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Carly  (cloud-envy) The apocalypse hit. A disease spread rapidly across the United States and much of the rest of the world. There were few survivors, but those who made it through the initial disease caught wind of a new society, a place of refuge that was forming somewhere in central north America. Many gathered there. Thirty years later, a government known as the UPD or Utopian Police Department has come into power and turned the prosperous yet small cluster of survivors into a dictatorship. Many people live in fear of what the government will do.
Regulations came into play for teenagers born or taken in by the society. At the age of eighteen, you were almost lobotomized; put into intense surgery and operated on so that your brain no longer functioned as it once did. You became a detached, unemotional puppet of the government. You lost all ability to love. You were simply paired with another human and left to reproduce in order to keep the population alive, then left to raise those offspring until they turned eighteen and were put through exactly the same thing.
There is only one way to escape the inevitable operation they put you through; run away. A small cluster of rebels have spread the word about the government's plans and evil tactics, but the UPD have become suspicious and began making arrests based on the slightest suspicions. There might be a chance to escaped; but you'll be forced into a diseased world where those who were infected walk in a state of delirium, and those who die from the disease turn into blood thirsty zombies.
Will you become just another government puppet, or will you take your chances on the outside?

So where shall we begin, one character of each gender per person? :3

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Dexter Swart (dexswart) | 1516 comments Mod
((Sounds awesome, you two! (: ))

ღPanda Girlღ | 104 comments Yea! one girl, one guy sounds good to me 8) start off with character profiles?

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Carly  (cloud-envy) Sounds great c: I'll get right on mine!

ღPanda Girlღ | 104 comments I'll start on mine too 8)

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Carly  (cloud-envy) Name: Liara Marina Shepard
Nicknames: Liara, Shep
Age: Seventeen
Date of Birth: October 16th
Gender: Female
Sexual Orientation: Straight
Appearance: [image error]
Cole often teases Liara for her fiery temper, which she says came from her mother. She has quite the sharp tongue. She's never afraid to give anyone a lashing, especially if they say something about her friends. She is faithful and loyal until the very end. She has been hurt several times; betrayed by friends and let down romantically, but she proves to not give up on those she loves. For the tempermental girl she comes off as Liara is actually fairly decent around children. She grew up taking care of the younger children of her parent's friends, and now has a strong desire to eventually have children. The only thing holding her back from that is fear that they will be stuck in such a terrible world.
Liara was born in the small city just after her parents arrived. Her mother and father were actually very much in love when they came. Neither of them ended up having the operation due to her father's involvement in the police force and her mother's dedication to teaching the youth of the community. They were so in love and so harmless that the government let them go under the radar. They pledged that their children would be no exception, however.
When Liara was about eleven, her mother gave birth to her younger brother, Matt. She died in childbirth and her father sank into a serious depression. Liara basically raised Matt until she met Cole a few weeks after her mother's death. He helped out with Matt and shared with her what he knew about the rebels, turning his new friend into a partner in plotting an escape.
Cole; best friend
Father; James Shepard
Mother; Lily Shepard - deceased
Brother; Matthew Shepard - six

Name: Colten Oliver Alexander
Nicknames: Cole
Age: Eighteen
Date of Birth: September 1st,
Gender: Male
Sexual Orientation: Straight
Cole has always been the overprotective big brother sort. Even if he never had a younger sibling, he found different outlets to protect his friends. He grew up a fighter, trying to defend himself when he had no one to look after him but his sister. He learned at a young age about the corrupt government from his father's old records; letters and coded notes he traded with old friends. He has continually become a protective fighter through Liara and her brother, who he helped raise. He's a loner, and cold toward those he cares about. His biggest fear is falling in love - he never wants to have to suffer like his sister.
Cole's mother died when he was three from the disease. A small outbreak infected very few, but she was one of the unlucky ones taken away by the government and "isolated" until they either died or were cured. They never came back cured. Speculation was wild. His father was arrested when he was about nine, leaving Cole with his older sister. He was forced to fight for himself - became an ameture street rat and an odd jobs worker until he was old enough to work in a mill or as a farm hand.
When he was eleven, his sister was taken to be operated on. She came back a week later with a new husband and was forced to take care of Cole while expecting a child. She was never the same. Cole has continued to stay with her ever since, helping by giving Liara rations they are dealt in order to keep her and Matt alive while they live with an adoptive family that - even as puppets - seem to resent the elder daughter. They took a liking to Matt, though. He has roped Liara into becoming a rebel, and plans to run away with her, if possible, to a new safe place until they can return for Matt.
Liara; best friend
Father; Timothy Alexander - deceased (?)
Mother; Natalia Alexander - deceased
Sister - Mary Ellen Haren - married; two children; puppet

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Carly  (cloud-envy) Oh, and sorry about the length c: you can make them how long/short you want.
I'm gonna head off in twenty or so minutes - early start - but if you end up wanting to post, I'll reply in the morning. If not, I can start tomorrow c:
If you end up finishing characters before I go, do you have s preference to who starts?

ღPanda Girlღ | 104 comments I probably won't finish my characters before you go ^.^" and since it was your idea, I think it would be easier if you start off so I can follow your lead

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Carly  (cloud-envy) Alrighty, then I'll post my intro in the morning, just so I can get a feel for your characters c:

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ღPanda Girlღ | 104 comments Goodnight! 8)

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Dexter Swart (dexswart) | 1516 comments Mod

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ღPanda Girlღ | 104 comments Name: Louis Smith Hawthorne
Nicknames: Lou, or Lou-Lou (later used only by his younger sister)
Age: Twenty
Date of Birth: November 11
Gender: Male
Sexual Orientation: Straight

Honestly, there isn't much to know about Louis since he doesn't like to talk about himself. But from his actions, people often say that Louis is the kind of guy who will risk his life for his true friends, and his family-if they were still alive. Louis is strong, able to handle a gun, and is very good at hand-to-hand combat. Yet, even as strong as he looks on the outside, Louis is a broken man in the inside. Broken to the point it made him cold hearted. He will help those in need, but with a look that says the person he is saving is more of a pain in the ass than anything else. He doesn't live in the safe little town, being a brainless zombie of the government. But that's to be expanded in the history. This is personality, and Louis' personality is anything but lovely. But if you can break through and help warm up his heart, there is a chance he's a good guy.
Louis never talks about his past, mainly because he just likes to block it out. It's easier to block it than to think about it. Why? Well, why not? His parents had been the first ones to try to escape, never trusting the UPD the moment they came to their town. Of course, his parents didn't meet until after they ran for it, with a few others. Yes, they were the oldest ones part of the rebel group, the leaders in a sense. Louis grew up a rebel and a fighter. He knows his way around the outside world, always fighting off something whether its some bloodsucking zombie, or keeping himself from being infected with a disease. Now, what happened to his parents that raised such a strong warrior type son like him? infected and turned into the very zombies he was trained to hunt. What made his heart turn to stone? He was forced to kill them in order to protect the other rebels in the rather organized camp.
Terry Hawthorne - deceased
Evelyn Hawthorne - deceased

Name: Darcy Elisabeth Morgan
Nicknames: None
Age: Sixteen
Date of Birth: March 23
Gender: Female
Sexual Orientation: Straight

Darcy isn't a rebel. At all. She doesn't have a single rebellious bone in her. If anything, she doesn't really understand what's wrong with being a puppet since her parents are leading a happy life, or so it has always seemed so to her. She's just gullible, the kind of girl who believes anything and everything all people tell her without asking any kind of question. In a way, she's pretty much a puppet in a sense, doing whatever people tell her to do. Though, she is genuinely a sweet girl with a heart that is much too big for her chest. She's cutesy, maybe a bit too cutesy. A little too happy. A little too much for everyone just to like her. Then again, she was too nice for anyone to really be mean to her. After all, who could possibly ever be angry with a girl who only apologizes for everything even if it's not her fault. And her apologies always include some kind of baked good. A very delicious baked good.
Well, what can you really expect from a girl like Darcy? Her parents were thrown together, complete puppets of society. Darcy lived a safe, happy life and has no reason to ever leave. She didn't want to leave, scared of what might happen in the outside world with everything that has been said about it. She never experienced it, having been born much later-having been born into the society, raised to believe everything that has ever happened to her there made her a very lucky girl. Was there anything that could possibly ever make her change her mind?
Many friends, too many to really list
Gwen Barry Morgan - Alive
Markus Morgan - Alive
Julius Liam Morgan - Alive

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ღPanda Girlღ | 104 comments Are they okay? 8( They aren't great as yours really and I don't know if they make much sense, I gave it a go. I'm not great with the long detailed kind of profiles. Sorreh

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Carly  (cloud-envy) They're lovely, I'll try to post this morning - though I'm running late so it might come after school.

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ღPanda Girlღ | 104 comments ^.^" Totally fine. By the way, I meant I'm not great with detailed profiles, not rps. I can totally be detailed with rp posts.

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Carly  (cloud-envy) Liara stared hopelessly at the calendar that hung on the wall above her bed, dates crossed out with red x's across the month. There were three blank spaces left before the month of September ended. She had almost no time until her birthday came around and she turned eighteen. Then the waiting game began. Nearly a month ago Cole had turned eighteen himself. Apparently there was some sort of back up in the system, seeing as he hadn't been taken away yet, but any day that could change. Any day she could be abandoned and left to face her last days in fear. 

With a shake of her head, Liara pulled on her old boots and scraped her wild red curls back into a ponytail. She shrugged on her green combat jacket with her last name sewn into the arm and grabbed her pack. She had carefully saved up food and weapons for the last three months. Rations, knives, things they would need like medical supplies and bottles for water. A pan for boiling. Tinder. A match box. Books about wild plants and first aid. 

She shouldered the heavy pack and tiptoed into Matt's room. He stared at her with wide eyes. He'd known for months about his sister's plan. She was to run and find a safe place, then return for him. He launched himself into her arms, trembling against her thin frame. 

"Please don't leave me." he whimpered, tears flowing freely down his cheeks. "Stay. Please."

"You know what they'll do to me here, Matty." she whispered and crouched down, kissing his cheek. "I  promised I'd come back for you, right? I will. I promise you, I will do anything for you." she whispered, pulling him close, her voice wavering with emotion. "But I gotta go now, okay? I love you more than life itself. Be brave for me." she whispered, placing him on the bed. "I love you Matt." she vowed, slipping her mother's ring into his hands. "Be safe."


Once Matt was taken care of, Liara snuck out the window of her bedroom and into the streets. In the fading afternoon light, she darted toward Cole's hideout, which he'd scraped together in the ground floor of a building on the far side of town. She glanced over her shoulder, giving a fleeting look at the house before running up the road. 

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ღPanda Girlღ | 104 comments (Quick question- so they are going to escape now or try to, and I'll introduce my guy yea?)

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Carly  (cloud-envy) (if you'd like. Youre also more than welcome to have your girl already know them and be escaping, I was just setting it up as they were either trying to run tonight or in the next few days.)

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ღPanda Girlღ | 104 comments ((Oh! Okay, just asking to get a clearer picture of what was going on. Depending how it goes, I was thinking of her accidentally being in a situation she is forced to escape since I created my girl not really the rebel kind.))

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Carly  (cloud-envy) (sounds good :D)

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ღPanda Girlღ | 104 comments Darcy smiled as she cleaned the dishes after a beautifully home cooked meal, all thanks to her mother. She made sure to wash them completely before drying them off and putting them back in the cupboards where they belonged. Since dinner was over, and Darcy already finished her homework, she could either go for a walk outside or stay home and read a book. Then again, she doesn't have many books, and she has read them all at least a couple dozen times by now.

Leaving the kitchen, she walked down the hall and into the living room where her parents were on the couch, doing a little reading of their own. Though, the only materials that were available for reading were what the UPD approved of, which were anything that followed their doctrine and rarely anything from the old world-the outside world. Of course, it wasn't as if any of them knew any better, especially the puppets.

Feeling as she needed the fresh air, Darcy decided she would go outside for a little bit. There was a curfew, but Darcy stuck close to the house, strolling around to the back yard. It was a little chilly outside, but not too cold that sent Darcy back inside to grab her coat. It was just the right temperature for a little walk under the starry night sky. Taking in a deep breath of air, she smiled widely thinking it was a rather fine night too bad she wasn't able to share it with anyone.

Her smile faltered a little at that thought. Just a couple days before she did have someone, but then he... No, they agreed it was better to remain friends and act like all they have been through was just nothing. Wait, no, Darcy wouldn't think of him like that right then. She would recall the good and smile at those memories as she breathed in the slightly chilly air.

(I hope that was alright ^.^")

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Carly  (cloud-envy) "Cole?"

Liara crawled through a broken window and made a small drop onto the dusty floor of the abandoned building. She brushed aside some of the glass with her foot and grimaced, taking a few steps into the dark room and squinting. 

"Over here, Liara." a quiet voice called from another room, one with a faint glow emitting from it. 

Liara staggered across the room and through the doorway. Cole sat on the floor with his pack. He was counting cans of food by fire light, as the sunlight had quickly faded. His brows were knit together in concentration, taking in the amount of food they would gave if they left tonight. She walked across the room and gently rested a hand on his shoulder. 

"Don't over think, Cole." she murmured. "We can make it out there. We've come too far not to."

"I know." he frowned. "But, I'm just thinking about it rationally. What if we wait a few more weeks?" 

The red head's features darkened. "A few more weeks! What if they find you, Cole? They could turn you into one of their puppets!" she snapped. 

The boy shook his head and let out a heavy sigh. There would be no convincing his stubborn friend. He looked at her warily and licked his lips before nodding. She was right. More than right. They had to go now. He slowly began piling in their food supplies and picked up the gun his father had smuggled years ago. 

"You're right." he said, slipping the gun beneath his coat. "We have to go now. Let's get moving." Cole ordered, putting the fire out and leading Liara out into the streets through the back exit. 

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