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Praxis is a new line of books that brings together theory and practice for the advancement of your ministry. Each book utilizes sound biblical and theological principles to create a venue for addressing the daily challenges of contemporary ministry.

Praxis: Equipping Leaders for Ministry.

Protégé: Developing Your Next Generation of Church Leaders is the first book in this line and available now!

We're excited about our fall line-up of Praxis books! Visit our website at or find us on facebook at

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InterVarsity Press | 129 comments Mod
Thank you, Randal! I would love to hear your feedback on them once you receive the books. This is a new step for IVP, but we think a line for ministry leadership will be a good direction and growing need, like you said.

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G. A. Dietrich (gadietrich) | 2 comments Leah, do you have a blogger book review program? This book fits in well with a dissertation I am writing and I am a blogger/book reviewer. I would love to read and review this work by Saccone if IVP would send it to me. Feel free to contact me from my book review website,

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InterVarsity Press | 129 comments Mod

Our Online Publicist, Adrianna Wright, manages our list of bloggers and reviewers. It would probably be faster for you to contact her directly at awright[at]ivpress[dot]com.

She will just need some information about you and your blog and if you meet the criteria, she'll add you to the list.

Thanks for asking! I'm glad to hear about your interest in Protege.


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G. A. Dietrich (gadietrich) | 2 comments Thanks for that info Leah...I emailed Adrianna a few days ago so hopefully she responds...still nothing yet though.

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