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Satisfied... Or Not?

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Oksana the Bookaholic Before reading this book, I was really excited. I was finally gonna see Thomas defeat WICKED and save everybody! Unfortunately, it didn't turn out like that. The story took many twists and turns, killing a bunch of awesome people. It doesn't FEEL like the ending. did people feel like that too?

Erika I actually liked the ending. I was also expecting a happy ending, but it turned out to be a tragic one, very very sad, and it surprised me, that's why i liked it!

Oksana the Bookaholic Haha... Yeah, I guess it's different for everyone. :)

Oksana the Bookaholic True... It came on kinda fast

Sarah NOT! The ending was too happy-go-lucky and crap. They ended up in a place that shouldn't even exist anymore. And the author just up and killed Teresa w/o any, like, emotional turmoil and stuck Thomas w/Brenda....... Lame ending IMHO.

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Herapeacok so true.

Oksana the Bookaholic Well... The other stuff is true... But Brenda and Thomas are awesome!! Together!!

Devora I actually loved this book because unique and surprising especially the ending.

Oksana the Bookaholic Yeah... The ending was unique but not that good... Kinda ruined the whole experience

Najla Madwar I didn't like the ending at all. I felt like Dashner got confused himself, killing people randomly and making the others simply leave everything behind and escape to a new healthy world. Though I liked his debate (in the final letter) about WICKED. It was so true.

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Tom The ending felt like the author couldn't think of an ending. It was abrupt and didn't really satisfy me personally. But that's just me.

Nataly I agree with the part about the ending being abrupt. While reading, thinking about the few pages left and all the stuff going on, it was going to extremely difficult to pull off a breathtaking ending. And it probably was, but I feel like Dashner went wrong with some aspects and right with others. Thinking about it, what could they have done about the people who weren't immune? They had to save themselves if the human race was going to keep existing. I do feel like (view spoiler) was really out of nowhere and unnecessary. I guess this was Dashner's way of solving the love triangle, the easy way out. Even though I shipped (view spoiler) , it still didn't feel right that Dashner just (view spoiler) in one simple paragraph. It was an incredibly hard ending to pull off, and in my opinion, Dashner took the easy way out.

Kelline Dyka my only problem with the ending is that it didn't actually answered a lot of the question in my head (that is formed during the first and second book)

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