of ice skittering up my spine.

But, it’s not cold out.

In fact, the heat is on the brink of boiling my skin.

It’s the fear. The fear what is cloaking me in cold.

You are probably wondering why my shoulders shake, why my eyes are round enough that their circumference is measurable. Why my knees want to buckle. Why I want to run, but if I do, I’ll die.

Well, I’ll make it blunt--there’s a tiger directly in front of me looking hungry as ever.

What was I thinking, chasing down a monkey like that? Just wandering astray, away from the rest of the group. I’m only an novice zoologist. I’ve never been here before. And now I’m in a tiger‘s territory, thanks to my poor judgement.

My tongue goes dry. A sense of confinement blankets me, suffocating any sensible thoughts that could emerge from the turmoil inside my skull.

The tiger releases a low, ominous growl. My heart goes on hyper drive, and mist grows on the edges of my sight.

One thought ends up coming through. The clear voice of my subconscious says calmly, You’re going to be killed, Alice.

The tiger pads forward gradually. Each step it makes is menacing. Every time its paw touches the ground, it makes a thundering sound.

It advances until it’s about a meter away from me. The warm orange of its fur dazzles in the extreme sunrays piercing everything in their reach. Its eyes are liquid gold. It’s beautiful. I’m going to be murdered by beauty.

Ideas make themselves known for brief seconds in my brain-cyclone. Run? No. That’s suicide. Hold out my hand? No. What would that do? Surrender and drop to the ground, and let myself be torn apart?

Everything suddenly sharpens, details, as if these last moments of life are to be feasted on by the senses. The leaves rustle above me in the wind. The cotton of my pants is soft beneath my fingers. Sweat from my forehead is unpleasant in my mouth. Is this how everyone feels right before they die? Do they savour their last moments of existence like I am now?

The tiger comes even closer. Right now, I’m giving up. I shrink into a ball inside of myself. Now, I just want it over with. This gripping terror is likely worse than the feeling of the sharp teeth that will soon slice through me.

The tiger gives me a sniff. It looks at me for a few seconds. The hunger suddenly fades from its eyes, and a look of deep solitude remains.

It meets my eyes. My heart wants to explode.

Then, it turns around, all anger with my intrusion of its territory gone. I’ll let you off this time, it seems to say as it glances back at me, one last time, before sinking into the cascade of ferns it calls home.

Well, Alice. I guess I was wrong, my subconscious admits.

I’m not sure what to feel. My emotions are ricocheting inside me as I try to comprehend what just happened. I can’t seem to sort it out, so instead I pass out, on the spot, hoping my group will come find my shock-ridden body.

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Madi | 48 comments Quick Changes

I ran scared of what I was running from. The mist seemed to be following me. I looked over my shoulder not watching were I was going and tripped over a huge rock. I landed hard on the sandy ground . I was in the desert.

My eyes looked up to see that everything, no matter where I looked was dry. Sweat dripped down my forehead. Not only was I thirsty, hungry and exhausted but I didn’t want to be here.

Is it all the heat? I thought to myself.

A shiver crept down my spine. I looked back almost scared that it would still be here. The mist seemed to be slowly backing away as if it knew I had given up. I didn’t know if I really had given up but apparently I did.

I stood up and brushed myself off. Walking back the way I came I saw the mist had formed something completely new. No longer was I in the desert but a jungle filled with all sorts of different animals. I wondered if the farther I got the more different the places would get.

It’s seems so warm in the jungle. I rub my cotton shirt against my face brushing all the sweat away. I hear a waterfall near the back somewhere.

I walk closer to the sound watching a snake slither along the ground.

I see the waterfall with my own eyes. I squint my eyes to see if the beauty is really there. It is. The water cascades in perfect motion flowing along with all the other sounds of the jungle.

I want to stand there all day just watching it fall. But I know I can’t. It would be a waste of time and I know I need to move on.

As I keep walking I start to feel ice cold. I begin to know why. Everywhere there is snow and I’m in a t-shirt and shorts.

Right now what I could really use is a nice hot bath and a warm blanket.

But I know I can’t have that right now.

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Melt the ice
Kaya opened her front door and saw Callum shiver on the front step, he had been sitting there since their fight that evening and now the ice was creeping along the ground. She had brought a blanket with her and as she sat down next to him she wrapped it around his shoulder, “I’m sorry,” she said tenderly,
“I’m sorry,” he replied in his velvet voice, he continued to stare out into the mist, not looking at Kaya,
“Please look at me Callum,” he turned to look into her dark green eyes, his black hair flopped in front of his eyes but she knew that they were a piercing blue that saw right through your lies, he pulled her nearer and slipped her under part of the blanket with him, she felt the heat from his body as he wrapped his arms around her, and the soft cotton of his dark grey t-shirt against her bare arms,
“I love you,” he whispered in her ear as he stroked the thick brown waves that cascaded over her shoulders and down her back,
“I love you to, I’m so sorry that I said all of those things,” she couldn’t bare the thought of all the words that had escaped their lips that night, her dad had told her that she couldn’t see Callum anymore because he was going to war with the army and then he had left to go work a night shift. Callum had come round for the night and when Kaya had told him about what her dad had said her freaked out, they shouted and cried and screamed and then he had left. When her eyes were dry again she had come out to him,
“I shouldn’t have freaked at you, it was wrong,” he looked at her with eyes that pleaded for forgiveness,
“I forgive you, but only if you forgive me,”
“I forgive you,” he gathered her face in his hands and kissed her lips with a passion that burnt like a fire roaring inside of their love and threatened to explode, then he let go and backed away, he stood up and climbed down the porch steps, then he got down on one knee and pulled a small box out of his jeans pocket, inside sat a beautiful ring, “Kaya Dawson, will you marry me?”
Kaya sat in shock for a second and then started to cry again, but this time out of happiness, “yes. Yes!” She chocked out through the warm tears and she rushed forward and kissed him again and again like there was no tomorrow.

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Alright guys, now that we have 5 entries, I have set an ending date. All entries must be entered in this topic by Friday, June 15th. Voting will begin that day and end on the 20th.

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Are you allowed to vote for yourself ^^?

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No. I will have that in the poll description before you guys vote. you are not allowed to vote for yourself. Hopefully people will be honest about that because if they aren't, it'll mess up the voting

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I figured that, because then everyone would vote for themselves.

message 12: by Madi (new)

Madi | 48 comments Will you send the poll to anyone?

message 13: by Grace, Head Moderator (new)

Grace (fictionaladventures) | 896 comments Mod
Madi wrote: "Will you send the poll to anyone?"

It will only be available to members of this group. So if other people want to vote, tell them to join!

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Natalie Pan | 19 comments Mod
Between Life and Death

I am trapped. Chained to a dream I fear I will never escape. I know I am dreaming, for this dim world, dry of any happiness, is none like the sunshine-y place I well know. I do remember falling asleep, family and doctors frantically circling about me. I remember hearing and thinking, Don't fall asleep, Stay with us, Do not give in. But I was not strong enough. The disease has weakened me. Weakened me to the point where I can only walk in my dreams.

Now I tread over a never-ending tundra, where nothing escapes the crisp,icy grasp of the cold. I shiver; my eyes are ever-misty, but no tears come. I feel almost neutral. There is nothing but the chill of a cold hand, suffocating me, but not allowing me to be rid of my misery. I know I am not dead, for this is no heaven, but neither is it hell. It is nothingness. The place between life and death. I can feel the tickling sensation of a cotton blanket tucked under me, but I do not see one. It must be one in my other life. I have been trudging through this numb world for ages. I have no clue why I continue. I suppose I hope to find some sign of life, some evidence of light.

Suddenly, my knees start to buckle. I cannot carry on. But as I am falling, glowing arms catch me. For a second I rest on his shoulder. Then the world brightens, this frigid land is transformed. The air heats up. Warmth engulfs me, and gives me strength. Wildflowers in fertile ground are revealed under the ice. Glaciers melt, waterfalls cascade into sparkling pools. Hope is brought to light against all the frigid despair. I turn to see a shimmering face, whom I know is the source of light. He smiles, and I awaken.

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Becky wrote: "Kaya opened her front door and saw Callum shiver on the front step, he had been sitting there since their fight that evening and now the ice was creeping along the ground. She had brought a blanket..."

Please add a title so I can include your story in the poll

Livvy [who dances in the rain] wrote: "http://www.goodreads.com/story/show/3...
Here's my entry. I've been working on it all afternoon, and I've decided to swear off writing for the rest of the day so I can take a break."

Livvy, is yours called "nothing" or "cold"?

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Gabby | 37 comments Going Under
A cool breeze blew in through the mouth of the cave bringing in rain along with it causing me to shiver even more than I already was. My body trembled, teeth chattered as I sat there in the back of the cave curled up in a tight ball to weak and afraid to move. A loud clap of thunder exploded through the night sky followed by a flash of brilliant blue lightning, lighting up the cave for a sliver of a moment but long enough for me to see all the details of the cave. Stalactites and stalagmites had formed here and there looking like pointed rocky teeth in the mouth of a stone beast. The mere thought of beasts brought back memories of just a few moments ago; the demon monsters sent by Satan himself to destroy all the Niphilim, or half human half angel which is what I am. These demons are nothing like the stereotypical demons with the pitch forks and flames and horns, they look human but they have wings and inhuman abilities. They are extremely strong and fast and don’t forget dangerous but some have actual powers for example invisibility or telekinesis or some can even create fireballs with only their mind. But they’re not the only ones with all the cool stuff, we Niphilim have skills of our own. We too have wings but ours are more angelic since we are part angel. Some of us, the sons and daughters of stronger angles, have earth powers. They can control water, earth, air, but not fire.
Another chilled wind blew, freezing sleet mixing in with it. The temperature in the cave seemed to drop several degrees, shivering I hugged my numb knees closer to my chest. I looked out the opening of the cave, through the pouring rain and sleet, out into the vast stretch of trees and leafy green vegetation. It was hard to see much through the watery mask that made everything blurry but just as I was about to turn away, a small dark blur caught my attention. I couldn’t tell how far away it was but I could tell it was heading in my direction. I squinted but my eyes couldn’t focus on anything. I squinted harder but my vision was blocked by growing spots of black, the world then began spinning, my head was pounding to the beat of my racing heart. The world spun faster and faster so I screwed my eyes shut and let my head lay back on the rock wall. My stomach did summersaults and rumbled then I realized it’s been at least a day or two since I’ve eaten anything. So there I sat, starving, freezing, alone, and more frightened than ever when the dark figure arrived and perched itself on the edge of the cave.
My first instinct: fight. But right now I’m light headed and wounded so at this moment it might as well kill me and get it over with. My eyes fluttered open and I saw who the figure really was. It was Colton. Relief flooded over me and I relaxed my tensed muscles as my boyfriend and fighting partner folded in his snowy wings and walked over to me. His dazzling blue eyes met my brown ones and his face came overwhelmed with concern.
“Olivia, oh my god. Olivia, what have they done to you? I should have never left your side.” He knelt on the ground by me, grabbed a blanket I hadn’t seen him bring in, and draped it over me. The cotton blanket covered my icy body and soon warmth began to return to my limbs. Colton rested his hand on my shoulder and looked me straight in the eye. “You’re not alone. You’ll never be alone,” he whispered. He doesn’t seem like a sensitive guy, but he really is, and I love him for that. I noticed there was a deep cut on the right side of his face slicing down his jaw bone to about his chin. He continued to stare at me, his face still stricken with concern. “I missed you. I couldn’t find you. I thought you…” He didn’t need to finish. He looked away but not before I saw a tear begin to roll down his cheek. He wiped his face with the back of his hand to dry his eyes and looked back at me. He took both my hands in his, my fingers like ice against his warm skin, leaned in and kissed me. heat radiated off his body, warming mine, as we continued to kiss. Our lips parted and he looked away, his cheeks flushed from embarrassment. I felt my cheeks redden as well but I felt something else besides that. My stomach dropped, mist clouded my vision, my head pounded again, my heart beat slowed, things moved in slow motion. My head fell forward onto my knees, my eyelids were growing heavy. Colton was saying something but it sounded as if he was speaking under water. The world went black, the only sound was Colton’s voice echoing one soft word: Olivia, and I cascaded into the never ending darkness.

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J.J. wrote: " Going Under
A cool breeze blew in through the mouth of the cave bringing in rain along with it causing me to shiver even more than I already was. My body trembled, teeth chattered as I sat t..."

The whole thing is bold... please go back and only bold the words you were supposed to include! And hurry because the poll is going up soon!

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Gabby | 37 comments sorry I'll fix it

message 19: by Madi (new)

Madi | 48 comments Will you send the poll to everyone in this group or will we have to find the poll?

message 20: by [deleted user] (new)

I don't think polls can be sent to people...

message 21: by Emily (new)

Emily You can invite people to answer a poll I'm pretty sure.

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Grace (fictionaladventures) | 896 comments Mod
Poll going up now..

message 23: by Madi (new)

Madi | 48 comments OK I will vote

message 24: by [deleted user] (new)

I voted (not for myself)!

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I voted too.

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Madi | 48 comments Me too

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