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message 1: by Karsten (new)

Karsten (strobaek) | 37 comments I'm trying to rate a book and at the same time move it to another shelf.
I call review/[ReviewID].xml (e.g. POST /review/315078712.xml) passing the following parameters:

book_id 3087
review[rating] 4
review[read_at] 2012-06-02
shelf read

The rating and read_at are updated, but the shelf is not (was currently-reading and still is after the call).


Thank you.


message 2: by Karsten (new)

Karsten (strobaek) | 37 comments Would it be possible to get some input on this, please?

message 3: by Ettore (new)

Ettore Pasquini Hmm. Did you see the same OAuth credentials you are sending with this request work with other api requests?

message 4: by Daniel (new)

Daniel Rekshan (drekshan) Hi Karsten,

Sorry it's taken me so long to get back to this question.

It looks like our api documentation is wrong here. You can not change selves using the review/[ReviewID].xml api. I wrote a test and was able to reproduce this.

It looks like you'd want to use the review/[ReviewID].xml to update the rating and read_at date, etc.

For the shelf change, use:
shelf/add_to_shelf.xml call, described at


message 5: by Karsten (new)

Karsten (strobaek) | 37 comments Hi Daniel,

Splitting it up into two calls did the trick.

Thank you.


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