Shiver (The Wolves of Mercy Falls, #1) Shiver question

What songs would go to this book if it was made into a movie?
Hannah Hannah May 30, 2012 01:57PM
I heard the perfect song Shiver by Shawn Desman

Toxic/Nickle Creek Cover (theme song of that she-wolf who keeps trying to kill Grace)
The Happy Birthday Song/Andrew Bird (for Grace, from Sam)
Re:Stacks/Bon Iver (for the scene in the book store)

Cut- plumb.
With the car crash and she says goodbye to Sam.

I usually match the song with a book but now I really don't know...Maybe Just Say Yes by Snow Patrol?I listened it last night and somehow it reminds me on how Sam probably feels

Gloriana has this song called come and save me and it is perfect and no it is not the one that was on bachorlarete it says i found all i need in your eyes like how grace knows sams eyes and stuff.

look this song up and tell me if you like it to thanks

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Iris by the Googoo dolls. <3 that song so much!
Plus The call by regina spektor. AMAZING

i think that Kissed You (Good Night) would be good

titanium davied guata

I think She Wolf by David Guetta ft. Sia would be a good song for this book

Hannah-Goodfellow:) wrote: "I heard the perfect song Shiver by Shawn Desman"


It IS being made into a movie...

Hannah Yeah i made this before i knew it was going to be
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If i'm james dean you're audrey hepburn by sleeping with sirens acoustic version. Maybe not the song but the lyrics instead. You should go read the lyrics

Hannah-Goodfellow:) wrote: "I heard the perfect song Shiver by Shawn Desman"

OMG that song is perfect, every. single. word!

1) Of course Summer Girl, they actually have that by Sulaiman Azimi on you tube.

2) Love Me Like a Song- Kimmie Rhodes

fear the fever by digital daggers..
Into the black by the chromatics..
Its only love by heather nova
Endlos weit by Aleen...they go perfectly with series (angsty for sure)

also casimir pulaski day by sufjan stevens

For some reason I immediately thought of the song September by Daughtry.

IMO... i believe it should be What If the Storm Ends? by Snow Patrol. I feel like if this song was made for this book:D here are the lyrics, which start at 1:12!>>

1) 1000 Years-but that's in Twilight Breaking Dawn Pt1...
2) Keep holding on, Avril Lavigne?

*Not a good day 4 me :)

Taylor S. Keep Holding on would be a beautiful choice
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1) Winter Time, Chris August
2) Summer Again, The Afters--though this might work better for Linger, the second book

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I've heard it it's amazing! I think a really good song for it is "Say You Will by Evanescence". And while Sam is being painted by Grace's mom and he's thinking, I think the background should be "I'm Yours by Jason Morez" (Or however you spell it) lol XD

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