Catching Fire (The Hunger Games, #2) Catching Fire question

Better than the first?

I like the first book best, but enjoyed the seccond and am enjoying reading the third right now.

I loved The Hunger Games the most. Catching Fire was boring to me.

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This one was my least favourite. It took me aaaaaages to get into it.

No I dont think you can really beat the first book, this is definitely close, but I still think the first was better

1st is awesome 2nd alright 3rd maybe slightly better then catching fire. I was kind of disappointed by the last two after the awesomeness that is the Hunger Games

I definitely liked Catching Fire more than The Hunger Games. I felt like overall, Collins had written it better than The Hunger Games. It flowed better and had better descriptions, and I was interested in the book the whole time, as opposed to only the last half of The Hunger Games holding my attention.

I really liked The Hunger Games, but I wish there was more Gale in it. There was more Gale in the 2nd one so I liked that but it was definitely not my favorite. And last one left me feeling depressed at the end, so the first one was the best

I like the first two equally. One focuses on the fight for survival and Katniss' entrance into the eyes of the Capitol, the other focuses on the beginnings of the revolution and Katniss and Peeta's love for each other. I think it's basically a tie because both books kept me on the edge of my seat until I was finished.

I really liked both, but i think i might have like Catching Fire just a bit more than the Hunger Games

In my opinion, Mockingjay is the best-written, the darkest, the scariest and the most true.

Hunger Games is my second-favorite, followed by Catching Fire. BUT I suppose some of the reason I don't like Catching Fire as much is because it seems so unfair to Katniss and Peeta.

I would definitely recommend to anyone that they finish the trilogy. It's definitely worth it to get to the end of the third book.

1. Hunger Games
2. Catching Fire
3. (boring to me) Mockingjay

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Well, cathing fire is an amazing book, the clock arena??....BRILLIANT¡¡
i DO like cathching fire more than the hunger games except for one reason i LOVE the romance between Peeta and Katniss and in Catching fire i think thing just cool off but i love the clock arena,finnick...beac scene evereything is awesome although i hat the ending because it is the beginning to the rebellion and i think collins ruined it a little bit with mockingjay

out of the three i could not put this book down

In order of best(One being the best):
1) Catching Fire
2) Hunger Games
3) Mockingjay

I thought Mockingjay was one of the worst books ever! and they chose to end the series like that!

I like the first and second about the same. I think I enjoyed the first one a teensy bit more.

Catching Fire, absolutely!

I think the author should have left the series at the Hunger Games. It was a well written book that provked serious thought (if chosen) that the other books failed to do.

I liked it better, but not by too much. I really enjoyed both of them, but there was something about the added dissonance in this book that I really liked.

Definitely. For one, the characters have way more depth. It's more serious. The rumbles of rebellion give the book a greater purpose beyond just a fight, an insight into a dystopian world's machinations. In terms of style, the first books shows signs of clumsy editing, or at least not as clear, polished, refined, vivid as the second one.

Kind of impossible but yeah.

I actually liked the storyline of Catching Fire the most, though I wish she had spent more time with it. I thought it was almost a race to get to the end of the book and I would have liked to see it better developed and drawn out a little. So because of this I think the first was my favourite.

It took me two or three tries over two years to read Mockingjay and finish it. It just didn't interest me at the same level. I liked the tone of it just not the plot. Frankly, I was bored.

my favorites in order are 1st 2nd then 3rd

first ones better

As much as I HATED Mockingjay I loved Catching Fire. Even better than (insert gasp here)the Hunger Games!!

Catching Fire was my favorite!

The order I prefer them in is:
Hunger Games
Catching Fire

But it really boils down to the phrase; each to their own!

They were both really good
the hunger games: it was a good balance between love and fighting
Catching fire: leans more to the love

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