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Loads of books are kept here with marvelous chandeliers, a fire place, and tall windows reaching the ceiling with a perfect view of the garden.

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Bennett somehow found himself in the Library. He smiled, trailing his fingers on the closest shelf as he walked into the room. There was no dust. He looked around with interest, green eyes wandering to all the different titles.

He wondered why there could possibly be a library in a dance...but then realized how romantic the entire room looked. Small couches, large enough just for two people to cuddle. Chandeliers giving a dim light well enough for reading. The light reflected off of his suit in an odd way, making it a shimmering shade of silver when ever he moved. Interesting.

Ben adjusted his mask, the barest hint of enjoyment crossing his features. He was a room full of books. This was something he hadn't anticipated. Maybe this wasn't gonna' be so bad. Then again...he may not find a date.

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Kit (kitkong) Katerina ended up in a library.She wrinkled her nose,that's what her parents like and anything they likes she makes sure she despises it.She flipped her hair over her shoulder and made sure her mask was in place as she spotted a window.She sat on the window still and leaned her head against the glass as she watched people at the entrance.Deciding it was too boring she got up and looked around.

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Matthew (phoebus) | 245 comments Theodore poked his head into the library, there didn't seem to be anyone else there except for a single guy and girl. No matter, Theodore walked into the room, he had taken of his aristocrat guise of perfection. Now he looked his part, like he didn't want to be there and maybe even a little bit bored.

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Bennett looked up, to see a guy walk in. His hair whooshed up in a weird sort of way. He was surprised to find there was also a girl in the library too. He hadn't noticed when she walked in. Ben felt a bit awkward...guessing that the boy had followed the girl in here because he liked her or something. He hesitated, wondering if he should leave. He seriously didn't want to become a third wheel in this kind of place.

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Kit (kitkong) Katerina looked up to see two boys in there with her.The boy with the books looked more interesting so she decided to talk to him.She confediently walked up to him and tapped him on the shoulder."If you don't mind I would like to talk to you."Realizing how stiff she sounded she relaxed her posture."So how do you like the oh-so wonderful Masquerade?"She asked sarcastically, and with a roll of her eyeballs.

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Theodore saw Bennett looking at him with a skeptical maybe even slightly hesitant gaze, his eyes also darting at the girl. Theodore looked away from the pair as he relocated his attention to the shelves of books. Out loud he spoke,"I wander if any of these contain something useful"

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Bennett was about to answer the guy, when he felt a tap on his shoulder. He turned, eyes widening. "Uhmm, its nice." he replied, his expression becoming amused. He turned back to the guy, but wasn't sure what to say. He played with the hem of his suit, eyes flickering back to the girl. "Kind of superficial though."

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Kit (kitkong) Katerina smirked,"You do now it's polite too introduce yourself first."She waved a hand in the air,"Of course I'm not one who should be talking about being polite and all that boring and tiff stuff.But I'm glad at least someone sees past all of this."She twirled in a circle and waved her hands up high."I'm Katerina WildRain but the way but I prefer Kat."

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Matthew (phoebus) | 245 comments Theodore turned away from the books and took a seat in one of the chairs. He sat lazily on in the chair, his feet crossed, his staff placed horizontally over his lap. Theodore discerning gaze went over the pair once more. "Why do you think they have this Masquerade, the government's intent?", he asked causally to both of them, intruding on their conversation.

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Bennett hesitated, looking back to the guy. There was something discerning about his stare. "I think I'm gonna' go." he said quietly, tilting his head to the side. He nodded, as if that finalized his decision. He looked back to the girl, taking in her sharp, beautiful eyes. "It was lovely meeting you." he mumbled, taking a small step back.

With that, he left the library to the boy and girl. Maybe they would be a couple within the next couple of hours. The idea made him smile.

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Kit (kitkong) ((*Pout*Aww I thought they were gonna rp for a while))

Katerina stared after him in surprise.She was actually being kind of nice to him and he left.Was she really that hard to be around?"I didn't even get you're name,"She whispered.Her eyes flickered up to see the other boy,"Now that is an answer that I will answer you alter.If I see you or something."She winked,"See you around."Then she left to go eat.

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Theodore watched them both leave. "If there is an after", Theodore whispered to himself, then standing up he once again scanned over the books. Of course there was nothing much of use there, like the government would give them such a chance. Theodore followed the other two's example, and left the library as well.

((that was rather quick...but never the less...quite interesting))

( ˘ ³˘)♥ Jay Shane walked into the library and saw no one inside. Pulling up his mask he rubbed his temples and then put the mask back down. Sighing he headed over to a bookshelf and grabbed the first book on geography he found. Opening it he smiled at the cramped, printer press printed words and sat down in a chair to get reading.

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Kit (kitkong) Katerina once again found herself in the large libary.She had gotten bored watching people dance and wandered off.The place was so big that she got confused and thought this was a new place.Shrugging her shoulders she sat at the window still and watched the late people arrive once more.She couldn't wait for this to be over and she could go home to her room and soft bed.

( ˘ ³˘)♥ Jay At the arrival of another, Shane shut his book. Looking over he cocked a brow, "You look miserable. Why?" he asked as he stood and reshelved the book. Since she was here, he took it as a sign that he wasn't supposed to read and instead was supposed to talk to this sad looking girl.,

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Kit (kitkong) Katerina looked over to him surprised."Does no one here have any manners?Aren't you suppose to introduce yourself first?"She replied sarcastically.But she didn't feel the excitement on being sarcastic so she looked down,"Sorry,you're just trying to help"She sighed,"Everyone her seems to already find someone and the guys I've talked too,I don't think their my type or that they like me."

( ˘ ³˘)♥ Jay Shane frowned, "I'm sorry. I'm Shane, shane Winters. Since you seem so keen to know." He said and watched her curiously, "You rpobably scare them. Most guys want a nice girl, not a girl who will sarvastically bite their face off. All the guys here are just as nervous as the girls. A nice approach would do wonders." He suggested, trying to be helpful. His thoughts flickered to Anastasia and he pushed it away quickly. As much as he wanted to care for her and like her, he just couldnt allow himself to get close to another person:

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Kit (kitkong) Katerina shrugged,"But I can't be someone I'm not.What if I don't end up with someone?Like you said a every guy here wants a nice and sweet girl.I've seen a lot of those girls here and with them here no guy will look my way twice.And when someone does come up to me,I just reply sarcastically and reject them for a dance."She put her head into her hands,"I just don't know what to do.My parents want me to find someone rich,y'know,but I don't care really.I want to find love overall even if I hate it here.I wouldn't care if their poor,just that I love them,but with my attitude I'll probably end up alone."She gave him a small smile,'It's Katerina WildRain by the way but you can call me Kat."

( ˘ ³˘)♥ Jay Shane nodded and walked over. He put a hand on her shoulder comfortingly and squeezed it lightly, "Hey, don't panic. I know this girl, and she's crazy. Well not completely but she goes from mad and vokatile to sweet and caring. And I just saw her dancing in the ballroom. If she can find a guy, I'm sure you can too." He smiled reassuringly at her. Girls who seemed defeated or unhappy were his weakness and he always had to make everything better. "Why do you keep rejecting them to dances? Do you know how to dance?" he asked curiously.

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Kit (kitkong) "Oh I know how to dance,I love to dance.But I get so nervous and I get this feeling to want to push them away.I'm not good with people,I prefer to stay in my room.As you can see people think I'm rude and mean and if I'm by myself no one can critize me."She looked down at her shoes,"I know I'm pathetic but I'm just trying to keep myself from being hurt.I feel so free when no one can critize me.And when I'm alone I can't hurt anyone either."

( ˘ ³˘)♥ Jay Shane nodded and smiled, "I promise not to hurt you. Or at least to try not to." He pulled his hand from her shoulder and offered it to her, "Miss Kat, may I have this dance?" he asked, his eyes sparkling with mischief as he tried to cheer her up. "And don't even say we dont have music, we can just do this...." he opened up one of the windows and smiled as the sounds of people laughing and crickets chirping and water and wind rustling came into the library. "Nature can be our music." going back to her side he took her hand gently, "So what do you say to a dance?"

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Kit (kitkong) Katerina laughed,her laugh sounded like twinkling music."I wouldn't think of saying that."She got up and accepted his hand."After all who can say no to a charmer and a gentlemen such as yourself?"She told him and let him lead her."I think I'll trust you when you say you won't hurt me,there's just something about you that makes me want to trust you."She giggled into her gloved hand,"I know it sounds kind of weird and it doesn't make sense much."

( ˘ ³˘)♥ Jay Shane smiles, "Perfectly sensefull to me." He said and lead her into a dance, putting his hand on her waist and smiling down at her. "Besides, I don't exactly look the part to be the guy who hurts girls, right?" he asked and laughed a bit at himself as he twirled her and then pulled her close once more. "So Kat, after this are you going to stop rejecting guys and crushing their self esteem? Or do I have to spend the rest of the nigh making sure you dance?" he teased, smirking down at her. There was something about her that he liked and felt he had to ensure she had fun.

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Kit (kitkong) Katerina wrapped her arms around his neck."Maybe you get it because you're a different,a good different though."She giggled softly,"No you don't.You're one of those whose nice and fun and smart and funny.You're a package deal any girl would want."She pretended to think,"Hmmmm...I think you're gonna have to stay with me.Make sure I'm okay."She blushed softly,"Besides I like spending time with you.In a short time you have managed to make me dance and have fun and you cheered me up."

( ˘ ³˘)♥ Jay Shane chuckled, "Hmmm? I did all that? Good, sometimes I think my only worthy attribute is that I can usually make any girl happy or smile." He said and looked down into her eyes, he smiled at her, his dark black hair falling into his eyes as a breeze blew in fron the window. "I guess that, that is a pretty good attribute to have though. I get to make others happy." he said and sighed softly. "So you mentioned parents, I take it they want you to live the fairytale life and be a princess in a castle with a handsome rich prince?". He switched the topic from himself to her rather easily, mostly because he disliked talking about himself or his past.

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Kit (kitkong) Katerina was very observant and noticed how he switched the topic.She gave him a sweet smile,"Fine we're talking about me but then we're talking about you."She leaned her head on his chest,"I hope this is alright,"She whispered."My parents don't really care if I live a happy life.They just think that if I don't marry someone rich and with a family well known that I'll disgrace them.They already think that actually,since I'm always causing trouble.It's only because I want people to notice me for me and not my family and their money."

( ˘ ³˘)♥ Jay Shane nodded, "Hmmm well if people only notice you for the trouble you cause, then they aren't really noticing you at all." he said, his heart beat strongly in his chest and he continued to sway back and forth with her. "Your family can't controll who you like, so, fall in love and together you and your love will be able to last anything." he said simply, as if things were that simple and easy. "I mean they can't unmarry you, right?" he said and chuckled at the thought of them trying to unmarry Kat.

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Kit (kitkong) She shook her head,"No I suppose they can't."She smiled wider."I know but at least they know who I am.They see a troublemaker and not my family.That's at least something right?"She listened to his heartbeat and smiled when she noticed it was beating hard.She hoped it was because of her,she was really starting to like him."Now let's talk about you.OI noticed earlier that you switched the topic and it's okay if you don't want to tell me much but I would like to know a little bit.You don't have to go deep just stuff like favorite food and hobbies and things like that."

( ˘ ³˘)♥ Jay Shane chuckled and nodded, "Hmmm alright. My favorite food is anything italian. I play baseball with the kids in my neighborhood and am assitant coach to the little league team. Umm i like geography and want to travel the world. I also like to go out to clubs and make girls smile. My favorite season is fall because I liked to hear the leaves crunch under my feet when I was little. Anything specific?" Shane asked feeling dumb as he blabbed on and on about himself and his hobbies and favorite things.

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Kit (kitkong) Katerina shook her head and smiled as she listened to him.When it came down to it she was a better listener than a speaker.IT was probably because she didn't have many friends and she preferred someone who wasn't her to talk."No nothing specific,but I enjoy listening to you.It calms me and I got to know more about you.It's like that one stone and two birds quote."She cracked a smile."Anything else you would like to share?It's okay if you don't want to anymore."She smiled happily,liking the feeling of her head on his chest,right at his heart.

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Jmart The next place Derek visited was the Library. Libraries were usually nice and quiet. He remember as a child he hides in the abandon section of Library. The section were nobody ever go near since they have all the boring and dull books. Derek love his little hide away where he could lose himself in the towering spines of the unknown authors and forget about his stupid family. The only one who really care about him was his little baby sister. She was the only reason he actually stay. . to make sure she was taken good care of and treated like a little princess. His parents is always to busy to pay any extra attention to their children. If you weren`t hungry nor dying then your left alone to do what ever you wanted to do.

( ˘ ³˘)♥ Jay (haha thanks Rose, too bad Shane's issues are about to get in the way.)

Shane smiled, "I'm hungry. I think I'll go get some food." he said and pulled away from her sharply, severing all physical contact with her in that one step. Smiling he took a step backwards towards the door, "See you around, Kat." he said brightly and then backtracked as fast as he could, without making it seem like he wanted to leave, he headed for the door. Pulling open one of the heavy, ornate doors he stepped out into the hallway and quickly shut the door. that was close, what is with these sad looking girls that always get to you?! Pull it together, Shane!. he scolded himself mentally as he headed off to find someplace where no sad girls would find him:

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Kit (kitkong) Katerina stared after him with sad eyes.She had done it again!She probably scared him off!"See you around Shane,"She whispered softly.After just standing there for a few moment she looked out the window.Maybe she is destined to be alone.She though Shane would be the one who would stay.She felt a tears slide down her cheek,what a fool she was.With trembling legs she walked out the library,looking down the whole way.

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Adena Wright (adenaw) Carter led Jane into the large library. He had never seen this many books in one place. There were shelves upon shelves of them and the room smelled faintly of paper. "I'm not much of a reader, but having a library this big might just change my mind," he mused. He turned to Jane. "You said you like to write, so I'm assuming you like to read as well?" he asked. He never really took a deep interest in other people, but something about her made him want to know more. They had only met a couple hours ago and Carter already felt like he could confide in her, which, for him, a huge step.

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Adena ~ La folie est la source d'inspiration wrote: "Carter led Jane into the large library. He had never seen this many books in one place. There were shelves upon shelves of them and the room smelled faintly of paper. "I'm not much of a reader, but..."

Jane nodded. "Yes, I love to read. It happens when you have no friends." She looked around in wonder at the library. "I thought my mother's library was large... but this is just... wow," she finished lamely.

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Adena Wright (adenaw) Carter nodded. He would normally be surprised that a girl like her didn't have any friends, but from what she had told him about her mother, it was understandable. He crossed the room and spun a globe sitting on one of tables. "I want to travel someday, see other places," he said.

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Katie had never been fond of large groups of people, but her parents had more than wanted her to come, not that she really complained. A full night of cute boys and no parents. She hadnt really made much chatter with anyone and if she did it was a mere hello/goodbye. And she was off to somewhere she knew there was a chance that no one would bug her. She reached up and pulled a book from it's shelf with little delicacy and turned it to the inside cover, letting her eyes scan over the just of it.

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Dominic went into the library slowly, looking around inside. There really wasn't many people, and it was a large room. Just a couple of girls and guys, and a couple talking. No one was really bothering each other. He hesitated, wondering if he should look around more for Angelina. He shook his head, eyes darkening. She hadn't really been all the interested in him. He moved through the doorway, tracing his fingers over the many books. Some bindings older than others.

He did this for another couple of minutes, and with out paying attention-bumped into someone.

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With a bit of a start her hand tightened around the book and she stumbeled on the damn heels her mother had gotten her. Tipping a bit she managed to grab onto the shelf, luckily where the empty spot of the book had been and right herself, eyes seemingly wide as they fluttered over to him. Watch where you're going, is what she wanted to say but knew better and pushed the book back into the bookshelf. "...Sorry." was all she could think of to say despite the fact that it wasnt her fault.

Skittles- The World Is a Wonderful Place... :) Angelina walked into the library and picked out a book, she started to read. The book was a book she had already read, called little women. So she skipped to her favorite chapter. She smiled as she read and leaned against the arm rest of the chair she was sitting in.

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Jmart Derek was sitting sprawl on the floor with a very large book in hand. He stare at the words trying to force them to rewrite themselves to English. English words that he knew. He grab the book so he could hide behind since their were a lot more people coming in to the Library. Where can he go without being disturb? The bathroom! "Yeah right." He snorted and turn the old yellow page to the next page.

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Dominic watched with horror, it seemed like she moved way to fast. He reached out to steady her-but by the way her eyes gleamed, he thought better of it, pulling his hands back and hoping he hadn't noticed. "No, no. Its my fault." he paused, then appraised her. "Never mind. I'm not going to waste my apology, you've already made up your mind."

Skittles- The World Is a Wonderful Place... :) Angelina leaned against the back of the chair and sighed. "Ugh! Is there anything to do here?" She mumbled. She separated a lock of hair from the rest and started braiding it, a habit she had taken up in school.

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Jmart "Its a library what do you expect to do in a library?" Derek answer without thinking about it then he flip to the next page. One of the only times he will ever answer to anyone who not talking to him is when he`s usually to busy to think about it. It one of those moments his brain and his mouth lose connection from one another and it takes a life of its own and spit something out at random. These were one of those moment.

Skittles- The World Is a Wonderful Place... :) "Huh?" She said siting up and dropping her braid. She never expected any one to answer. She looked down at Derek, "What?" She asked agin. She carefully undid the braid and put her hair behind her ears. Her hair was a ginger red and her eyes were a pale blue, not the best match but, no one was perfect.

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Katie looked over at him and parted her lips to say something but simply sighed. "I'm sorry, I have a bit of a temper." she murmured in honest apology. Running a hand through her hair she stopped halfway and dropped her hand. "..I just didn't expect, uh, you." she nodded a bit and pressed her lips together and smoothed her hands down against the sides of her dress.

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Jmart "I said, If you expect the books to come to life and dance you be waiting for quite a while." Derek told her again, once again his brain lost contact to his mouth. All that Angeline see of Derek was his pale hands holding the book up close to his face with finger nails painted black. And his jet black hair gel back but cut in away that it could pull up to make a mohawk and his sides were shave down to the scalp.

Skittles- The World Is a Wonderful Place... :) Angelina scowled, "Maybe I was waiting for the to dance. Or maybe I was waiting for you not to be rude." She knew that was the worst comeback in the history of retorts, but then again, it wasn't the worse.

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Dominic shrugged. He was in no mood to impress anymore. "Yeah, well if it makes you feel better, I wasn't expecting it either." he said, his gaze fleeting down to meet hers before returning to the shelves. He smiled without realizing it. It was nice to be himself...everyone here was just dying to charm people. It was good and simple just to be..himself. Which at the moment, was rude. "But its okay, I actually am sorry for running into you."

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