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M. Trevelean (mtrevelean) | 18 comments Tartare by M. Trevelean

Cutting edge literature meets dark comedy in this tale of one man's attempts to quit smoking.

Tartare is available to download for FREE this weekend on 02/06 & 03/06 inc.

WARNING: Quitting Smoking can seriously damage your health.

message 2: by Russell (new)

Russell Bittner (russell538) M(onsieur) Trevelean,

I looked for your book at Amazon. Unfortunately, I don't own a Kindle. Shame on me!

No problem -- at least for the time being. At the moment, I'm packing with an eye to boarding a one-way train back to Brooklyn/NYC in a couple of hours. I'll pick up on it again once I'm back home after this two-year odyssey (small "o").

In the meantime, are you familiar with Christopher Buckley's book THANK YOU FOR SMOKING ? Although I'm a big fan of both père et fils Buckley (for obviously different reasons), I felt the movie in this case was better than no-longer-so-young Christopher's book.


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