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2013 DISCUSSIONS > THE UNIT: A parallel to ROUSSEAU's philosophy

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message 1: by Elena (new)

Elena This idea comes from 'thegift'. I think he mades a news and integrative topic of discussion that I wanted to add here for anyone who looks into it and might want to discuss it.

He said: "I must say the ending was perfect, the conditioning, the other voices incorporated earlier in her recount of how she had never paid attention to those issues... maybe unrealistic from a North American perspective but the social contract made me think of Rousseau's idea of how we give up all power to the state and only get back what it gives us..."

Let us know what you think... :)

message 2: by Val (last edited Jun 17, 2012 02:52AM) (new)

Val It is a very long time since I read "The Social Contract" and I have been looking for my copy to read it again. From what I can remember, thegift's observation is pertinent: there are rights and responsibilities, freedoms gained and freedoms given up in a 'fair' system of government. 'Power to the people' is not power to the individual. (Although I am more likely to quote Tom Robinson than Rousseau: )

message 3: by Val (new)

Val I found and am rereading my copy.
Rousseau says "The majority is always right"
(mind you, he never actually experienced a democracy).

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