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Is It Just Me Or Did The Book Kind of Suck?

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To me, Prim is one of my favorite character in the trilogy. Naturally, when Gale bombs Prim, it kind of left me shocked and angry. I mean, seriously? After all the hardships that little girl suffered through,(losing her father at a young age, being sick from starvation due to the elongated depression of her mother, being reaped in The Hunger Games, and of course, witnessing her sister die with hunger in the Hunger Games) she now had to get killed by Gale, of all people. You'd think that with excellent accuracy he uses with his snares, he couldn't be careful dropping a bomb right on his love's sister. For me, Mockingjay sucks!

Emily First Katniss didn't die in the hunger games and they didn't know for sure who sent the bombs, just that Gale designed the bomb. Katniss wasn't Gale's "love". They didn't end up together becuase they were too pessimistic for each other. Mockingjay was alright, but wasn't as good as the previous books. If you're focusing on Prim dying, yeah that sucked. But the rest of the book was OK.

Dara It does. But lets direct this to Katniss. All of her strength has left her. I can understand that being in the games TWICE has traumatized her quite a bit, (and i think she hit her head at one point) but Katniss is basically a rambling crazy person.
Get over yourself Katniss. People are dyeing here, there is a WAR and you still expect to get what you want without following MILITARY ORDERS. Do some real life-saving stuff befor the end of the book, please.
oh, and I can't exit this topic without mentioning that epilogue with Peeta. It just blowed chunks. It was rushed, and I couldn't even feel any emotion in it, as I did whenever else Katniss was talking about Peeta. SO, yes Mockingjay does suck.

Rosa I didn't care for the last book... It was long drawn. Prim shouldn't have died and Katniss still seemed very depressed toward the end of the book.

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Dara, you totally pointed out the bad parts of Mockingjay. You're awesome! :D

Suzanne Collins was probably late up at night writing the Epilogue. Therefore, it sucked.

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I think Katniss basically being a "rambling crazy person" was suppose to be a comparision to the first book, where Katniss couldn't understand the depression her mother was going through when her husband (and Katniss and Prim's father ) died.

I do feel like the epilogue was rushed, and even though people probably don't like Gale because of Prim's death, I still think he should have gotten a better ending; especailly considering that he did care about Prim and her death would have hurt him to ( no I do not support any Gale/Peeta teams...its just what I think). Maybe in the epilouge, she could have written something about him, something that would have actually made it feel like an ending and not just a vague summary of how Katniss barely recovered from the war and figured out that she loved Peeta.

Anastasia The book was okay, but I felt the whole book, not just the ending was rushed. I think the plot progressed in a much faster pace than in The Hunger Games and Catching Fire, a little to fast in my opinion. The whole rebellion was done too quickly, the reconciliation between Peeta and Katniss was rushed, and the ending of course. So much was left unexplained.
Prim's death was devastating, but it felt necessary to the plot and not a bad thing plot-wise.

ninjaassasin good point about Katniss's depression mirroring her mother's in the first book. I never thought about it like that, it makes it more understandable.

Candy Of all the books in the trilogy, this was my least favorite...but it was still good. The pace was a little slower is all.

Satoka It's not just you, I mean it didn't exactly suck, but it's just that I personally didn't find the meaning to this book. Do they need to go through all of that? And how Primrose dies, when the whole reason this started was because Katniss volunteered for her? I didn't find that right.

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Erica i agree,and i didn't ike the ending at all.
it was like BAM she died
BAM gale left her
BAM the couple ended up together.
not a great ending.

Heather I LOVED Mockingjay, but apparently I am one of few.

Jennifer I was so unhappy with the way this series ended in Mockingjay! Most YA books (and most books in general) leave you with a sense that the world is not without hope; that even though terrible things may have happened, there is still a reason to keep moving. I DID NOT get this feeling from Mockingjay. So much senseless death and suffering. Finnick, Prim, why?? Even in the epilogue, I don't feel like Katniss and Peeta have realized any sort of peace -- what a happy family, huh? I can only hope that Mockingjay, the movie, is vastly different than Mockingjay, the book (and that is coming from a self-avowed book purist).

However, I was happy that the Katniss/Peeta/Gale love triangle ended as it did (and I wasn't sure that it would). Katniss and Gale would've been just as wrong as Harry/Hermione or Bella/Jacob.

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Jennifer wrote: "I was so unhappy with the way this series ended in Mockingjay! Most YA books (and most books in general) leave you with a sense that the world is not without hope; that even though terrible things ..."

True Katniss and Peeta is the better couple, but, I didn't get the feeling that Katniss really loved Peeta. To me it just felt as though she lost everyone esle and she was settling for Peeta.

Heather Aplin I agree with most of the posts. I loved the first book, couldn't hardly wait to read the second. Started reading the second and although it was not as great as the first, it was still pretty good. Then came disappointed! I had the feeling through the entire book that Collins was tired of the series, tired of her characters and ready to finish it and move on. I would have been happy with Katniss/Gale or Katniss/Peeta if only she had put as much feeling into this book as she did the others like when Rue died or when Katniss was fighting to save Peeta. I think as Collins tired of her own story her characters suffered as well. Just saying...

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Sora I didn't hate this book, but I honestly didn't like it. It was stupid and when Prim died I wanted to through myself across the room. It's like, we went through all of this for you to die? D:< That just one of the many flaws in this book that pissed me off. Plus, it moved to fast and to much stuff was going on. I didn't feel much passion in Collin's writing in this one either. I had better expectations. :l

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Dani Heather wrote: "I LOVED Mockingjay, but apparently I am one of few."

I am also one of that minority :)

Darlene Daniela wrote: "Heather wrote: "I LOVED Mockingjay, but apparently I am one of few."

I am also one of that minority :)"

Me too :)

Shewanda Pugh I certainly didn't hate this, but the first two books set expectations SO high. My biggest complaint was the delivery at the end. I could live with Prim dying, if only for the irony of it all. I could live with Katniss' depression, after all, if she hadn't earned PTSD, who could? AND I could live with Gale screwing up and potentially dropping the bomb, which I thought was actually clever. I'd been waiting for him to screw up, because, as a writer I saw the subtle clues and spent time only waiting for the payoff. However, I was hurt by the flurry of events at the end, including the seemingly pointless deaths of the star team (she'd owed Finnick so much and grieved so little) and the poor delivery concerning the development of Katniss/Peeta's relationship. Yes, I was team Peeta, and yes I was pretty confident that she would wind up with him (I had a hunch about Gale's future) but the few paragraphs allotted were hardly adequate delivery for a two-and-a-half-book build up. I agree with the assessment that Collins got tired of her own book.

Bailey Hunziker I mainly thought that Collins rushed through this book. The story line seemed like it was sturdy except the way she went around it was horrible. I absolutely hated the epilouge because it was so vague and when I finished the book I sat there and thought "This can't really be the same author that wrote The Hunger Games."
Nothing disappointed me more than Prim dying, not because it wasn't needed, but because I had no clue what was going on for two pages. So, basically I think that the story was great, but the way it was written disappointed me the most.

Shewanda Pugh O, I totally get your point about not having a clue @ Prim's death. I flipped back and reread and would definitely consider it a wtf moment.

Aleesia I hated the ending of the book! The rest of the book was wonderful! But the ending disapointed me. It was rushed in my opinion. It was like this happened, then this happened, then this happened, the end.

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Cam I hated the entire book. So no you`re not the only one who didn`t like it.

Faith Um, Gale killed Prim?!?! Whoa there!
Anyway, the book just depressed me. I didn't like how Peeta never truly remembered everything perfectly or the ending was sort of lame but i have to say, some of the action a and suspense was good. I also miss Finnick (oh, Finnick, WHY?!?!?) and Prim....

Aleesia I totally agree.

Aleesia It was still good, but it doesn't even come close to The Hunger Games.

Danica It was just you.

Michelle Most of it sucked. I found it quite boring and skipped several pages at a time. Really liked the end though.

Blaze What are you talking about? The end really sucked.

Michelle Well that's your opinion! Doesn't mean people have to agree with you!

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Amabelle It felt good knowing that I am not the only one who thought that Mockingjay is not a good as the previous books. I actually found it boring, Katniss irritates me at times. It's like she has no focus at all. Half the time, I don't understand what she really wants. The Katniss that I loved in the Hunger Games was replaced by someone who can't make up her mind. It's tiring to see people around her die and when Finnick died I really had enough. It's just not fair, after all he did for Katniss and Peeta and every time I think of Annie I feel really bad. Annie and Finnick had been through a lot and just when you thought they had they happily ever after, Finnick died. After that I lost my desire to finish the book and after two months I still don't know the ending. Then I read from the reviews that Prim also died, good thing I stopped reading before that scene, I'd never get over it for a long time. I agree with what most have said about the story not just the ending being rushed. With a trilogy it would have been enough to cover all bases and for the readers be able to see the larger picture, the Districts coming to life and getting back at the Capitol. Reading Mockingjay was like walking without knowing where you are going. I came to the point where I was wondering what else would the story tell cause the book is near its ending and characters seemed to just going through the motions (especially Katniss).

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Ella Book Butterfly I am somewhat disappointed too. Maybe because the author's aim is not about entertaining--especially those who are like me, a hopeless romantic--our hunger for romance. I understand that this series is mainly about surival and fighting for rights and the love story is just, like, an added bonus. Maybe if the series had a fourth book in which Ms. Collins showed how Katniss and Peeta sorted out their feelings and relationship to each other and how they come up being married and had kids, right? err-- or maybe like a "behind-the-scene" book where it'll be about their love story and nothing else--No more power-lusted (is there such a word like this?) presidents, no more uprisings, and no more Hunger Games. So my fellow hopeless romantics' hunger about the love story of the 'star-crossed' lovers Katniss Everdeen and Peeta Mellark will be sufficed. But still I like it because it made me cry in a half-bad-half-good sort of way and kept me saying like, awww... :3

Tsang Lhamo i agree with you ella. it was bit of a disappointment .
the epilogue was written rashly without any describtion about katniss and peeta and of course gale. i wish there was some sort of journal about katniss and peeta after all the war and nonsense..

Janey I loved it but it also did suck, how prim died Peeta wanted to kill katniss, katniss never deciding between Peeta or gale but I loved the fact she was a strong mocking jay and she ended with the right person. Brill book but defo not the best one to end on. :(

Janey Tsewang wrote: "i agree with you ella. it was bit of a disappointment .
the epilogue was written rashly without any describtion about katniss and peeta and of course gale. i wish there was some sort of journal abo..."

I need there to be another book! Not sure what it could be about though...

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XXK No, I actually think the second one, catching on fire, was worse. I mean I know that Prim dies but....I'd rather view Katniss as an unforgiving kick-ass girl then a girl that just wants to marry Peeta and live happily ever after. And yes I know that she's only doing to save Peeta and her family from President Snow, and yes I know that she goes to the games AGAIN in the second half but it still doesn't interest me as much. Don't get me wrong, I still like it. And I also think that the first ones the best though.

Alisha Taylor &#x1f48b; I'd have to say out of all 3 MockingJay was my favourite

Justece it's just you...

LaRinda Wise wrote: "To me, Prim is one of my favorite character in the trilogy. Naturally, when Gale bombs Prim, it kind of left me shocked and angry. I mean, seriously? After all the hardships that little girl suffer..."

Tragic? Yes. I cried when Prim died but I like when an author isn't afraid of loosing loved characters. And I also don't believe that Gail did the bomb. It was never truly clear but I don't think he would have done that or lied to Katniss. I think Coin was behind it and used Gale's ideas but I don't think Gail would actually kill children IMOP.

LaRinda Mocking Jay was my favorite. It could be because I am into politics and that is pretty much what the entire series was about, the hunger games was a part of the politics. This seemed more about corrupt socialism and democracy.

Rachel Yepp. Mockinjay sucked. Honestly, I didn't like it half as much as either of the two first ones. And the ending made me soooo angry!

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Mockingjay was great what are you talking about. It was mysterious adventurist and the ending was absolutely adorable. The third book was great. I personally liked all three the exact same. Loved them all

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LaRinda wrote: "Mocking Jay was my favorite. It could be because I am into politics and that is pretty much what the entire series was about, the hunger games was a part of the politics. This seemed more about cor..."
I totally agree with you.

Atalie its just you

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is everybody against it. the ending had a meaning and the meaning showed that the gov caused brain washing toward peeta even though he declared how much he hated her deep down inside he loved her with everything. they survived together and fought together. they won together. the gov can't change how a person feels about another even though it might be horrendous.

LaRinda Hailey, I think some people get too caught up in the glamour of the games and love triangles to see the real point. She mentions in her acknowledgments her father who talked politics when she was growing up. To me, the books had a political theme from the beginning and it was exciting to see the progression in an almost textbook example of political change thoughts oppression and the uprising. But politics is what I study, so it may be a different story to different people.

LaRinda auto correct: thoughts is through
stupid phone

Jessy if you ask me,it was a good book. i just felt like some parts were boring and slow. also i feel like having prim die like that was a bit to much. katniss acted like a different person in mockingjay. in the first to books she is strong and knows what she must do, in mockingjay she seemed different. i guess that's just because of all she has been through. i didn't connect with her and i felt lost, but after a while i started to understand. it was a great book. was it the best book out of the three? no, but it was good and i would recommend it.

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it was politics all along but the politics didn't stop the way peeta and katniss came together. still the gov can't control what is wanted by the human heart even though it wanted to.

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I was actually very dissapointed with this book. The first book was full of action and so was the third one but the second was just...not...good. I phrased that as well as Stephane Myer might have. Hold on let me do better. The second book seemed to be more about not being able to get to Peta, Katniss seemed tame not like her usual self which was strong and independant. That really annoyed me.

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Way too rushed for the final book of the series. There was little effort put into describing situations, it's like it was written down in a total hurry. There are almost no metaphors and imagery to help you picture the situation. Is it just me or is Katniss almost free of any kind of emotion? Can't say I'm too fond of the fact that her and Peeta got married and had kids; he's so nice and she's always been so intolerant of him.
Though regardless of the lack of describing words and the fact that it was a little confusing and a lot happened in a very short space of time... I like the story line of the Hunger Games. I think Suzanne Collins is a very creative person and I admire her ideas of this barbaric society of Panem :)

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