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message 1: by Hannah (new)

Hannah (hwombo89) | 48 comments Mod
Almost all the rivers are now dried up, but this one rushes wildly with rapids and whitewater. Good source to hang around, but deadly if you happen to fall in.

message 2: by Melanie (new)

Melanie (melanienmo) | 5 comments "No!" she cried. Her scream of agony echoed all around herself and her baby sister's dead body. She hugged the body tight, kissing it, stroking her hair, begging Fawn to come back. "Please, please, not you baby, please, please, sweetie please, no…" she pleaded. Not now. Illisa Ramone had lost everyone who was important to her. She was alone in this vast, ravaged world.

She closed the baby's eyes. Illisa took some water from the river and cleared her sister's face of the grime and dirt that was also caked in her own. She smoothed Fawn's bright red hair and swaddled her in the tattered baby blanket. She gently Placed the tiny, emaciated body in the river and let it go. Illisa had read in the Bible that a poor woman had once floated her baby down a river. The baby ended up in a better place in that story.

Illisa buried her face in her hands and shook with loud, screamy sobs.

message 3: by Hannah (new)

Hannah (hwombo89) | 48 comments Mod
Xander watched silently from the trees as the girl let go of the baby and she sailed down the river. He felt a twinge of sadness, but memories came rushing back and he was left with only anger. He felt empty and dizzy as he gripped the tree in front of him. He closed his eyes, but immediately wished he hadn't.

Two girls, gripping hands, screaming. Horrified faces. Pointing. "What is it?!" "It's the monster from under my bed!" Giggles, more screams, and they're gone, running.

A crowd. A boy's hand on his crippled leg, dragging him. Searing pain. "Stand up! This stupid thing won't stand up! Caaaannn yoooouuuu heeaarrr mmmeeee? Do you understaand?" Sneers. Yanking. Collapsing. "You useless creature! Stand up!" A fist. Blackness.

Xander inhaled sharply and snapped his eyes open. His head was beating and his vision, fuzzy. He wobbled, and fell. Xander quickly crawled, dragging his one leg, behind a bush a few feet away and prayed the girl didn't see him. He didn't want to see any people right now, not after that.

message 4: by Aurora (new)

Aurora | 3 comments As Emma was walking alongside the riverbank, she heard a rustling sound coming from behind. When she turned around, she saw a flash of white cloth between the trees, and watched as the figure walk slowly away. Emma knew who it was. No one could move as swiftly as Xander could. She had been watching him for a while now. Xander probably doesn't even know that she exists, though. Emma and Xander had been in the same school for a while now, but they have never exchanged a word, or even looked at each other. However, she was always aware of every movement he made, and every word he said.... He was a survivor.

message 5: by Hannah (new)

Hannah (hwombo89) | 48 comments Mod
Xander was working hard to even his breathing. "It's okay, your okay." He suddenly had the feeling of someone watching him and sat rigid. "Not now..can't deal with it..." He squeezed his eyes shut and tried to block out all the sounds around him, but it wasn't working. If he didn't get out, he'd loose control, he had to leave...NOW. He stood up quickly and started to limp through the trees. He hoped whoever was there wasn't going to follow him, but he had a feeling they might. He took deep breaths to calm his racing heart, gulping down air. "You're going to be fine. Just get out of here, and you'll be fine"

message 6: by Maari (new)

Maari (mergrl) | 5 comments As Arana landed on the river bank cradling her baby sister against her heart she noticed a young girl her face streaked with tears.

message 7: by Melanie (new)

Melanie (melanienmo) | 5 comments For a while, her sobs echoed through the forest, and all she couldhear was her own despair. But gradually as she ran out of tears, she heard the forest around her fill with life. She looked around tearfully and silently pulled out her Swiss Army knife that she had found a few weeks ago. She turned to her left and saw a woman holding what seemed to be a baby.

"What are you?" Illisa asked, a slight crazy tone creeping it's way into her voice. "I won't let you hurt me," she said, turning the knife so that it glinted toward the woman. She prayed that this wasn't a trap, zombie, or demon.

message 8: by Maari (new)

Maari (mergrl) | 5 comments Melanie wrote: "For a while, her sobs echoed through the forest, and all she couldhear was her own despair. But gradually as she ran out of tears, she heard the forest around her fill with life. She looked around ..."

"sorry for intruding, but i couldn't help but notice you seem sad...can i help in some way? oh and in answereing your question im a girl but when i got the epedemic a year ago i got a side affect." with the last words she opened her wings for her to see.

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