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You can only get here from the kitchen. The roof is covered in flowers, and is just another garden.

~♡~UninspiredAlchemist~♥~ After some exploring, Willo found her way there. She marveled at te flowers, taking in the smell of nature. She sat close to the edge of the roof,looing down with a smile. This was perfect for her. Her nerves were practically gone, and it was beautiful.

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Izzy (goodreadscomizzy) | 13 comments Allen had already come up and was staring at the sky, sighing softly as he closed his eyes from behind his mask. He didn't want to be here, he didn't want to find someone to spend his life with. He just wanted to be home and take care of his sick brother.

~♡~UninspiredAlchemist~♥~ She looked from the roof,her mind wandering. Was this really where she was to find love? She didnt really want that at the moment.

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Izzy (goodreadscomizzy) | 13 comments Allen opened his eyes and saw Willo there, wincing slightly. He thought he was alone, so her appearance surprised him. She had been so quiet he did t even notice her.

~♡~UninspiredAlchemist~♥~ Willo had picked a blue rose delicatly, and was now looking down at it sadly. It was a cros breeded flower. It was bad enogh they did those types of things to animals, but nature? That was wrong. She held the flower delicatly, asif protecting it from further harm. She hadn't noticed Allen at all, being so caught up with the flowers.

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Izzy (goodreadscomizzy) | 13 comments "You must really like flowers huh?" he asked calmly as he sat there. Allen hadn't opened his eyes but he could hear her plucking the rose from the rest of the flowers.

~♡~UninspiredAlchemist~♥~ She jumped at the sound of a voice and looked up, seeing Allen. "Yes." She answered with a soft smile, brushing her golden curls from hr face.

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Izzy (goodreadscomizzy) | 13 comments Allen smirked slightly, "I've never seen someone enjoy flowers so much. What's your favorite kind? I honestly prefer lillies myself."

~♡~UninspiredAlchemist~♥~ She smiled. "Almond blossoms are my favorite. And yes, I do like nature more than most." She glanced down at her leaf green dress, the fabric giving it a leaf-like look and texture.

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Izzy (goodreadscomizzy) | 13 comments "Well I do have to admit, that is a very beautiful dress. Reminds me of a flower," he grinned and stood up, scratching the back of his head as he had a lopsided grin on his face.

~♡~UninspiredAlchemist~♥~ She smiled at him as he stood, forcing herself not to blush. "Thank you." She said, fingers absentmindedly stroking a petal

~♡~UninspiredAlchemist~♥~ She stood "I'm sorry, but I should go." She let the roof stealin a glance back.

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¤ᒪᗩﬡᗴ૪¤ A ton of little lights turnedon just as Jake walked out onto the roof. They were programmed to turn on when it got dark. Most of them flickered on and off, because the sky was just on the brink of becoming too dark to see. The effect was actually quite mesmorising; it looked like a light show.

Jake walked to the edge and sat down, his feet dangling over. He knew he should go inside and dance with some people, try to meet someone, but he couldn't bring himself to, not yet.

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คгเค  (fanfiction-green) Iris found herself walking towards the roof. She wasn't used to the crowds of people and it made her feel unsafe. She just wanted to get away, if only for a little while. Iris almost tripped over the hem of her dres, swearing as she did so. Not very ladylike. She was relieved to find not many other people on the roof, so she calmed down a bit.

¤ᒪᗩﬡᗴ૪¤ A soft voice reached Jake's ears, and it took him a minute to realize that the person had said something that very much contradicted how sweet her voice sounded. He turned around, amused.

"Having some troubles?" he asked, inconspiciously checking her out.

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คгเค  (fanfiction-green) Iris regained herself and glared at the boy. "Yes. What of it?" she asked, her hands coming to rest on her hips. It was a bad habit of her's and her mother always seemed to scold her for it. She looked the boy up and down and realised that he seemed to be checking her out. "What are you doing?" she asked rather icily.

((Okay, at school. Lunch is now so I'll probably be gone for a little while. Please don't ditch me!!!))

¤ᒪᗩﬡᗴ૪¤ Jake held his hands up. "Sorry, sorry," he muttered. "It's hard not to notice that you're beautiful," he said, surprising himself. He cleared his throat, and then smiled. "I was only saying that because it was funny to hear you cuss."

((Don't worry, I won't ^^ But I may not be on when you get back... it's almost 12 at night here sooo))

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คгเค  (fanfiction-green) Iris looked at him, surprised at the response he'd given her. It showed in her face for a split second, before she recovered her compose and looked at him for a moment, "Um... Thank you?" she said, unsure of how she looked. "I think..." she muttered, watching him.

~♡~UninspiredAlchemist~♥~ Willo found her way back up to the roof, the height and smell of flowers calling to her. She sat on the ledge with a puff of her skirts and looked around the city, breathing in the fresh air. She had an urge to take off her mask, but thiught better of it.

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Copper  Black | 53 comments Lucy sighed,looking out into the night,playing with the hemming on her short white dress,mismatched eyes downcast,she sighed,half a mind to return to the ballroom,but she felt out of place there,out of her area,out of it

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Chickie  (piercetheveilluver) Minnie looked at Ren,"Why do you like carrying me?" She watched him and smiled slightly. She yawned softly and rested his head on his shoulder.

*悲剧的面具*~{thingAWESOME}~ | 517 comments Ren smiled at her. "Because your too special to walk like a normal person." He nuzzled her neck affectionately. "But I'll set you down if you wish, ma-lady." He murmured.

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Chickie  (piercetheveilluver) "Please set ms down then" She smiled and shivered when he buzz led her neck. Minnie yawned softly, getting a bit tired. She shook her head and blinked,"I need coffee or punch."

*悲剧的面具*~{thingAWESOME}~ | 517 comments He set her down gently. "I'll go get you some punch." He kissed her cheek and ran off to get the sweet party beverage for her. He disappeared behind the roof door.

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Chickie  (piercetheveilluver) Minnie laughed,"Thank you!" She sat on a bench and yawned softly. She laid on the bench and closed her eyes.

*悲剧的面具*~{thingAWESOME}~ | 517 comments He came running back with two glasses. He sat next to her head. "Here you are, my little mouse." He smiled and took a sip of his punch. "Whoa...careful it has a bit of a kick." He warned, not knowing she had spiked it. He took another sip.

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Chickie  (piercetheveilluver) Minnie sat up and took it,"Thank you." She drained the glass and said,"Mmm. Punch and rum. Soo good." She realize what he said and took his punch,"No!" She drank it and set the cup down. Minnie forgot to tell him she spiked it.

*悲剧的面具*~{thingAWESOME}~ | 517 comments Ren frowned "uh...why did you drink my punch?" he asked, surprised. He also wondered why the punch had tasted so strange. He didn't think that the punch would be alcoholic.

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Chickie  (piercetheveilluver) Minnie coughed and felt buzzed. She said,"I sp-p-p-iked the punch." She leaned against him. She felt kind of dizzy, she drank the punch pretty fast.

*悲剧的面具*~{thingAWESOME}~ | 517 comments "What! And you drank it!?" He held her. He should have known the punch was spiked. He should have smelled the alcohol. He was mad at himself now. "We need to get you some water."He helped her lay down on the bench before he went to get a bottle of water for her.

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Chickie  (piercetheveilluver) Minnie mumbled,"I'm fine..." She sighed when he left to get water. She felt okay, just a bit dizzy. Minnie closed her eyes and breathed in and out.

*悲剧的面具*~{thingAWESOME}~ | 517 comments He came back and handed her the water. "Why did you spike the punch?" He raised an eyebrow. "Did you want to watch all the couples get drunk?" He smirked. That would be amusing to watch.

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Chickie  (piercetheveilluver) Minnie sat up and drank some water. She then said,"I'm a hypoctrite now. I hate the ball and all it stands for, and swore to never fall in love here. I almost basically broke that promise. Well, I wanted to ruin it somehow. Spiking it seemed to be the best idea since no weapons were allowed."

*悲剧的面具*~{thingAWESOME}~ | 517 comments Ren nodded. "Well everyone was drinking champaign anyway." He pointed out. "But you decided to drink the punch that you spiked?" He laughed "Why would you do that?"

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Chickie  (piercetheveilluver) Minnie shrugged,"I like punch. It tastes fruity." She drank some
more water. She said,"I also know the champagne is stron once you gt a few glasses. They'll be drunk in no time." She smiled

*悲剧的面具*~{thingAWESOME}~ | 517 comments Ren laughed. "Wow. You sure know how to have fun." He kissed her cheek and sat next to her "So any other questions you want to ask me?" he wanted her to know everything she wanted to know about him. Even if it was something unpleasent.

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Chickie  (piercetheveilluver) Minnie asked,"Have you ever had a girlfriend? If so, what's her name so I can burn her house down." She rested her head on his shoulder and closed her eyes.

*悲剧的面具*~{thingAWESOME}~ | 517 comments "nNope, never had a girlfriend, never had a best friend, never had a friend..." He looked at her "Have you ever had a boyfriend?" He stroked her hair. "You know you can take a nap if you want. I don't mind."

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Chickie  (piercetheveilluver) Minnie said,"I don't want to sleep and only 1. We broke up after his brother disappeared after going to the masquerade." She sighed and leaned closer to him.

*悲剧的面具*~{thingAWESOME}~ | 517 comments Ren put his arm around her. "I thought you said you were tired." He rubbed her arm and looked at her. "Do you feel okay?" He put a hand on her forehead for some reason' checking her temperature. He really did worry about her and how she felt.

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Chickie  (piercetheveilluver) Minnie smiled,"I'm not sick, love. Thanks for the concern though." She kissed his cheek. Her forehead was perfectly cool, and her heartbeat was a bit fast but that was because she was with Ren.

*悲剧的面具*~{thingAWESOME}~ | 517 comments "I know but I worry about you. You drank two glasses of spiked punch. No champaign for you tonight." He kissed her forehead. "I forbid it." he said with a fake serious face. then he smiled and laced his finger with hers. "Don't want you getting timpsy. Then i'll have to carry you everywhere so you don't risk falling on your wasted butt."

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Chickie  (piercetheveilluver) Minnie laughed after hearing the last part. She said,"I've actually had 3 glasses of punch tonight. Sorry." She smiled and kissed his hand,"I won't drink anymore punch.....maybe"

*悲剧的面具*~{thingAWESOME}~ | 517 comments "I am keeping you far away from any alcohol tonight...please finish your water." Ren laughed at the thought of her drunk. "What should we talk about?" He asked her looking up at the sparkling stars and knowing that her dazzling eyes put them all to shame. He looked back at her and smiled kindly.

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Chickie  (piercetheveilluver) Minnie giggled and finished her water. She said,"I'm not sure. Tell me...about...your childhood. Before the accident, how was your life with your parents?"

*悲剧的面具*~{thingAWESOME}~ | 517 comments "It was great. I was homeschooled. My mom would stay home and teach me. everytime I did something good I got one of her amazing brownies. Then when my dad got home we would restle and play around. They were the best parents in the world. On weekends we always did something fun as a family...thats why i became so careful and serious when they died. When they died so did my sense of humor and happiness. It was like a never ending nightmare. I came here tonight because I was hoping..." He paused and took a deep breath. "I was hoping that I would meet someone so I wouldn't be alone anymore. So I wouldn't have to suffer by myself in silence." He looked at her. "And I did find someone. But I dont know if they want to stay with me after the ball."

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Chickie  (piercetheveilluver) Minnie listened and smiled the whole time. Until he talked about their death. He had a good childhood with his parents. She gulped at his last statement. Minnie said,"Ren...." She bit her lip

*悲剧的面具*~{thingAWESOME}~ | 517 comments He looked down. "Sorry. I know you don't want to talk about it." He didn't want to upset her or make her uncomfortable again. He pulled his arm away from her as he gazed at a small flower that bloomed between his feet. "Sorry." He apologized again.

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Chickie  (piercetheveilluver) Minnie pulled his face to her and kissed him. She then pulled away,"Ren...will you be my boyfriend?" She looked at him with her sparkling blue eyes. She smiled, knowing he would probably say he's.

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