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Mary *TheBigBangTheory* *I love Louis!* | 133 comments Hey, TBBT here! I'm willing to read anyone's stories and give critisim. ")

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Yay! :D
Okay umm here's the link to all my writing:
Just read whatever interests you! :D criticism welcome!

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Yay :)
Oh and I love TBBT too! :)

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єɱɱą (singsang) | 226 comments uh, here's mine if u want to take a look... :)


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Sarah I've got a story you might wanna read :)


The Days Of Kelsea's


Demi Costello is heartbroken, frustrated and scared. She is living in a world of grief and horror.
Kelsea Richardson was her best friend. And three weeks ago, she went missing, leaving no trace or information.
Then Demi finds her diary. Of course the police want any evidence they can find, or anyone can find, but that diary is full of Kelsea's life, her hopes, her dreams, her hardships, and secrets.
Demi can't hand it in. Yet. She has to find out what happened first, before anyone else does.

In this story, we take a journey through two best friends' lives, written in two different formats - Kelsea's heart warming, breath taking diary enteries, filled with love, tenderness and sorrow. And Demi's flashbacks, and memories, of her time spent with her best friend.
And every step along the way, the reasons why become clearer . . .

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