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Lisa Kay (lisakayalicemaria) | 590 comments ~ How to Block a Member* ~


Blocking another member means they can’t send you (another) friend-invite and can’t post on your profile page. If they post in the same thread you are posting in, you will not get e-mail and/or notifications, and you will not see their comment. However, you do have the option to elect to see it. If they have sent you a friend-invite, they automatically started “following” you. Nevertheless, once you block them, they will be unable to do so.

This is assuming they are NOT a GoodReads Friend** of yours.

• Go to the profile page of the member you wish to block.

• At the very bottom on the left hand side, just above below the words "back to top" in a small, light grey font are the words "block this member (?)". Click it.

• You will get this prompt:


• Click on “OK.” They’re blocked!

They will NOT be notified that you have blocked them. If they go to your Profile Page, they will see that it is now set to Private (which it is only to them). If they send you a friend-invite anyway, they will get the following message:


If they try and send you a Personal Message, they will get the following:


If you post in the same thread as they do, you will see this:


You can click on the “click here” spoiler, only if you wish to read it.

If you wish to unblock them, you may do so. Just go back to their Profile Page.

*Note: These are NOT instructions for the way a Moderator would block a member.
**If you wish to “Unfriend Someone,” check out the instructions here.

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Lisa Kay (lisakayalicemaria) | 590 comments Reserved. Just in case.

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