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Why is Johanna getting so little attention?

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Hibaq Farah Everyone is going crazy over who's going to be cast as Finnick, and no one cares about Johanna. Don't shoot me but i like Johanna a lot more than Finnick. I would love for Antonia Thomas (misfits), Oona Chaplin (Game of Thrones) or Ruth Negga (misfits) to play her. Although i wouldn't hate Naya (glee)

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I could see Johanna being played by Ruth Negga.

Hibaq Farah Livvy wrote: "I could see Johanna being played by Ruth Negga."

she'd have to get an American accent tho. She can pull it off.

Kirby I'm pretty sure there's already a thread for this.

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Cat There is, I think I was on it a while ago.....
Johanna was a great character though, and she is 'kinda' getting overlooked a bit, you have to admit that.

Abigayel actually, wow, Oona Chaplin would be perfect.

Hibaq Farah Abigayel wrote: "actually, wow, Oona Chaplin would be perfect."

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