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Ivan Cotter | 2 comments I (IVAN COTTER) am the author of a novel which is entitled THE SCHMETTERLING EFFECT, a Kindle edition of which was published by Amazon on 14 March 2012. THE NOVEL IS AVAILABLE FREE FROM AMAZON FROM 1 TO 5 JUNE.
I appreciate that I am giving you very short notice, but the picture the novel draws of Ireland in a few years from now might affact the way you vote tomorrow (31 May) on the EU referendum.
Although this is my first novel, I am not an inexperienced writer. I retired a year or so ago after a stint of 40+ years as a patent attorney, during which time I wrote professionally on behalf of clients. Literally on the spur of the moment, I decided on 24 January 2012 to write a novel. After five intensely enjoyable weeks of writing and researching for hours every day I had finished writing the novel, drawing upon knowledge of law, technology, research and wordmanship acquired during my previous career. Like the characters Tom and Sean Cosgrave in the novel, I am of joint Irish and British nationality and was born in England. Fortunately, however, since much of the action takes place in Ireland and between Irish (and Irish-American) people resident in Ireland, England and the USA, I was able to draw upon my knowledge of Ireland and the Irish people based upon visits there, my late father’s autobiography, the nuns who taught me at primary school, and my father and his extended family, all of whom moved from Co Cork to England after my father, who had to emigrate there at the age of 14 in the absence of any employment in rural Co Cork. (I have managed to make a covert reference in the book to Haulbowline Island, which is off Cobh in Cork Harbour, from which my father hitched a lift to enable him to start off a career as a cabin boy.)
The genre of the novel is “geopolitical thriller”. It is set in various places, principally Ireland (mainly Dublin), but also the Middle East, Washington DC, London, Germany and a US naval force in the Atlantic. It describes how Dr Schmetterling (which is German for "butterfly"), a German economist, knocks back a lot of Guinness on a night out in an Irish bar in Berlin back in 2005, and how Dr Schmetterling’s night out leads, a few years in the future from now, to reforming of the European Union (EU) in an ugly form, nuclear war in the middle east, economic collapse in Ireland, the discovery of huge oil and gas reserves under Ireland concealed by the EU, a vicious murder, retribution for the murder, and a geopolitical effect of surprising magnitude involving the Republic of Ireland and the USA. The novel will I hope appeal to anyone who is Irish, Irish-American, Irish-Brit and/or anyone who enjoys a thrilling (and occasionally dryly amusing) take on how today's news pans out in the near future. Anyway, it will be free from 1 to 5 June, so try it and see.The Schmetterling Effect

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Connieb (otherwordly) | 5 comments I'm excited to take a peek at this, anything Irish I say, is guud. It would be nice to see it for Nook as well, although I will download this version from Amazon to my cell phone. Thanks so much for putting up your story!

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