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M.S. Reese (MSReese) | 2 comments * Title - Where We Go
* Author(s) name(s) - M.S. Reese
* ISBN (or ASIN) - 1477473750
* Publisher - Amazon/CreateSpace
* Publication date - May 31 2012
* Format - PaperBack
* Description - While you sleep, a war rages on. Spanning over two millennia and involving historical figures spread across several continents and cultures, a battle to control the world's most rich and powerful surges forward.

Brian, a high-school student nearing his graduation, decides to skip school with some classmates, only to find himself running for his life.

Soon, he finds himself thrust into a world in which the rich are manipulated through their dreams; politicians are constantly monitored by Psychic Spies, and the line between the dream world and the afterlife becomes indistinguishable.

* Link to cover -

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M.S. Reese (MSReese) | 2 comments thank you Amara

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