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message 1: by Joseph (new)

Joseph III (gethappynow) | 4 comments Hi there,

I'd love it if you could add my new book to goodreads.

Here's all the info:

* Title : Get Happy Now!
* Author: Joseph McClendon, III
* ISBN 978-1935944553
* Publisher: Success
* Publication date: May 21, 2012
* Format: Hardcover, e-book
* Description:

Get Happy in 10 Minutes. Feel Happy in 10 Days. Be Happy for Life!

How can increasing your happiness change everything about your life?

Joseph McClendon, a global life transformation and practicing neuropsychologist, brings new tools and a fresh perspective to help you reach the next higher level of happiness. Joseph arms the reader with the tactics and techniques to think and grow rich, abundant, and happy relationships and businesses.

A Harvard study on happiness linked happier individuals to a more productive, richer workforce. Incorporate five tools into your day that will alter your world and increase your happiness. The takeaway? The best thing a leader can do for an organization is to create a culture that laughs. Joseph brings these truths to the reader in an informative, must-read style that changes lives.

Joseph draws from studies of super-centenarians for the truth: happiness increases longevity! Get happy now, and live ten years younger.

Get Happy NOW! is more than a book, it's a living tool that can transform your life! Happiness works!

* Link to cover on a NON-BOOKSELLER site:

Thank you!

message 2: by Joseph (new)

Joseph III (gethappynow) | 4 comments thanks!

message 4: by Joseph (new)

Joseph III (gethappynow) | 4 comments Wow! Thank you!

message 5: by Amara (new)

Amara Tanith (aftanith) Joseph, there was a slight problem with the profile (we've fixed it now!) and the link might not be effective now.

Here's the new one just in case. :) Sorry about that.

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