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What do you think of the Michael Bennett Series?
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This series grabbed me from the start (My first with James Patterson), I love the dynamic of this series. What I ask for from every series especially a mystery is that they involve an emotional dynamic that doesn't involve fear. In other words I like to know the narrator/lead character as a person not just as a means to solving the a case. Michael Bennett series definitely delivers and in a non-traditional sense, his constant dynamic is family (10 adopted kids), which is a little unusual in my reading experience, usually it's a significant other. This is what makes Mike run "Family". I'd love to discuss this series, pluses and negatives alike. Suggest like series always welcome. Oh and tell me if your dying for the new book "I, Michael Bennett".

Now that I, Michael Bennett is out. What did you think of it?

I, Michael Bennett was worth the wait, but now I need the next one to come out!! I love the whole series, as well as Alex Cross books and the Women's Murder Club books.

For me, I would much rather read Michael Bennett or the Womens Murder Club over Alex Cross any day. Even the more romantic stuff is better than Cross in my book.

ive read the first 4. so far so good.

I think it's an okay series, I've read the first on and have the second one on deck. But being better than Alex Cross? I think not. Now maybe i'm just bias cause it's my favorite series my James P. but Alex Cross is better. But Michael is enjoyable.

I too am a James Patterson junkie, and his series, Michael Bennett, Womens Murder Club and Alex Cross are wonderful. But then again I read everything that he writes.

Since he has waited awhile to write this one the quality will most likely be back , this series caught me right away too

I love James Patterson and try to read as many of his books as I can. I haven't gotten into Alex Cross because I love Michael Bennett and The Women's Murder Mystery Club and didn't want to start another series. As for the Michael Bennett series, I love his family and his character seems very genuine.

I really like the Michael Bennett Series, though I am admittedly a James Patterson junkie!

I like Michael Bennett better than Alex Cross. Cant wait to pick up the new one!

Best Patterson Series, especially on audio. If you haven't listened to one, you're missing out...

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Firstly let me say I love JP's Alex Cross series and would highly recommend it to others.

I read the first in this series but for me personally I found the ten kids abit over the top. Maybe it was all the vomitting and tummy bug, lol. Seriously though was than really necessary to make it a good story??

I really like the Michael Bennett series. I am currently reading I, Michael Bennett. I think this series is a good detective series and I love Michael Bennett and his family.

I actually read I, Michael Bennett and Gone as my first 2 books in the series. I had intended to start at the beginning, but I could not wait to finish the Perrine saga, and was not disappointed! Now I will go back and start at the beginning, even though I know how Gone ends!

Great series so far!

Sue My favorite of his, but I like his writing style. Tight/compact chapters and Mike is like an everyday guy with a nack for getting into a killers mind. ...more
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Loved it!

Amazing!! I have been reading him for YEARS..since Kiss The Girls, Jack and Jill, Pied Piper!! If you have not read these you MUST!!!!

I checked out Worse Case at the library and got hooked on Michael Bennett and his family. I think it is the best book in the series. You can't help but feel for the guy, he solves urban and family problems simultaneously, a "superhero" in my opinion. Can't wait till I Michael Bennett is delivered on my nook.

I am a huge Patterson fan, but found myself getting burned out on Alex Cross and was so excited to try Michael Bennett and was hooked immediately. I don't know if I want anything more to develop between Michael and Mary Katherine...,but I do want him to hook up with somebody. I have not read I, Michael Bennett yet because I have fallen in love with author Michael Connelly's Harry Bosch and I tend to read until I get sick of an author and then move on or go back to an old favorite. Maybe Patterson, Woods, Sanford, Kava, ... who knows

Seriously, I FREAKIN' LOVE THIS SERIES!!! I was really into the Alex Cross series... and man, I thought that I had that all down...then I got this...and I was like HOOKED! I think I might be a James Patterson fanatic after this series! :-)

I loved the first 5 or 6 Alex Cross books but after a while I thought they became predictable - I love Michael Bennett series because there are so many mini stories and everyone seems to grow and change - I also enjoy the Women's Murder club. All and all I am a James Patterson fan.

I like Michael Bennett better than Alex Cross. Don't like how he left it for Michael Bennett in the last book I hope he writes more it.

I love all books written by James Patterson, have been a fan for years! Alex Cross is phenomenal and I thoroughly enjoyed Michael Bennett!

I absolutely cannot wait for I, Michael Bennett to come out!

I think the first of this series was the best. The quality has been suffering a bit ever since. I hope he can regain the sharp action of the first one.

Maria Costantino Next one coming out soon.
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