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Hiro knocked on the door. "Anybody home?"

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yael ((a random lady))

Ms. Potters opened the door. "Yes, boy?" There were shouts of children behind her. One a 14 year old boy, the other a 16 year old girl.

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"I'm hiding. I'm not a fugitive. Can you help me?" Hiro asked, quickly.

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yael Ms. Potters's nodded, her eyes softening with sympathy. "Sure, why don't you come in?" She sidestepped.

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"Tank you so much." Hiro bowed and stepped inside, glancing around.

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yael Ms. Potters's closed the door. Jace, they 14 year old boy was arguing with a girl that looked like him. His sister, Anjie. They both stopped, and looked at Hiro, immediatly plastering smiles on their faces.

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Hiro bowed again. "Sorry to interrupt such... important work..." Hiro smiled, he rarely said anything sarcastic.

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yael Ms. Potters chuckled. "Yes. These are the two I have live with. And my husband. I'll be right back. Don't hesitate to call if you need anything." She walked off.

Jace was the first one to step up and introduce himself. "Hi, I'm Jace. And that's my sister." He motioned his head over to the blond-haired girl.

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"I'm Hiroshi Kiyoshi Washimusan. But you can call me Hiro." He glanced over at the girl. GOd she's hot!

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yael Anjie smiled. "Hey. I'm Anjie."

Jace raised an eyebrow. "Well, welcome I guess."

Anjie studied Hiro. "Want us to show you around?"

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"Sure!" Hiro smiled. "Sorry if my name is too big to remember! The Japanese like it big!"

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yael She laughed. "Don't worry about it. C'mon let's show you around."

Jace shook his head. "Not me. I have homework to do." He walked upstairs nonchalantly.

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Hiro walked over Anjie. "Where to first?"

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yael "How about downstairs?" she smiled and led him away from the living room to the kichen.

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He looked around. The kitchen was much smaller then his, but he liked it.

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yael "The kitchen." She pointed down the hall. "My mom's room, and next to that is the bathroom. Want to head upstairs?"

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"Sure!" Hiro liked this house.

Mr. Wallace knocked at the door.

Hiro stiffened.

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yael Anjie walked over to the door and opened it, smiling at the man. "Hello. Can I help you?"

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Hiro bolted up the stairs.

Mr. Wallace smiled. "Yes, I'm looking for a naughty little boy named Hiro. Have you seen him?"

Don't tell him! Oh, please don't tell him! Hiro pleaded in his mind.

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yael Anjie felt like the man was bad news. She gave her innocent child face. The ones she usually gave to the adults. "No I haven't sir. But I'll tell you if I do." She batted her eyelashes and smiled sweetly, then closed the doorm without listening to his reply. Anjie locked the door, and closed the curtains on the windows.

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Mr. Wallace was appalled. "Such rudeness."

Hiro crept back own the stairs. His look softened when he saw Mr. Wallace was gone. "Thank the stars!" He said.

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yael Anjie out a finger to her lips and motioned him back upstairs. "i'm not sure if he's gone yet."

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Hiro bolted up again. He always had that knife. But he wa so happy to escape him he could hug Anjie.

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yael Anjie followed him upstairs and sighed. "That man was such a creep."

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"WOuld you believe that he's," Hiro looked at her. " is my 'babysitter' and butler?"

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yael ((gtg soon))

She ran her fingers through her hair. "That explains the uniform. At this point I'm willing to believe anything."

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Hiro nodded. "He hates me and I hate him."

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yael Anjie nodded. "That explains it. That's why you wanted to come here. How long do you think he'll be looking for you?"

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Hiro laughed. "For as long as my parents pay him!"

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yael She smiled, despite the situation. She wondered how he could laugh in what he's going through. Anjie decided to take his mind off the situation, so she said, "Should I show you upstairs now?"

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Hiro nodded, thankful for the distraction.

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yael Anjie nodded and took his hand happily. She smiled, "Then let's go." She guided him upstairs, and walked down the hall.

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Hiro walked along, his heart still beating at a dangerous rate.

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yael Anjie grew slighly nervous, then pointed to a door. "My brother's room, parent's room, my room and the guest room." She opened the door to the guest room. "See? It's right next to my room." She smiled slightly.

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"Very nice." He said, his mind distracted.

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yael She looked at him. "What are you thinking?"

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Hiro looked at the floor. "A lot of things."

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yael "Oh. Do you want me to leave you alone?" she asked.

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"No your fine." Hiro smiled. "I was thinking of a lot more things a coupe minutes ago."

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yael Anjie returned the smile. "Okay, If you insist. C'mon, go check out your room. Dinner's ready in a couple of minutes."

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Hiro smiled wider. "A fluffy bed would be good."

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yael She started to walk off. "enjoy. Stay as long as you want." She insisted, walking downstairs.

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Hiro sat, his bones aching.

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yael Anjie was sitting at the table downstairs, working intently in a neon notebook. She set the pencil down, and tied her hair in a half updo, so her blonde hair won't brush in her face. Ajie saw that her mom, put dinner on the table, and she smiled slightly.

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Hiro could smell the food. He made his way downstairs after a good, long nap. "Smells delicious." He complemented.

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yael Anjie looked up at him. "I know. Doesn't it?" She got up and got a plate, handing it to him.

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"Yes.Thanks." Hiro almost took a bite but then looked around.

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yael Anjie raised an eyebrow. "What's wrong?"

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