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Kiwi's Hero is Sydney Davies ❤ (sarahkiwi) | 75 comments Mod
Nirasians are typically dark colored, and very menacing. They also have the same type of army units that the Tharians do, so I'm just going to generalize the charrie-maker.

Age: (An average Nirasian is about 4 years old; which is like 30 human years. 3 years, probably 21. 2, 13 years. 1, 9 human years. Then you go into months, but I would just stick to years.)
Type: (Grower, spy, healer, fighter, etc.)
Specialty: (It depends what type you are, see other Tharian charrie forms for info)
Appearance: (I would go into detail here. Remember, they are half-human, half feline!! Maybe a pic ***anime probably will be your best bet!*** and at least 4 sentences.)
Personality: (Again, go into detail, and at least 4 sentences.)
History: (Same as above.)
Crush: (If applicable, and you have to ask!)
Spouse: (Same as above.)

message 2: by Kataury (last edited Jun 18, 2012 04:50PM) (new)

Kataury Okay, before I leap into this roleplay I have to ask, what is the difference between the Nirasians and the Tharians? Are they the same people but just fighting each other? The character format for the Nirasians are very similar to the Tharians so I'm curious as to how this roleplay works. The Forest is dying, so does that mean that the Nirasians are not denizens of the forest? Why are the Nirasians trying to destroy the forest? How do they plan on destroying the forest? Are Nirasians the same species as the Tharians or are they completeley different?

Kiwi's Hero is Sydney Davies ❤ (sarahkiwi) | 75 comments Mod
Okayokayokay slooooow down. One question at a time, and put it in the question topic. I'll try to answer as many as possible, just ask little by little so my brain doesn't essplode XD

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