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Kåiłeē (kailee-one-who-hates-cheerios) | 72 comments Mod
This topic is for you to tell everyone about all of your wonderful races you have ran, goals you have reached, and personal records you have set.
What has kept you going in running?
Why do you run?
What makes you a good runner?
What have you ran in?
What is your favorite race?

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Kåiłeē (kailee-one-who-hates-cheerios) | 72 comments Mod
Ever since I was little I have ran.
And ran.
And ran some more.
I always think back to what my parents had told me about when I was 2. They had taken me to a high school football game, and naturally, they field has a track around it. After the game, I guess I had wanted to run a bit, in my nice white sandals and all. So, i drug my dad along with me on a lap, and then a second. My dad got tired and asked my mm if she could run with me. So, she did, and ran three more laps with me. My mom then got tired as well, so I continued to run three more laps on my own. My parents made me stop after 2 miles, too far for a girl my age to go any further. And the funny thing was, I didn't stop to walk at any point during the run. Not once. As 2 year old.

And it has been that way ever since.
In elementary school I had the best mile time in 1st grade out of our entire district. And that included all of the 5th grade times as well. Most kids would run a 10+ minute mile, while I ran it in 7:03. As a 1st grader.
In middle school, I ran a 56 second 400 meter dash in 7th grade. If you check some of these national standings, I have one of the top times.

Now, in high school I have ran a 4:54 minute mile, a 2:06 minute 800 meter, and a 54 second 400.

I have competed in around 15 national track meets and 2 world wide meets. I train 7 days a week, 4 hours a day. I haven't had a soda since I was 7, never had ice cream in 3 years. You can kinda see how my diet works.

I want to go to the University of Oregon, my dream school. Not just because of the fa-nominal track team and program they provide, but because it is only a few states away from where I live! ;)

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Leah (Eddle) | 19 comments cool! so u wanna be a runner when your older then?

I'm a fast swimmer, well if to brag i go to ******** scheme, (just so you know thats not swearing just a place that i aint naming, lol!) which is for ******** best swimmers, i used to go to another scheme to when i was younger. i'm starting a running club this tuesday cause i have always been good at running. i want to go to RADA, which means royal achademy of dramatic arts when i'm older and become an actress verry soon.

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Kåiłeē (kailee-one-who-hates-cheerios) | 72 comments Mod
How fun! Its great you still find time to run in your schedule! I love to swim as well and I just think it is great that you are active! Keep it up!
((And lol by the way with the *'s!))

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Leah (Eddle) | 19 comments thanks! lol! i love sports and stuff, don't you?!

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Kåiłeē (kailee-one-who-hates-cheerios) | 72 comments Mod
Soo much! I have never been a day in my life without having to be active in one way or another

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Leah (Eddle) | 19 comments yeah! same! i have always gotta do sommat!

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BvbArmette  (Demi-GodGirl1356) me 2! sry to butt in but, yeah!!!!

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Leah (Eddle) | 19 comments lol, it's ok!

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BvbArmette  (Demi-GodGirl1356) HHHHHHHHHHHAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHAAA! wow that was random... sry im hyper...

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MandaThePanda ^_^ wrote: "HHHHHHHHHHHAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHAAA! wow that was random... sry im hyper..."

i can tell...

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Eddle wrote: "thanks! lol! i love sports and stuff, don't you?!"


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