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message 1: by Mason (new)

Mason Neil (masonneil) I just started a book review blog -, and I'm wondering how to make it "stand out" or just plain worth reading. Any hints?

message 2: by Rachel (new)

Rachel | 36 comments be yourself. easy as. will get easier to write like you talk, (if thats what you want) as you go along. some people will love it, some not so much, but you can tell the difference between try hard/ copycats and what you sound like, especially when ppl you know read it.

That Slytherin Girl Reads  (shereadsatnight) | 158 comments yep i agree. You have to make it your own. :) you could try to get your inspiration from other blogs but still it would be best if you make sure that yours would be unique so it will generate more followers. Good luck! :)

message 4: by Lectus (new)

Lectus When I read reviews I lose interest if they are too long. I just want to know if you liked the book and why or why not. That is why I try to keep my reviews short. With so much information out there, readers have short attention span, I think!

message 5: by Luna (new)

Luna | 1 comments I agree with Lectus as well. I dont like to read loong entry except if I really want to know more about certain topics :)

message 6: by Kim (last edited Aug 08, 2012 09:43PM) (new)

Kim (snugglemybooks) | 3 comments @Lectus: Not really. Have you ever read one of Kat Kennedy's reviews? She's so hilarious, and her reviews are almost always a page, but her voice keeps you there to read through it all.

Leigh (bibliosky) (leighsalv) i agree with Lectus! I like reviewers who are straight to the point. 3 paragraphs with 5-7 sentences is what I like (:

message 8: by Natasha (new)

Natasha McNeely (natashamcneely) | 1 comments I agree with everything mentioned above. Be yourself and let your personality shine through in your reviews. Make the reviews a decent length, but not too long. People want to know if they should read the book; they don't want to read a book just to find that out. :)

message 9: by Redd (new)

Redd Kaiman (reddkaiman) | 12 comments Try to be interesting. If you hear a lot of people complaining the current of blogging, experiment and do something different. Even if you make some missteps along the way

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