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yael Manager: Marty Sage

After characters are approved by a moderator, Roleplay

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((Can the manager be Marty Sage, Tabby's dad? And do I have to make his character?))

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yael ((You don't have to make a character form for him if you don't want to. Sure, he could be the manager.))

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((Should we just keep the name Cafe Royal?))

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((Heh heh, too late -_-'



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"Hey, Daddy," Tabby said, holding the hand of little Dahlia, who decided to wear her pink Cafe Royal t-shirt again. As she walked closer to the bar, she lifted the small body onto a stool and kissed her father on the cheek. "Can you hand me my apron?" she asked her father, which would cover her black khaki shorts and a black v-neck t-shirt that went with black sneakers.
"Of course," Marty Sage's sweet voice responded as he leaned over to a hook that held a Cafe Royal apron (as seem above). As her handed her the apron, he said without lowering his voice, "I heard Mom was thinking about putting you in the Removal."
After her dad said this, Tabby instantly dropped the apron in her hands and her eyes grew larger. She has been hating the Removal ever since it has started (beyond her lifetime, so she hated them since the beginning of her life) and now she was going to be part of it. "No," she softly whispered.
Dad's eyes grew worried. "Honey, I didn't mean to scare you that much. I was joking," he explained, adding a chuckle. Tabby took a deep sigh of relief. Her father told Tabby like it was a normal sentence. "I hate the Removal as much as you do."
"Dad! You're not supposed to say that in public," Tabby snapped, her voice becoming softer as her phrase went on. "No one's here, Tabby Cat," he sighed as Tabby bent over for her apron.
"I don't want to have a Removal!" Dahlia screeched, hugging herself. It was too bad she knew what it was so soon. "No honey, I will never let you," her father said, leaning over the bar to hug her. She squeezed back. Dahlia knew that her father isn't lying, and Tabby would never let her go either.

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((Tabby's outfit:
(view spoiler)))

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Anastacia (ana3) | 47 comments Azalea walked in to the cafe while holding Serenitys hand. The pair sat at one of the tables "Sweety what would you like?" Azalea asked her daughter "Chocolate muffin mommy" Serenity answered.

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Aware of the customers, Tabby tied her apron and grabbed a small notepad. She rushed over to the table the mother and daughter were at. "Hello ladies," Tabby said, winking at the little girl, "Welcome to the Royal Cafe. Have you decided what you would like yet?"
Behind Tabby, Dahlia jumped from the stool and walked over to the little girl. "Hello!" she stated, waving. "My daddy and my sister work here!"

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Anastacia (ana3) | 47 comments Serenity smiled at the other girl."Can I get a coffee and a chocolate chip muffin" Azalea ordered while smiling at her daughter "My mommy works in a store" Serenity told Dahlia.

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"Yes, ma'am," Tabby replied, writing down "Cffee, CC Mffn". She walked over to her father and said, "We need black coffee and a chocolate chip muffin."
"I'm on it!" Marty replied, rushing over to the coffee maker.
Dahlia replied, "Cool. What's your name?" The girl looked around her age, but Dahlia thought she didn't have a mind a few years older than herself like she did. She already knew how to read and is good at cursive, her teacher says.

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Anastacia (ana3) | 47 comments "I'm Serenity" She answered still smiling. Serenity was gald to have a friend after all she was homeschool be her mom. "Thank you" Azalea thanked Tabby.

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Returning to the table with a small plate with the muffin and black coffee, Tabby replied, "No problem, uh, ma'am." She softly put down the plate next to Serenity and the coffee in front of the lady. "Will that be all?"
"I'm Dahlia. Nice to meet you," Dahlia responded boldly. Dahlia wasn't smart enough to know that everyone may not be aware of the Removal. She whispered softly, "Did your mother sign you up for the Removal?"

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Anastacia (ana3) | 47 comments Serenity looked at her mom "No mommy would never ever do that" Serenity answered truthfully "I hate the removal" Azalea stated not caring if anyone heard her.

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Tabby turned around, shocked. It felt like saying that in public will instantly bring in people from the government to her. "Me too!" Dahlia replied in joy like she was given candy. Finally, someone who understands! "My sister and my daddy hate it too! Mommy, not so much."
Tabby spun around. "Dahlia!" She mouthed, Stop it.
"It's fine. They understand," Dahlia replied, crossing her arms.

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Anastacia (ana3) | 47 comments Azalea smiled "I would never sign my daughter up for it" Azalea said to Dahlia and Tabby.

Serenity began to pick at her muffin "Mommys brother was signed up for the removal when mommy was little" She said absentmindedly

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"This may be a little personal, ma'am," Tabby began, "but is that why you hate the Removal?" She almost sat down to the chair next to her like they were going to chat all day.
Tabby and Dahlia's father left the bar and walked closer to the mother and daughter. No matter where he was, he was interested on people's opinions on the Removal. He always says that he hates it with all his guts, but he won't say why.

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Anastacia (ana3) | 47 comments "My older brother was signed up for it when we were children" Azalea answered as she sipped her coffee.

Serenity looked at her mother "Mommy wants to end the stupid Removal" She declared.

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"Amen," Dahlia replied. "When I'm older, I'm going to save the fugitives!"
Tabby's dad opened his mouth, then closed it again, obviously about to say something.
"You got to be really sneaky then," Tabby said, then tickled Dahlia behind her back. She released an enormous fit of giggles while she pressed her arms and legs against her tiny body. Now on the floor, she cried, "I wasn't ready!"
"That was the point!" Tabby responded in a big grin.

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Anastacia (ana3) | 47 comments Serenity smiled at the sisters wishing she had an older sisiter to play with her.

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Dahlia's father picked up the little girl and held her by his hip. Her red, large cheeks put a grin on Tabby's face. She really loved her sister and her sister loved her.
Marty told Azalea, "I thought we were the only ones that, you know."

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Anastacia (ana3) | 47 comments "I thought the same thing" She told him as Serenity sat on her lap.

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((Bump. Since I'm waiting, I did Dahlia's outfit:))
(view spoiler)

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Anastacia (ana3) | 47 comments ((Cool))

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((Anyone like to continue this?))

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Anastacia (ana3) | 47 comments ((I will))

Serenity smiled at the family as she began to nibble on her muffin.

Azalea hugged Serenity "I has meet a few of the children who have been signed up for the removal and it breaks my heart" Azalea sighed.

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Marty looked down and sighed. "Why would they do this to mankind?"
Tabby replied, "I assume they want to appear... overpowering."

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Anastacia (ana3) | 47 comments Azalea nodded agreeing with Tabby "How can a parent do that to there child" She muttered and thought about her own brother.

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"The government is cruel. They should really stop it," Tabby said angrily.
"How long has the government done this, Daddy?" Dahlia asked her father.
"Too long," Marty replied, picking her up.

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Anastacia (ana3) | 47 comments Azalea nodded again as Serenity looked around at everyone in the room "I will stop the Removal when I'm big" She declared rather loudly. Azalea covered Serenitys mouth "Shh baby you have to be a little quieter" She whispered in her daughters ear.

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"Yeah, me too," Dahlia said, grinning proudly. She made guns with her pudgy fingers. "Pew pew pew," she said softly. She raised her arms in the air and said, "No more Removals!" Her eyes looked like she was in a pleasing daydream.
"That's right, baby," Marty whispered to his proud daughter, making sure no one but the group heard.
"I even made a pretty t-shirt!" Dahlia said. "Wanna see it? I think you'll really like it, Tabby!"
"Dahlia!" Tabby whispered. "The Removal is really bad!" Dahlia replied, lifting heads of others.

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Anastacia (ana3) | 47 comments Azalea let Serenity go as her daughter moved to stand by Dahlia "I like you" She told the girl "Your family is like my Mommy and me" She added smiling widely. Azalea turned to Marty "You have raised to smart children sir" She told him with a slight smile.

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"I like you too!" Dahlia said. "You understand!"
Marty said to Azalea, "Thank you, but my wife--" helps as well. That was almost a lie, because Marty's wife wasn't that much on his side when it came to the Removal.
"Mom doesn't really agree to our opinions," Tabby told Azalea softly, looking down and rubbing her arms. She was a good mother, but...

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Anastacia (ana3) | 47 comments Azalea looked at Tabby with a slightly worried look. "Serenitys father wanted to sign her up for the Removal" She told Marty and Tabby quietly so that Serenity and Dahlia would'nt hear her. Serenity looked up "Really?" She asked her mom who nodded once.

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Dahlia looked at Serenity, while Tabby and Marty looked at Azalea. "That's what Laura wanted to do with our children. Oh, Laura is my wife," Marty told Azalea.
Tabby looked down at Dahlia and said, patting her on the back, "Uh, honey, why don't you draw on the napkins?"
"No, I wanna stay with you guys and Serenity!" Dahlia raised her voice.
Tabby went on her knees to meet up with Dahlia's face. "This is an adult conversation."
"I don't wanna go!"
"I'll draw with you-"
"No no no!"
Tabby looked at her father.
"She's fine, hon."

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Anastacia (ana3) | 47 comments Serenity stared at her mother "You said Daddy died" She accused her mother. Azalea sighed "I didn't tell you because your still quite young and wouldn't understand" She explained to Serenity before turning back to Tabby and Marty "I left him 4 years ago when Serenity was still a baby" She told them.

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Marty slowly nodded.
"I think our family is already too close to be torn apart," Tabby said softly, adding a sigh.
"I love Mommy!" Dahlia said.

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