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☼Book her, Doesn't  Like New GR Format☼  (ren_t) Any one want to speculate on why the fan numbers haven't been available all day.

message 2: by Pris (new)

Pris robichaud (pris1) | 4 comments Mod
yes, I only had my old reviewer rank available also.

message 3: by ☼Book her, Doesn't (last edited Jan 05, 2009 03:39AM) (new)

☼Book her, Doesn't  Like New GR Format☼  (ren_t) Ahh, they're back. And I've picked up a whole bunch. Now have 474 fans. I guess the Christmas shopping season wasn't good for me fan-wise. I picked up 173 fans :(

On the plus side, a lot of kids got alot of Thomas toys.

message 4: by Pris (new)

Pris robichaud (pris1) | 4 comments Mod
Yes, the fans are back- must have taken a Christmas break:-) Off to the coal mines again- work is calling!

message 5: by Friederike (new)

Friederike Knabe (fknabe) | 2 comments LOL! I have more fans than I believe I have...


message 6: by Pris (new)

Pris robichaud (pris1) | 4 comments Mod

yes, we all have Fans- isn't that amazing!

message 7: by Steven (new)

Steven Peterson | 19 comments Mod
Fans aren't so bad (at least someoen is reading my stuff!), but those wretched trolls! Looks like Amazon has been fairly successful at keeping my 2 persistent negginators (I'm lucky it's only 2) from having their no votes stick. I, too, am surprised at how many "fans" are counted for me.

message 8: by Betty (new)

Betty (BettyDravis) | 1 comments They say I have 295 fans, but where are they? I only have 140 something friends, about 30 active, so that doesn't make sense to me. But what about Hammie makes sense these days?

I don't have as many trolls as I once had, but my percentage remains consistently at 66%. Go figure!

But grin and bear it. I have a new book coming out soon so that will plant that big grin back on my "Happy Face."

Thanks for the invite, Steven. This group is a good idea, but always knew you were the "brainy" one. I do believe I'm the first Hammie here (perhaps Caesar was here when I arrived many moons ago). Hmmmmm ...

Back to the drawing board. We're brainstorming the new book cover; my first nonfiction.

c u guys later,
Hugs - Betty Dravis

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