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3 Lives, In Search of Bliss
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Srini (srinic) | 6 comments Hi everybody!

Here's a video trailer of 3 Lives, in search of bliss

3 Lives, in search of bliss is a celebration of the beauty of this wonderful universe and our lives as human beings. The book falls into the genre of spiritual fiction - a format in which a fictional narrative is interlaced with philosophical and spiritual concepts. It could also (easily) be categorized as inspirational, self-help and motivational, depending on the perspective of the reader.

First published in August 2011 as an e-book, 3 Lives has been downloaded by thousands of readers, many of whom have openly expressed praise and appreciation for its innovative story concept and inspirational message.

A top Amazon reviewer acclaimed it as "the best book I've read since The Shack".

3 Lives is a product of inspired creativity and passion which aims to share concepts of eastern and western thought in a manner that demonstrates the one-ness of everything in this world that we find ourselves in. That we all share the same fears, desires and aspirations. And, that we all have the same questions. That we share, at a fundamentally spiritual level, a deep and abiding desire to find and hold onto lasting happiness.

3 Lives, in search of bliss is an intriguing fable of a New York city cab driver who, upon his unfortunate and sudden death, finds himself being offered three chances at redemption and finding happiness. The book is about the 3 lives he leads, the choices he makes in those lives and attainment of eternal wisdom and bliss.

Whether you're looking to be inspired or looking to comprehend the seemingly incomprehensible losses, pain and disappointments that come our way in life, this short novella will leave a deep and lasting impression on you.

Happy journeys!

3 Lives, In Search of Bliss by Srini Chandra

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Marcia Noren (marciaquinnnoren) | 50 comments Hello Srini,

What magnificent book trailers! Both are excellent, and although I've seen many trailers, yours are the best I've seen! How did you produce them?

How did you find and reach your target audience? Those of us who focus (our reading and writing) on inspirational topics, regardless of whether we write fiction or nonfiction, are in the minority here on Goodreads.

Wishing you the very best of success with the paperback release, and I look forward to reading Three Lives in Search of Bliss

Joan of Arc The Mystic Legacy by Marcia Quinn Noren

Srini (srinic) | 6 comments Marcia wrote: "Hello Srini,

What magnificent book trailers! Both are excellent, and although I've seen many trailers, yours are the best I've seen! How did you produce them?

How did you find and reach your targ..."

Hi Marcia, Thank you! Appreciate the kind words and encouragement!

I put these videos together myself. Years of playing with video software and compiling vacation videos have paid off, I guess :-) I use a paid software (which cost $50 3 years back). I bought video and audio clips for the trailers (worth $40). And spent a few hours on planning the story board, etc. Glad to hear that you liked them.

As far as reaching the right audience goes, I haven't quite figured it out yet. There's a bit of hit and miss going on at the moment. What's been helpful is getting the word out to reviewers on Amazon and bloggers elsewhere. There are some great folks out there who've been kind enough to invest a couple of hours in reading the book and then writing about it.

Agree that most of the forums/authors/readers here seem to fall more in a 'mainstream, popular fiction' category.

Your book on Jeanne d'Arc sounds pretty interesting. Is there a kindle version? Either way, I'll check it out!

Couple of top-of-the-mind suggestions for your book-
1. You should consider having it translated into French. This will open a large, receptive market for you (in France) right away
2. A kindle version is another option you should look into. It doesnt take much effort. The number of people who read exclusively on Kindle is growing daily.

Hope this is useful. All the best! Thanks again.

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Marcia Noren (marciaquinnnoren) | 50 comments Thank you for these suggestions, Srini,

Your creative skills have come together beautifully in the book trailers, congratulations!

The eBook (Joan of Arc bio) is available for Kindle and in ePub3 for the Color Nook, Sony and others. Because there were thirty seven full color images included in the text, the complex layout and conversion process was handled by eBooks2go, an international team based in the U.S.

A French translation is devoutly to be wished, and part of my vision for the book is global distribution. I've also been blessed by readers who took time to review the book. Although the Amazon UK Kindle version is available, of course those reviews have not followed it across the pond.

After I return from vacation and have read your book, I'll look for any discussion groups you may have opened here on Goodreads.


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