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Hannah (hwombo89) | 48 comments Mod
Tell us about your character! Write pretty much whatever you want but be descriptive!

Family (if any):

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Hannah (hwombo89) | 48 comments Mod
Name: Madeline Anderson
Age: 23
Gender: Female
Appearance: http://blog.kazaa.com/wp-content/uplo...
Personality: Madeline is really outgoing and definitely not afraid to speak her mind. In fact, she can often sound blunt and rude although it's not her intention. She is a full believer that humanity will come back, but she's also not sure she wants it. What if the epidemic returned and she had to suffer again? She wouldn't be able to bear that.
Family (if any): None
History: Madeline lived happily with her parents and younger brother until the epidemic hit. Her father caught it first, before anyone knew what it was. When he died and her mother caught it, she was told to take her brother and run. She did, but after just a few months of travelling her brother also fell ill, and soon she was left all alone.

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Oddity  (falinfreakster) | 28 comments Name: Karen Sanders (likes being called Milo)
Age: 23
Gender: Female
Appearance: Dirty, tangled blonde hair with a fuchsia streak and similarly colored bangs, though those are a little darker. She has one brown eye, and the other one is milky white, and she cannot see with it. She has cuts and scrapes and scabs all over her body, and often sunburn. Never parts with a pearl ring that belonged to her best friend before she became a zombie.
Personality: Karen values her friends and family. (Well, when she has friends.) But she isn't soft and sweet, remember that. She will take down anyone making her uncomfortable, she's supposed to survive. She may have her occasional and very rare flashes of sympathy, but that's not often. She once saved a cat that was supposed to be dinner and dubbed him Beanball, but that's about as nice as she gets to any being besides her twin. Karen suffers from bipolar disorder, and this can often lead to her having violent changes of mood, she wakes up at 2 am every night, is often depressed, and other symptoms that affect her behavior.
Family: Her twin sister, Laura.
History: Her mum was raped, which is how her and Laura came about. Unable to get an abortion, she left the two alone in the cold, cruel world, where they were taken in by a kind family of stragglers. When the sisters where about eleven, a horde of zombies killed their adopted family, and they barely escaped with their lives, but Karen lost her sight, and Laura her left arm. (She also happened to be a leftie.) After that they toughened up, learned moving on, and are now trying to stay alive. Because of her mental illness, Karen once attempted suicide, but was foiled by her loving twin, who is the only thing that keeps her going.

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Hannah (hwombo89) | 48 comments Mod
((Awesome Oddity! Thanks!))

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 Master of Puppets (I'm pulling your strings) (diqhedmcguillecutty) | 78 comments Name: Chuck(Charles) Andersen
Age: 27
Gender: Male
Appearance: Short sandy-blonde hair, brown eyes(odd mix), 5'11, not very strong, not very fast, not very smart, and not very good looking in general.
Personality: Slow, not particularly good at problem solving, but kind, with a true heart. He's used to people ignoring him, but when they don't, he gets along with people pretty well. The only thing he's good at is Hand-eye coordination, which comes from his constant video game playing.
Family (if any): Mother, father, brother, sister, unknown condition.
History: Chuck is what you'd call a Loser. Before the epidemic he was a gas station attendant, with no friends. He lived in the outskirts of Las Vegas, and has only actually been into the Strip twice. He was on lunch break when he saw his first zombie. At first he thought it was a costume, until it tore some woman's throat out. He ran like hell, and has been running ever since.
Other: Carries a backpack, and inside is his Xbox controller(white), his Game-of-the-Year edition of GoW3, and a water bottle, signed by Burnie Burns, Joel Heyman, and Geoff Ramsey at RTX 2011

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Oddity  (falinfreakster) | 28 comments Hannah wrote: "((Awesome Oddity! Thanks!))"

((Why thank you! And I like Charles a lot!... (feeling like the shortest term to call you is Master, but that seems strange...)))

 Master of Puppets (I'm pulling your strings) (diqhedmcguillecutty) | 78 comments Thanks! That's what everyone else calls me.

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Oddity  (falinfreakster) | 28 comments ((Ah! I shall call you that from now on.))

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Hannah (hwombo89) | 48 comments Mod
((Awesome character!))

message 12: by Hannah (new)

Hannah (hwombo89) | 48 comments Mod

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Witchy | 79 comments Name: Ryu Matryoshka
Gender: Male
Appearance:Ryu has odd(natural) white and black hair. His eyes are almond shaped,suggestion an Asian backround. But the color tells differently. They are a deep gold with silver streaks. His is found wearing mostly black an gold with Egyptian style earings.He has a large, winding tattoo going up his back to his neck.
Personality: He is cross, stubborn and rude. He hates people who talk to him like he's a moron or look at him like he's an alien. He often confines himself to solitude and tries not to make many outside connections.
Threw out all te crap he's been threw, music was his main ally. He always has a music player in his pocket and often has earbuds in, playing it at full blast.
Family (if any): He has a little sister named Annele
History:He never liked his mom and dad. They pushed perfection into him. He rebeled often. One day, when he was sixteen, his parents got divorced and a week later his mom got married again. His stepdad, Steve, abused him often. He became cold twords people and wrapped hisself in music. His little sister was the only person he would talk to. When the epidemic hit, he and his little sister where at the mall. Acustumed to solitude, Ryu went into hiding and secseded to survive. He has no idea where his siter is.
Other: ...

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Witchy | 79 comments >///<
Is Ryu okay?

message 16: by Hannah (new)

Hannah (hwombo89) | 48 comments Mod
Ya! He's really good!

message 17: by Witchy (new)

Witchy | 79 comments ^\\\\^

message 20: by Witchy (new)

Witchy | 79 comments None taken.
Why don't you like him, though?

message 21: by Witchy (new)

Witchy | 79 comments Sammi-chan~*I'm one Crazy Matryoshka*~ wrote: "None taken.
Why don't you like him, though?"

 Master of Puppets (I'm pulling your strings) (diqhedmcguillecutty) | 78 comments I just don't like that kind of character. I don't know why. I like the very not-perfect characters.

message 23: by Witchy (new)

Witchy | 79 comments Ahh...*didnt know that he was perfect*

 Master of Puppets (I'm pulling your strings) (diqhedmcguillecutty) | 78 comments I mean, I like... glitchy characters.

 Master of Puppets (I'm pulling your strings) (diqhedmcguillecutty) | 78 comments And I don't like Emo people very much. They annoy me.

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Witchy | 79 comments Okay~

message 28: by Witchy (new)

Witchy | 79 comments I geuss he has that sort of vibe...

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Melanie (melanienmo) | 5 comments (Thought I'd bring a kid into this.)

Name: Illisa Ramone
Age: 16
Gender: Female
Appearance: Illisa is nearly six feet tall with extremely long, muscular legs from constant traveling. Her entire body used to be very athletic and muscular, but when the epidemic hit, food was harder to get to. She had a small strain of the sickness, but she recovered. Her hair is golden blond and nearly down to her waist in a ponytail. She ties it with a blue ribbon that matches her turquoise eyes. Her lips are always the color of her favorite tinted lip gloss: a light pinkish color. Her skin, which used to be radiant, has now only a little color. She's been wearing the same tattered jeans and fitted t-shirt since her house burned down.

Personality: Before the epidemic, Illisa was a true child at heart. She loved candy and sparkly things. She was a loving sister to her brothers and her baby sister, Fawn. Her favorite things to do was shopping and listening to her iPod. She found joy in little things. She was loud and boisterous. But after her parents and brothers passed in the epidemic, what was there to be happy about? Nothing. She is quiet and meek now.

Family (if any): she travels with her baby sister, who is struggling win a violet strain of the illness.
History: Illisa lived in a quiet suberb, surrounded by cornfields in Michigan. When the epidemic hit, it ravaged the homes in her community. There were no survivors except for Illisa and Fawn, and one man in the neighborhood. But this man was crazy after losing his entire family. He killed himself. Illisa and Fawn have been on the run from zombies and crazies since they left their community.

Other: I plan on making Fawn die in the first post with Illisa, so she'll seem a bit demented at first. Please don't attack Illisa. Thanks!

βεℓℓα のαωη ^-^ It's okay Sammi, I like your charrie.

And I think I should make a male charrie so he doesn't get all the girls. ;)

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Witchy | 79 comments XD

message 32: by Aurora (last edited Jun 09, 2012 05:40PM) (new)

Aurora | 3 comments Name: Emma Greendale

Age: 18

Gender: Female

Appearance: http://www.google.com/imgres?imgurl=h...

Personality: Emma has always been a person that always kept to herself, and had her own lala land. No one really paid much attention to her, and thought she was a psycho. However, while everyone thought that she was a useless girl, in her own mind, a lot of things have been forming.... And she was one of the few survivors left after the epidemics.

Family: All of them died long before the epidemics, and no relative is known.

History: Before the epidemics, she went to school, but most of the time didn't show up. Emma wasn't really known to anyone, so where she lived, or how she earned money is unknown.

Other: Always carries around a purse that she lets no one touch or look.
(It's my first time doing this, so sorry if it's kinda bad).

ღஐKendraღஐ ((Wow its great!!!! I can tell you will be a great Rper))

 Master of Puppets (I'm pulling your strings) (diqhedmcguillecutty) | 78 comments Aurora wrote: "Name: Emma Greendale

Age: 18

Gender: Female

Appearance: http://www.google.com/imgres?imgurl=h......"

Amelia Pond!!!

 Master of Puppets (I'm pulling your strings) (diqhedmcguillecutty) | 78 comments Dawn◕‿◕β®∈∆₭to☾Ⓡ∑∀┣℈ wrote: "Of course we've also got Chuck, but I don't know if he'll put up a good challenge. *smirk playfully* Challenge accepted Master?"

...What does that mean?

ღஐKendraღஐ Master of Puppets (I'm pulling your strings) wrote: "Aurora wrote: "Name: Emma Greendale

Age: 18

Gender: Female

Appearance: http://www.google.com/imgres?imgurl=h......"

((I know right!!! Amelia Pond is sooo awesome!!! ^.^))

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Oddity  (falinfreakster) | 28 comments @Aurora It's wonderful! When I read her I thought you were somebody else that roleplays very, very well. @Kendra better than some people... *hint hint* @Master Who is Amelia Pond? I found my favorite musician by word of mouth, so now I get excited whenever I hear a new name.

 Master of Puppets (I'm pulling your strings) (diqhedmcguillecutty) | 78 comments Amelica Pond was a Companion on the British TV show Dr. Who.

message 39: by Oddity (new)

Oddity  (falinfreakster) | 28 comments ARGH... I still can't find that online. Kenny is getting me to want to watch it.

 Master of Puppets (I'm pulling your strings) (diqhedmcguillecutty) | 78 comments It's on Netflix Instant, so if you have that, you can watch it.

message 41: by Oddity (new)

Oddity  (falinfreakster) | 28 comments Nope. Off to the topsy-turvy world of Google search for me... (Sorry for all the spam, Kendra. But for the record, you and Sammi gunked up Yettesville.)

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Witchy | 79 comments It is not gunk! It is art~

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Maari (mergrl) | 5 comments Name: Ebony-Raven Dark
Age: 16
Appearence: http://www.google.com/imgres?q=white+...
Personality: has a fiery temper but she is generally quiet and watchful. Her opinions are smart but she only shares them with her twin sister and her best friend. She's pretty smart and an expert at battle strategy and weaponry
Family: twin sister
History: her family was rich but Ebony-Raven or her sister didn't fit in. After finding out she was good with weapons she began practicing at the age of 5. soon she could handle any weapon from an AK 47 to a broad sword. when the epidemic hit she, her sister, and her best friend survived their families deaths and went on the run ever since.
Extra: she carries a bag with weapons in it

Name: Eclipse Dark
Age: 16
Appearence http://www.google.com/imgres?q=white+...
Personality: is out spoken unlike her sister Ebony-Raven and loud. very geeky but unlike her sister, she can not be found in a book, she can be found on the computor programming or hakking.
History: basically the same as her sister
Extra: like her sister she carries a bag but it has a laptop in it

Name: Katrina Klates
Age: 16
Appearence: http://www.google.com/imgres?q=brown+...
Personality: upbeat and cheerful but can be thoughtful like Ebony-Raven. Her talents are running and cheering people up.
Family: none
History: when she was 5 she met Ebony-Raven Dark and her sister Eclipse this led her to work on her skill of running this became helpful later... after the epedemic hit she was left with no family so she turned to Ebony-Raven and Eclipse Dark. They gladly took her in and for a while they lived in the Darks' large mansion until a hoard of zombies broke in and they went on the run.
Extra: like her friends she carries a bag but she keeps general supplies in plus her favorite running shoes.

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Artimis | 2 comments Name:Sophia
Age: 17
Appearence: http://www.google.com/imgres?q=girl+w...
Personality: scared of almost everything but not people
family:one sister
History: lived in in the house nearest to the Darks.
Extra: she was best friends with Eclipse and Abby intil Abby turned into a mutant, then Abby almost killed her.

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Witchy | 79 comments Oddity wrote: "Name: Karen Sanders (likes being called Milo)
Age: 23
Gender: Female
Appearance: Dirty, tangled blonde hair with a fuchsia streak and similarly colored bangs, though those are a little darker. She ..."


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Oddity  (falinfreakster) | 28 comments We met on that shadow group dude

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