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Do you think there will be a love triangle in this book?
Ginni Ginni (last edited Jun 01, 2012 02:02AM ) Jun 01, 2012 02:01AM
I hope NOT, but I'm not sure...the book reminds me a bit of Ally Condie's Matched, and that book doesn't have a love triangle. I hate love triangles. Who agrees?

No i dont think there is going to be a love triangle.. :) and i really hope there isnt!!

PLEASE NO!! That was the one thing that made me love this book NO LOVE TRIANGLES. Plus I hate when the author adds a new love intrest in the second book >:(
Perry and Ari are meant for each other. Plus I have a feeling Roar is going to end up with Liv he is WAY to in love to fall in love with anyone else same thing for Ari.

I hate very much love triangles. And I really hope that this won't happen cuz Aria and Perry are just perfect. But thinking cleary about the history i think if veronica rossi decide to go with the love triangle thing probably would be Caleb (paisley brother) and certainly some tension with Brooke

This book didn't give me the impression of a love triangle....I hope there isn't one.

I would really like a book series where our characters are emotionally strong, that they understand, distinguish, and accept their feelings.

My guess is that Aria will end up being a rare person with two senses just like Perry and she will develop it later in the series and that is how they'll be together. She'll probably add in a whole sad forced second choice love triangle with Roar though.

This book doesn't seem to have anymore room for a love triangle. I vote for no love triangle.

I hope there isn't, because after I read this book and read Cinder, I was so happy that the two books didn't have love triangles after reading so many, I'm sick and tired of them. Although, it doesn't seem like there will be, judging from what happened in the first book.

I hope there will be no love triangle! I love Aria and Perry together. Though
maybe there wil be a little tension with Brooke? didnt she like Perry?

I think there may be a female scraer (sp?) in the next books and perry has to decide whether he wants to pursue that kind of bond or stay with aria.

Star scire :)
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I hate triangles too but i don't think matched does not have one.

I too hope there won't be any love triangle. None of the other characters (except Perry) strike me as being a potential love third party, and one coming up in the second book would just feel forced.

I hope not! The lack of love triangle is very refreshing! And they already have so many things to worry about.

I hope there isn't! It's not that I don't like love triangles, it's just that it's been done so many times that it's getting a bit cliché.

There will be a misunderstanding at best; I don't think a love triangle would even be possible with Ari's.....slowness.

NO NEED please.

I don't think there will be a love triangle because the story didn't end on a cliffhanger... And usually that's what happens. But who knows?

i don't think so. not every book needs a love triangle. it will get a bit boring if this book will get one. Because there are already SO many young adult books that have love triangles in them

I hate love triangels and I hope that not!!!!!it´s stupid, that every book have a love triangle!!!

Possibly. Perhaps something will happen to Perry and he will be in some kind of danger and Roar will be there to comfort her. Could see that happening, hopefully not though.. Would be too typical.

Stéphanie no i don't believe so. roar is very much in love with perry's sister ...more
Dec 20, 2012 04:22AM

I hope not! it gets to confusing and the book gets too frustrating. I ahet book with a love triangle!! I would stop the series if there is a love triangle in the next book. But it does seem like there is going to be a love triangle, in my opinion.

there might not be one in this book but possibly the next one because perry might have to marry another girl to keep his sense or whatever strong so then he can't be with aria which would be really sad.

I hope there isn't, I mean they're pretty in love with each other, and I just don't see anything happening.

I can honestly say it will destroy the series for me if she throws Roar into a messy love triangle with Perry and Aria. He is great the way he is but it seems every author seems to think their book needs a love triangle the way we need air. Sheer ignorance if you ask me.

No, there won't be but who knows maybe with a new character there will be a whole triangle... ugh anything can happen.

Ginni wrote: "I hope NOT, but I'm not sure...the book reminds me a bit of Ally Condie's Matched, and that book doesn't have a love triangle. I hate love triangles. Who agrees?"

Totally with Ginni and Samantha I hope not, I hate hate hate triangles

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I don't think so, and I really hope not, because love triangles usually give me the urge to beat the main character and at least one of the boys involved. I liked these characters. I don't want to want to have to want to hit them (anybody understand that sentence?) plus, Perry doesn't seem like the kind of guy whose okay with sharing, does he?

Hopefully not!

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