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message 1: by Bri, Wielder of Trolljnir (new)

Bri (mythbri) | 26 comments Mod
Welcome, and introduce yourself!

Reply to this and let us know who you are:

1. Name or nym (whichever you prefer)
2. How did you first start reading Topless Robot?
3. What do you like to read?
4. What are you reading now?
5. Suggestions for a group read/discussion

I'm Bri, also known as mythbri on Topless Robot. I first started reading TR after a friend linked me to Rob's Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen Q&A. I like to read fantasy, YA fantasy, science fiction, etc. (check my profile). Right now I'm reading "Changer" by Jane Linskold, along with a few other things. I'm waiting to see what other people might suggest for a group read.

message 2: by Simone (new)

Simone | 4 comments 1. Simone Nonvelodico (not my real name, but my Facebook name at least)
2. Sad story. I was trying to make a point with a friend on a forum and googled "Worst Fanfiction ever". You know how it goes from there.
3. Fantasy, science fiction, and anything that's well written and entertaining. I hate bad style; hate shit like Dan Brown's, to say one. I tend to not read novels who don't seem like they make a point to me. Even though I don't despise them, I just don't get as interested. My perfect book is one which is well-written, has a peculiar style, gripping narrative and deep meanings; bonus points if it's about religion or philosphy in general. Current absolute favourite is "The Gospel according to Jesus Christ" by José Saramago, "Baudolino" by Umberto Eco is close second.
4. ...the emails from Amazon, waiting for a couple books I ordered: "A fire upon the deep" and "Programming the universe" (respectively, Sci-Fi novel and Science book. I occasionally enjoy those, too).
5. I wonder. I have lots of good books I could suggest... an absolute best may be one of those I mentioned earlier. Or if anyone has not read it (but I find it hard), well... "Good Omens" by Terry Pratchett and Neil Gaiman?

message 3: by Abraxas (new)

Abraxas | 1 comments 1. Abraxas
2. it was back in late 2008/early 2009
3. horror, sci-fi, shakespeare and science-non-fiction
4. I bought a few Dune books and they're kind of just sitting there....
5. i donno...

message 4: by Zoe (new)

Zoe (generalapathy) | 3 comments 1. General Apathy (general_apathy). 'Nym. :)
2. I used to read Rob's toy column, and ended up lurking the site because of a terrible addiction to bad fanfic.
3. I like books that change the way I look at the world. Pretentiousness aside, I read a lot of "urban" fantasy, magical realism, mystery novels, retro-future/cyberpunk... in text or graphic form.
4. The Wise Man's Fear (sequel to The Name of the Wind) by Patrick Rothfuss. And I'm working my way through Trigun again.
5. I haven't read Good Omens. (:O) Should it be something we haven't read?

message 5: by William (new)

William | 8 comments William Brown,
2) Flipping through "geek pages" that kept referencing Topless Robot. Been going back and making a nuisance of myself since.
3)Scifi fantasy. Fairy tales.(Which I consider another form of fantasy.) Modern Gothica. Classics.
4)Some Pern novels and Swan Song by Robert R. McCammon.
5)Game of Thrones come to mind for the read/discuss.

Jello All, I'm William Brown and I'm a geek. Ooo wait wrong meeting. Same name on TR, Facebook, and TR Irregulars. Have a passion for the written word.

message 6: by Laura (new)

Laura (ratatosk) | 8 comments 1. Laura Anglin
2. My husband thought I'd find Fan Fiction Friday hilarious He was right.
3. I read lots of stuff. I like mythic humanist stuff the most. Dislike sweet, sentimental jewel box depictions of ordinary life the most.
4. Almost done with Stories, edited by Neil Gaiman. About to start 2312 by Kim Stanley Robinson
5. Good Omens is awesome.

message 7: by Amanda (new)

Amanda Hamilton | 3 comments 1. Amanda Hamilton
2. I don't remember exactly. I think I just followed a link to one of the Daily Lists and stuck around
3. Science fiction, (mostly dystopian) swords and sorcery fantasy, nonfiction, (I do like a good biography or history book) classics, horror
4. I have a couple I'm in the process of reading. "Interview with a Vampire", "Tender is the Night", (F. Scott) "Four Past Midnight" (Stephen King)
5. since Good Omens was already picked, I'll just leave it at that. :]

message 8: by Diana (new)

Diana 1. Hai, I'm Diana, aka Menshevixen on TR.
2. I don't remember how I stumbled across the Bot. I think someone linked me an FFF (damn them).
3. I prefer reading science fiction and fantasy, comic books, YA, film studies, things related to anthropology and feminist theory, and literary fiction.
4. Currently reading Ready Player One for a book club.
5. I've read Good Omens, but let's be real--I can always read it again. Barring that, I suggest Among Others (and its interior book-list of classic SFF :B).

message 9: by Roberta (new)

Roberta | 1 comments 1. I'm Roberta aka bobbiraptor
2. I think I found an FFF in one of my frequent quests for amusing fanfiction.
3. I like to read all sorts really :3 this is even harder than "what sort of music do you listen to"
4. I'm currently in between books - no idea what I'll end up reading next
5. Good Omens is a good idea - I tried reading it years back but couldn't get into it (it wasn't as Pratchetty as I was hoping) and I keep meaning to get it out of the library and give it a proper chance on its own merit.

message 10: by James (new)

James 1. James P. Daniels/Scooter Atreides...We answer to both--our friends seem to prefer "Scoot".
2. Internet search about when federal mandates were changed removing restrictions on commercial content in children's cartoons in the 80s (leading to shows like Transformers and GI Joe). TR had nothing specifically on the subject, but I found enough of interest to keep me coming back (and eventually to make me want to write for them).
3. Sci-Fi, Philosophy, Humor, Religion, History, Biographies, some Fantasy (but I'm picky).
4. "Guards, Guards!" By Terry Pratchett (slowly but surely)
5. I'll read nearly anything once: But if I wanted to suggest a book for discussion, it'd be "The Dosadi Experiment" by Frank Herbert. The man's "Non-Dune" work is woefully underappreciated, and Dosadi is his best novel outside of that series. If you're familiar with the Dune universe, imagine Herbert's world-building skills and imagination let loose on a multi-galactic society of alien species (including humans).

message 11: by Jason (new)

Jason | 1 comments 1. Jason Helton
2. by accident...i was researching something for an article, ended up at TR...offered to the job...reading ever since.
3. Generally sci-fi, some fantasy.
4. The Nerdist Way by Chris Hardwick
5. No ideas at this time

message 12: by Debra (new)

Debra | 1 comments 1. Debra Jane Shelly (I go by Debs or DJ)
2. I found Topless Robot purely by accident, about two years ago, and have followed it devoutly ever since.
3. Comics, graphic novels, history books, biographies, collected journalism, humor, some fantasy (helllllo, first few "Dune" books and "Game of Thrones")
4. What am I reading now? "Are You My Mother" by Allison Bechdel. (a memoir in graphic novel format)
5. No suggestions yet - I want to get a better sense of everyone's tastes before I start making suggestions.

message 13: by Drea (new)

Drea O'dare | 1 comments 1. Drea O'Dare (though I've been called worse)
2. My roommate wouldn't stop sending me links and talking about it so I had to start reading as a defense mechanism.
3. All sorts of things, though I prefer science fiction and cyberpunk, as well as urban fantasy. I have a sick sad love for trashy, horribly written romance. Especially badly researched bodice rippers.
4. Boneshaker by Cherie Priest
5. Will Christopher Baer's "Kiss Me, Judas"

message 14: by Lea (new)

Lea | 1 comments 1. Lea aka Vatea42 on TR.
2. Followed a link on Google to a Daily List about Batman's Badass moments and got hooked.
3. I read about anything that catchs my eye honestly.
4. Just finished "In One Person" by John Irving.
5. No suggestions yet. Looking for something myself.

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