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Forests used to roam for miles, but the epidemic effected the growth of trees, reducing the forests to this one small area. However, you have the best luck of getting food or finding shelter in the forest.

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Madeline weaved her way through the trees, stopping to search for something to eat every so often. She yawned and leaned against the nearest tree. She had been travelling the whole day and was about to collapse, so she scanned the land for a flat surface before sliding off her backpack and preparing to pitch her tent.

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Oddity  (falinfreakster) | 28 comments Karen looked down from where she perched high above on a tree branch. Friend or foe? She could've sworn she heard she heard a noise. Oh, just somebody pitching their tent. You'd think they'd have noticed the deep gashes in the tree from when she had climbed up here using her knife. She didn't see, but her right side leaned too far over the edge... Karen toppled over, whizzing through the sir to the ground below. She tried to stop herself by stabbing the trunk, but to no avail. She slammed hard into the ground millimeters from the tent, the impact leaving her unable to even gasp for air, and her bones felt broken. "Ugh..."

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Madeline jumped and fell onto her tent, she hit the ground and the tent folded on top of her. "Seriously?" She muttered as she pushed the tent off of her and rubbed her shoulder. Madeline froze when she saw the girl in front of her, she stood there awkwardly for a second before taking a tentative step forward. "Wow. A-are you okay? Alright, stupid question, you're obviously not. Umm...can I help you or..." Madeline bit her lip, unsure of what to say.

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Oddity  (falinfreakster) | 28 comments She pushed herself up with visible pain and difficulty, wheezing and groaning. " I'm fine, thank you very much. I'm a grown woman, I can do things for myself. Hi, my name is Karen, by the way." She held a trembling hand out the Madeline and tried to smile, but it must have looked more like a scowl. "Did I make you knock down your tent? It's much safer to stay in trees, although seeing somebody fall from one may tell you otherwise. That's actually because of my eye. But I won't try to boss you around, just some friendly advice."

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Madeline took her hand and smiled. "Well, I'm not too skilled at climbing trees, but maybe I'll try it sometime. Oh and I'm Madeline...are you su-" But she stopped herself. Karen didn't sound like she wanted her help. "Um sorry it was probably my fault that you fell, I mean...were you watching me this whole time?" Madeline winced. That had sounded a lot more accusatory out loud. She just had to always say what she thought didn't she?

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Oddity  (falinfreakster) | 28 comments "No, it's not your fault. As I've already stated, it was from my eye." Karen blinked her blind eye to show her. "A pleasure to meet you, Madeline. And I was only watching you for about twenty second until I fell. Don't worry about me, I've fallen from higher ones than that." She took out her blade and began scaling the trunk again, but the handle snapped and she landed back on the ground on her derriere. "BLOODY 'ELL! THAT THING HAS BEEN WORKING FOR SIX YEARS!" She looked up at Madeline. "Sorry 'bout that. It's just that that's my only weapon... and my only way up the tree." Karen sighed in frustration.

βεℓℓα のαωη "Smash. Crash. Lash." Smash went around chanting in a deep grumbling voice, patting everything he went near with his hand. Up in front Chomp's throat vibrated in a sort of hiss and growl mixed together. In the very back Bark had a hold on a long piece of wet bark he had ripped from a tree, and he kept tripping over it as he munched on one end. Boo and Boing were up in the trees, half floating and half jumping from branch to branch, making noises that resembled a soft ragged purr.

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Madeline was about to give Karen her sympathy when she heard a noise, or more like a symphony of noises. "Do you hear that?" For an instant, a scene from her favorite movie as a kid flashed through her mind, she had no idea why, she hadn't seen it since she was five, and at first, it surprised her. But then, it made her want to just laugh. Laugh...she hadn't laughed in such a long time, when was the last time she had truly laughed? It was..."Wow." She muttered. "I must be way more tired than I thought." She turned back to her tent and knelt down, intending to construct it again.

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Witchy | 79 comments Ryu sighed happily and flicked on his iPod. Today was a good day for him! He found some shelter, food, it hasn't rained in a while. Perfect bliss in the out doors.

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Maari (mergrl) | 5 comments Ebony-Raven stopped suddenly. " What is it?" asked Eclipse "I feel the presence of animals here." she said dreadfully calm. After drawing a small dagger they silently they kept moving, looking for a suitable place of shelter. Presently they came to a small cave covered in dead moss and ivy. "This will do." Eclipse told her sister. " I researched this moss and ivy type and they only grow on areas with a good water source near it. and since i dont see any water here i suggest it is in the cave." Ebony-Raven nodded and proceded to enter the cave.

βεℓℓα のαωη Smash, Chomp, Bark, Boing, and Boo kept going through the forest, doing their own thing, which was the same thing over and over again, growls, chanting, bark eating, and bouncing around, until Smash smelled something. He stopped, and everyone else followed. Boing and Boo dropped from the trees to stand near the others, and Bark had some sort of a lazy eye as he chewed on the bark. "Humans!" Smash snarled raising two purple fists into the air. Chomp roared, Boing and Boo walked on the ground and followed Smash closely, and Bark dropped the piece of bark. They needed to kill the humans!

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Madeline finished with her tent and stood up to examine it. She heard those noises again, except this time, she faintly heard someone cry something out. Hulas? Humas? Her blood went cold...humans.

Madeline frantically looked around for a place to go. She couldn't just leave her tent and supplies here, the only survival materials she had, but she had a feeling that she didn't want to meet whoever these...visitors were. Maybe she should take Karen's advice and climb a tree. She looked up to the tops of all the trees. Or maybe not. Her heart was racing so fast now, she was worried about a heart attack. She wanted to scream from frustration. Think! She should just run. She turned and took a few steps before smacking into a tree. "Shit" She muttered while gripping her now throbbing head.

βεℓℓα のαωη ((Forgive me for laughing at your post... ^-^))

Chomp ran/waddled on ahead. "NAAAAAAHHHH!!" He cried out, raised a plunger into the air. Inside the plunger was a spike. He was the first to spot Madeline, and made a bee line towards her, still screaming his face off. Boing and Boo floated in next with Smash a half second behind them, and Bark trudging forward lazily. They were all headed for the human girl.

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Madeline let out a high pitched scream as the creatures speeded towards her. She stood up a little too quickly and teetered before regaining her balance. What are these things?! The world was spinning and her vision was still a bit blurry. She knew if she ran she would probably run into another tree. "Oh my god..." She backed herself up into another tree and leaned against it.

βεℓℓα のαωη ((Hm... I just met your charrie, and seeing that she has so much potential, I don't really want to kill her........ Should we wait and see if anyone wants to be her knight in shining armour?))

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((Yeah I think that would be good))

ღஐKendraღஐ Sarah was up in the tree tops laying down on a branch looking up at the sky where tiny puffs of clouds lazily moved through the sky. The sky didn't seem like everything else in this horrible place it looked normal as it used to be. At least the sky hadn't changed into a mess like everything else in the world. She was about to go deeper into her thoughts when she heard a high pitched scream almost making her fall of the branch. "What the..." she then looked down seeing the girl and the creatures coming towards her.

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Oddity  (falinfreakster) | 28 comments ((Sorry I kinda disappeared there...))
Karen had been studying the creatures, and grabbed the broken blade from the thick, soft bark, the sharp metal cutting into her hand. She'd seen them once before, and barely escaped with her life. Her natural behavior was to run and forget the girl, but maybe she could save her. What was she thinking? That was so unlike her to play the hero, and there was no intelligent reason TO save her. Well...she had supplies, but Karen could take those without helping Madeline at all. She managed to get all of this into her thoughts within the time the things were in the air, used to making quick decisions. God, she was so, so sodding stupid. At least that means you won't bother with them in the future, she told herself in attempt to make it out like she wasn't doing a favor for anybody. Karen ran in front of Madeline, brandishing the bent, sharp metal.

βεℓℓα のαωη Chomp struck the sword with his plunger, his attention now directed to Karen. Smash bent down, grabbed his feet, turned into a little purple ball, and barreled towards Karen's legs.

Bark drifted around Karen, and Boing and Boo jumped over her, the three of them sprang towards the other girl. Bark moved forward, about to bite down on Madeline's left leg, and Boing and Boo came down from the air to land on her head.

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Madeline snapped back to attention as she felt a searing pain run up her leg, she swung her hands around to try and get Bark, Boing, and Boo away, and stared for a second at the giant gash in her leg. All the blood was making her sick, but she forced herself to look away. Madeline scrambled to her bag and pulled out her knife from the side pocket before joining the fight again. Her mind was sharp now and a small smile crept onto her face from the excitement.

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