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If you could go back or forward in time which would you chose?
Robin Robin Jun 02, 2012 01:17PM
Time Travel if you could go either forward in time or back in time which would you choose and why?

I think it's not possible to go forward in time, unless we are already in somebody's past. That begs all sorts of time/space continuum questions and not to mention, a big bummer that my life has already been lived and I don't remember living all of it yet!

So, I would go back and see my favorite historical things as they happened. The building of the pyramids, the birth of Jesus, the Hindu "gods" visiting them, the Nazca Lines being made and who they were made for, the Plains Indians before white man arrived, the city of Atlantis! :)

Forward by about a month. I could make millions.

Mind you, going back and writing a book about (say) Richard III would probably make millions as well. So it's a toughie.

I would go back in time if I could take all I have learned back with me.

Go back. Just far enough to buy start-up stock in Apple. Verizon, a couple of the pharma companies that make ED drugs, Tylenol . . .

That oughta take care of a lot of inconveniences.

I think I'd go back in time as you would know what to expect and also you'd be able to predict the future which would make you a very influential person of that time. You could also choose the era and place where you'd be safe.

If you went into the future, you might wind up in a place you couldn't be a part of or even imagine. Think of someone from the 17th century coming to the 21st century they would be lost.. Technology changes so fast the future is so unpredictable.

Would love to go back in time... To see things as they were. My house is 100 years old. What could it have looked like brand new? And could I have met my grandparents when they were young and healthy? What would the city I live in have been like in - say - 1920? And wouldn't it be amazing to see Hollywood in the 1930's? When there were still orange groves AND movie stars? Oh yes...I'd LOVE to go back in time. (And I wouldn't buying a little property while I'm back there, too. ;-)

Forward. I want to see what happens next. :)

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