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message 1: by Camilla (new)

Camilla (cyqua) Hi,

While I was trying to find a cover and more info for a book, it turned out that the authors name was misspelled and that there was already another entry for the same book. There is only ISBN for a book as there is only one edition.

I changed the spelling on the book that was misspelled, but now there is just two books - it would be incorrect to combine them as they are the same edition.

One edition has ISBN: 8702067714
The other is here:

Both have more than 5 adds and I can therefore not use the normal procedure for merging.

Help please :)

message 2: by Renske (new)

Renske | 10992 comments For books that can't be merged by normal librarians is this thread where the people with more power can delete those.

message 3: by vicki_girl (new)

vicki_girl | 2765 comments The books have been merged. :)

message 4: by Camilla (new)

Camilla (cyqua) Thank you! Brilliant :-)

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