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Leviathan Wakes (The Expanse, #1)
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Charles (nogdog) I don't know if this holds true with all e-book versions (or even all Kindle versions), but my download of this book includes a second novel, The Dragon's Path by Daniel Abraham. I didn't realize this when I started reading, and when the status bar said I was 25% into it and it seemed like I'd read a lot of book already, I looked at the table of contents and realized I was really about 50% through Leviathan Wakes. Just thought y'all ought to know, plus it makes it more of a bargain if you're on the fence about buying it (assuming you still get the extra novel).

Bigal-sa | 28 comments Thanks for that Charles. The $12 price tag makes it very expensive (the equivalent of 8 beers in my local pub), but if it's two books it becomes more reasonable.

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Bigal-sa wrote: "The $12 price tag makes it very expensive (the equivalent of 8 beers in my local pub)...."

I'm going to drink with BigAl. :) Around here, a 16oz draft of premium micro-brew will usually cost between $4.00 and $5.00 depending on the place, usually not a pub.

And I'm on 329 page of 582, but only 30% of the combo Kindle version. OK book, I suppose, but the demands of quick pace is forcing the authors to cut plausibility corners like have one character easily guess a password.

Charles (nogdog) @Greg: yeah, it's generally flowing pretty well for me, but every now and then the willing suspension of disbelief thing falters a bit for me.

Bigal-sa | 28 comments Well, I didn't get the second book, but I'm not too unhappy as I enjoyed the story, in spite of the $12 price tag.

@Greg: please read my review of the book with a pinch of salt as I wrote it in the pub, drinking one of those "cheap" beers :)

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Robert (robwriter) | 2 comments Wasn't sure if I should start a new thread for this question. I hope it's okay to ask it here. Does anyone have the Nook version, and if so, would you be willing to lend it?

Charles (nogdog) Well, I'm sitting at around 75% done or so, and finding it difficult to motivate myself to finish it. The "vomit zombie" thing has kind of thrown me off my literary feed, as it is just too zombie-apocalypse-like for me to take seriously.

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Charles wrote: "The "vomit zombie" thing has kind of thrown me off my literary feed."

That lowered the bar for me too. I know the authors wanted to mix science fiction with noir and horror elements, but it was a tad silly and trendy. One of the reasons I can only give the book three stars.

Charles (nogdog) I did get a chunk more reading in last night and kind of got past that hurdle, though I think the author missed a good point where he could have decided that was the climax (view spoiler), now let's get to the dénouement. But at least there are not (so far) a bunch of zombies wandering around eating brains (yet). :-) Should have it finished up in another day or two.

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John Baker (bakerjw) | 39 comments I've read the first 2 and am anxiously awaiting the third. I've read better but I know that there is an awful lot worse out there.

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Chad (doctorwinters) I liked the 2nd and 3rd books more than the first. Almost a Firefly feel in those.

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John Baker (bakerjw) | 39 comments I'm a quarter of the way through the 3rd one. So far, so good.

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