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Book Vamp Jade Williams Pawn of Prophecy
the start of a good book sets the perfect tone to it. for some reason if it doesn't grab me right off the bat...i just tend never to really get into it.

Rose The series is a little slow to start. I love David Eddings. My favourite thing about his books is the secondary characters. The main characters are naive and whiny but the secondary ones are loveable and fun. I found myself chuckling at things and saying "oh that is so Silk" etc. Of course, I read this when I was much younger and the book reads a little closer to Young Adult fiction.

Anyway, I enjoyed it. It's not gritty fantasy, more in tone with the Hobbit than LOTR. If you can tough it out, you may feel rewarded by the characters later on.

C.D. Hussey This book definitely starts out a little slow, but it was one of my favorite series.

Book Vamp Jade Williams it may start out slow but i love his build up and that he gives you that important clue as who the hero is. and yes his main characters are a bit whiny, i think it makes them more real as most people when forced to do something they don't want would tend to ask why me.

message 5: by Tom (new) - rated it 5 stars

Tom Reynolds The first hundred pages or so of the book are lacking in plot development, but Eddings has damn near unrivaled character development & world research (his three prequel books being proof of this). the only person that really has much more depth in his world creation is Tolkien.

it makes for a fantastic story world and it's always worth reading. just force your way through the first hundred pages.

Mike The first book is a little slow. But man is the series great. Very rich characters. The Elenium is awesome too & a little more violent. Eddings tends to follow the same world premise in his fantasy. But his characters really make it a good ride.

Cagne Reading this i realize maybe i had it lucky. I was gifted the first book of the mallorean saga first, and i read at least the whole Elenium one after that. so when i found out years later there was the whole Belgadriad series, so when i read this book it was like heaven no matter what.

Diana Though the first book starts slow the characters are so fascinating I don't feel bored or as if I have to trudge through the openning scenes. I love the characters in this series. They're like old friends now.

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