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Page Numbering Requests > Acacia by David Anthony Durham, the curious case of the ISBN/page number conflict

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message 1: by Rosu (new)

Rosu Aquabutts (rosuaquabutts) | 5 comments I went to start the book and add it to my goodreads, but the edition I have doesn't seem to be in the options available. I thought, no problem, I'll just add mine -- but the strangest thing, it already appears to be added. I have the ISBN13 9780307947130 edition, trade paperback, which would appear to be this:

The problem is that my edition has almost 20 pages more than this edition -- it has 763 pages where the listed one has 592.

I mostly use goodreads to track my progress through books via page number and it would be great if this could be fixed, but I'm not really sure how to proceed, myself. Any help from the librarians would be appreciated.

message 2: by Amara (last edited Jun 03, 2012 05:51PM) (new)

Amara Tanith (aftanith) The page number came from an import, so it's completely possible that it's just wrong. Worldcat supports yours, so I'll change it. :)

Edit: Nevermind, rivka beat me to it!

message 3: by rivka, Librarian Moderator (new)

rivka | 42000 comments Mod
Sometimes the page numbers imported are incorrect. Since WorldCat (one of the better online sources for page numbers) agrees with you, I went ahead and corrected the book.

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